What Democracy Looks Like: A Portrait Of Inauguration Weekend, 2017 | NPR

[Music Playing] So we come to this place again commonplace and miraculous. A national moment of celebration, but not a celebration of victory. A celebration of democracy. I'm just excited for the great things that President Trump is going to do, and the excellent staff that he has just surrounding him. We're going to "Make America Great Again." I put together a banner that has the number to represent the votes that she got beyond his. Those votes, almost three million, are more than a lot of states have as a population. I support the process, but, they need to know that not everybody supports this man. I Donald John Trump do solemnly swear – That I will faithfully execute – That I will faithfully execute – the office of President of the United States – the office of President of the United States – and will to the best of my ability – and will to the best of my ability – preserve, protect and defend – preserve, protect and defend – The Constitution of the United States – The Constitution of the United States – so help me God – so help me God – Congratulations, Mr. President. [Cheers] [Music Playing] Not all people that voted for Trump are racist. Not all people that voted for Trump are homophobic. And it's very important to me that people know that we stand by him no matter. It doesn't matter about gender, religion, sexuality; you're an American before your any of those things. [Music Playing] [Chants repeated "I believe that we will win." [Police Scanner] "Please be advised. The limo at that location is now on fire. My mother is from here, My family's from here for generations. My blood is probably in this dirt. I'm one of the most american people i know i feel I feel like there are a lot of people in America who's voices are unheard and I want everybody to have a seat at the table instead of just people who look like Donald Trump. [Music Playing] I have received some negative energy from family members. I respect their position… I don't agree with it, but that's the face of freedom. That's this country. That's liberty. [Call-and-response chanting repeated] Tell me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like. [Call-and-response chanting repeated] Tell me what America looks like. This is what America looks like. [Music playing]

27 thoughts on “What Democracy Looks Like: A Portrait Of Inauguration Weekend, 2017 | NPR

  • the montage – so much for what We look like, eh? Maybe if we look into their eyes we'd see who actually thinks and who just wants to shout we're gonna be great again? makes me sad

  • My only criticism of the video is it shows the protestors more prominent than they actually were.

    They were outnumbered about 1000:1 on Inauguration Day.

    We saw only scattered groups of them in the sea of people there to celebrate.

  • NPR needs to stop being so biased or they might find themselves learning how to use the mimeograph machine in the museum

  • Very well done, thank you for making such a great video. It's amazing to me how divided we are. When you watch that video, we ALL want what's best for all country. I am and always will be very proud to be born in this country. Not because of the beautiful mountains, or the amazing plains, and the vast oceans. because of the amazing people who live here. We are the land of dreamers, I stand firmly in opposition to our president but not his supporters.

  • I tuned into NPR news this AM for the first time in several months & heard little more than the same sort of socialist disinformation, but ofcourse NPR crap rockets up everytime a Republican is a U.S. President. The BBC News isn't any better. If you want more donations, quit twisting the news, and tell your news anchorpeople they're there to report the news objectively.

  • Democracy looks like people calmly going to the polls and accepting the outcome. Not rubbing victory in the face of the losing side or protesting when thing don't go their way.

  • I am happy trump won, Hillary should be in prison for her crimes. HOWEVER, if Hillary wasn't a criminal I would want her to be in office because that's what the majority of voters wanted. That being said, I do also see where the electoral college has a purpose.

  • his supporters completely misrepresent the USA.
    Lowest voter turnout in decades.
    Of which he did not win the popular vote. Sure he got less than half of the votes but bc obviously many did not want Hillary 🙁
    Majority of citizens strongly wanted Sanders — that needs to be clear in history books.

    The inauguration farse is a distraction from us uniting in a common higher priority.
    Our planet is under climate change attack made possible by the 3rd industrial revolution and now the 4th is encroaching.

    There are talks that Millenials weigh incentives like purpose and consciousness work over monetary incentives — which I applaud! — but what does that look like structurally. How do those virtues permeate to other countries in the form of environmentalism?
    Environmentalism is the shared goal we need to embrace Right Away but if the leader of the free world (augh) represents the slimiest of greed, how can we transform him – bc it's possible, just not sure how.

    Maybe invite him to visit, first hand, sites that are damaging ecosystems? Be warm and welcoming to the world economic discussions?
    It's obvious he's lacking nurture from the right sources. He's getting swayed by Russian prostitutes- if that's his vice (which kinda reminds me of how extreme Muslims are persuaded to do crazy things!) then somehow use that to pull him away from self-destructive (our country/people, the world) choices.

    Those are my current contemplations ✌

  • The white hippy feminist liberals are the most obnoxious group on the fucking planet. Even the black people don't want to deal with these assholes.

  • I noticed Npr showed quite a few muslims. Although they are a very small part of our population. I also noticed nor only shows above average looking muslims. Sharia law is welcome in America by Npr.

  • Not a democracy (rule by the people) when 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

  • did anyone else find it funny that the guy at 0:31 thinks either a character like Superman would either support and voted for Trump or that Trump could fit in a Superman costume?

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