What Do The Covenant Eat? (Halo Lore)

what's going on Halo fans Luke the notable here in this video we're going to be figuring out what the creatures of the Covenant eat now as you might imagine we don't have a lot of lower evidence for what the Covenant actually eat most of the Halo game lore and Halo extended lore and the Halo novels is almost all about the military aspects of each of these species but in this video we're going to be diving into every source available to try to figure out what foods the creatures of the Covenant eat most of the evidence that I get in this video is from the actual Halo games but some of the evidence comes from the extended halo lore novels in fact most of the information in this video can be cited from the Halo lore novel contact harvest if you'd like to check out contact harvest but don't have time to read why not try out a free 30-day trial of audible audible spawns of this video we'll talk about them at the end of the video fully but if you want to get started with that click the link in the description so grab your food nipple because his flesh is seared just the way you like it because we're going to be figuring out what the Covenant eat I think to start this video we should start with some normalcy and I think if we're going to talk about food that the Covenant eats we have to first start with the baseline what the humans eat in Halo the humans of the UNSC appear to have a pretty regular diet at least one that looks similar to humans today in Halo 2 you can find what are supposed to be rations in the first mission and on this mission in Halo Reach you can find MREs Mr e stands for meal ready to eat and most militaries today have these in some fashion but even the human and covenant war won't stop the humans industry from producing some tasty snacks while playing Halo 3 you can find these cheesy snack wrappers they're located in different areas in Halo 3 I found these on the map high ground in halo combat Evolved the pillar of autumn you can find this food and drink dispenser with this you can get anything from a turkey dinner to a meatloaf dinner all with the press of a button in this halo 2 anniversary level we can find the blast Cola machine as well as blasts Cola cans hidden around the levels and in Halo 5 you can see the Gauss Cola billboard looks like 500 years in the future probably won't change our food that much but now it's time to move on to the creatures of the Covenant because they are alien races they will have much different diets than the Covenant is made up of tons of different species of aliens so all of these aliens are going to have different diets the elites or sang-hee Li come from the planet saying Helios there isn't much official game lore on the elites diet but we do know of two animals that they eat fairly regularly the Kolo and the dormir there's no official art on these two animals so I got this picture from deviantART these are the kola domesticated animals native to the elite homeworld of San Helios these domesticated animals were traded amongst elites and jackals and other species of the Covenant they're sort of like the cows of the Covenant interestingly the Kolo are actually part of a secret plot by the UNSC to take down the elites Oni which is a secret organization within the UNSC took cola and poison to their genetics they changed the genetics of the Kolo so that they would be poisonous to the elites in theory this would allow the humans to poison the elites food supply in the event of further human covenant war but that's pretty much all we know about the cola not very much we know even less about the dormir the only thing we know about this animal the duramir is that at one time the elites used its long lush coats to make coats for themselves and if you're thinking that elites might be able to eat humans because well they're huge and reptilian like you might be happy to know that there is no current known evidence of any elites eating any humans at any time I'm not saying that the elites couldn't eat a human I'm just saying in the lore of Halo it's never happened also if you look at the elites mandible you have to think how do those things eat it's actually a bigger discussion on the internet than you might think if you look at the elites mandible it's made up of four appendages there's teeth in there some designs of a tongue it's kind of weird but we've never had any official animation or official knowledge on how the elites actually chew and eat their food some members of the community have theories that their bottom two mandibles become sort of like a bottom jaw and the top mandibles are used more for grabbing food and pulling it into their mouth I've set out to make a video on how the Covenant eat most of the halo extended lore and even the game lore only talks about the military aspects of each species halo is primarily a shooter game so I understand that they wouldn't talk about what food these species eat but there's so much about the Halo universe that we just don't know and I always find it so interesting that fans out there try to fill in the gaps let's move on to talking about the hunters of halo first we have to establish what the hunters actually are hunters are actually made up of a bunch of different worm creatures called let go they forum together protecting each other becoming very deadly the let go low also are one of the driving forces behind the scarabs in halo because the let go low or hunters are essentially just a bunch of worms they eat well what worms would eat the let go low eat minerals and some metals the let go low will burrow deep underground like any other worm and eat metals and other minerals in fact the let go low were initiated into the Covenant after they consumed an entire forerunner artifact crushing it into a trillion pieces the worms will eat whatever they can get their hands on but rest assured that they probably don't eat humans there's no lore evidence of hunters ever eating humans but it could happen humans have certain minerals inside of them and while the Kolo worms probably wouldn't eat you alive if you were dead maybe moving on it's time to talk about brutes of all of the creatures of the Covenant the brutes are the most mammals for this reason they're probably omnivores meaning they eat both meat and also fruits and vegetables however because they're sort of bottom feeder creatures they're probably just going to eat whatever they can get their hands on don't think they're brutes are bottom feeders well watch this cutscene I'm not tossing him with this lot they could use the meat yeah what about us with my belly eggs and his flesh is seared just the way I like it my whimper my crumbs from fatigue he's not burn for the Jews this brute in the cutscene suggested eating the arbiter because his flesh was seared just the way he likes it if brutes weren't bottom feeders they'd probably be able to get their own access to food and wouldn't have to eat random elites that were tortured that same day this could also speak to the ferocity of the brutes in Halo 2 they will eat whatever they get their hands on to become stronger the thorn beast was a creature that was originally supposed to be in halo combat Evolved and Halo Wars however due to AI issues it was cut from both games the thorn beast is a massive dinosaur-like creature that would commonly be eaten by the brutes the closest thing we got is the Gouda from Halo Reach this giant horned creature there isn't much known about the Goudas of Halo Reach but they are native to the planet and while they are fairly large creatures severe aggression is rare this thing is very strong it can take two sniper bullets directly to the skull before dying cat only took one needler to the face and she died like other peons of the Covenant the Jackals don't have much extended lore outside of their military prowess I can tell you all about the Jackals combat skills what they're like their height weight all of that but we don't know specifically what they eat we do know that they trade with the elites for coal oh that's the domesticated animal native to saying Helios we know that by their anatomy and physiology that they are most likely totally meat eaters while the Jackals do have some mammal properties they are more avian and reptilian than mammalian and for this reason they probably eat exclusively meat we also have evidence that the jackals like the brutes are probably bottom feeders in the Covenant when it comes to food in the same cutscene I showed earlier the jackals were dying and climbed through the bars trying to get at the arbiter because they were hungry now does this mean that the Jackals will regularly eat elites yeah probably not there's probably a reason that these jackals are behind bars to begin with maybe they're feral but this proves that the Jackals aren't above eating the elites we also have evidence of jackals attacking and taking down scientists in Halo 4 and this takedown looks exactly how like a predator would take down a bit of prey and if the jackals aren't above eating elites then they probably aren't above eating humans if we move on to the yin me or the drones of Halo we know even less I wasn't able to find anything about the drones culinary diet in any of the extended lore or any of the Halo games there's plenty about their anatomy and physiology lifestyle reproductive cycle and homeworld but nothing about what they specifically eat and for the most part in the bug kingdom there are not a lot of animals that are specifically predators the drones buggers or yen me are insect-like creatures and they resemble beetles some beetles are omnivorous meaning that they eat both plants and animals however some beetles are highly specific in their diet eating only one certain type of plant or animal we don't exactly know what the young meat eat we don't know what their diet consists of though if you consider the fact that we have yummy hives in different locations in Halo there probably isn't a very specific diet that they eat here is a bug or hive in Halo 3 ODST that's set up in the cities of new Mombasa if the buggers can set up this hive on a completely foreign planet then it's unlikely that they have a specialized food source most likely they're just eating what's around and what's around them is a lot of humans now we don't have any evidence of this happening but in Halo 3 there is a bugger picking up a human here the buggers have the strength to carry away humans and easily kill them a little fun fact the profits of Halo have actually been known to drink tea in the extended halo lore novels but that's about all we know about the profits culinary choices but if we move on to grunts which is possibly one of the most recognizable creatures in all of Halo we actually have a lot of extended lower about how they eat grunts are 100 percent the bottom feeders of the Covenant they were originally brought into the Covenant because of their incredibly fast breeding times grunts can reproduce insanely quickly and that's why there are so many of them that you fight in the Halo games with all of the grunts in the Covenant it would be a feat of Engineering to feed them all now you may have heard the food nipple reference across different halo videos that I've made across the Halo games and you might think that it's just a joke but it actually has roots in the Halo lore the halo lore novel contact harvest describes it what you're about to hear comes directly from contact harvest the a grunt flopped on to a cushioned pallet near the Suites freestanding food dispenser he uncoiled a nipple connected to a spool of flexible tubing put it in his mouth and began to suck soon and unappetizing but nutritious sludge surged down into his gullet so the food nipple is actually just a system that allows the grunts to eat efficiently it makes sense though how would you feed the millions of grunts that are in the Covenant and the millions more that are added to their legions every single day and I honestly think that the grunts might have it best in the covenant when it comes to food it seems that in the passage that I read earlier the grunt had ready access to the food nipple and while the food nipple solution doesn't exactly taste very good it is nutritious so interestingly the grunts might be the most well fed species in the covenant especially if we have evidence of species like the brutes getting hungry I mean these two brutes are right under Tartarus and Tartarus as the head chieftain of the brutes and his two main brutes are hungry the non-uniformity of the Covenant is really outlined when you look at all of the races and the fact that they actually eat each other there's a lot of diversity and integration problems in the Covenant and that ultimately led to its downfall I think talking about the food of the Covenant not only brings up what the Covenant actually eat but it also shows you why the Covenant failed in the end too much conflict between races that all wanted to be at the top and eventually it led to its downfall I think the coolest part about all of this is how deep the halo lore goes there's a lot of different information out there that allows you to draw these points draw these conclusions about things in the Covenant even though we don't exactly have those specific answers there's enough broad halo lore knowledge in the expanded universe so that allows us to answer these sort of questions and that's why I really love halos expanded lore if you'd like to learn all about halos lore yourself why not get started with an audiobook from audible even if you cancel the free trial and you can cancel that trial any time so you have nothing to lose go check out the link in the description and get started with audible today I want to thank you all for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it please thumbs up the video and also subscribe to me I make tons of awesome halo 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