What EVERY Real Estate Agent Wants… And eXp Realty Offers!

(calm music) – I talk to real estate agents
from all over the country and I find that every one of ’em wants the same thing, financial stability. And this is true whether
they are just starting out or even if they’re running a mega team. They want to get off the
jet ski that is real estate. You know what I’m talking about. I just had a close and got rich! I have no escrow, I’m poor. But what can a real estate
brokerage do about that? Well, eXp has risen to the challenge and they provide a way around it if you’re willing to put in the effort. So how is eXp different? Let’s take a look at this chart. The majority of real
estate companies start with an international company. The international company divides the nation up into regions because the regions are going to be the salespeople to sell what? Franchises. So now, here’s a franchise owner and she’s going to buy a territory. And then, the franchise
owner has to hire who? A manager. And then a manager hires staff,
so they can recruit agents. Here is the newsflash;
recruiting agents is not new. It’s the backbone of
every real estate company. This is the real estate
model we’ve been dealing with since 1906, Coldwell Banker, 1972, RE/MAX, 1973, Century 21, and
1983, Keller Williams. Then Glenn Sanford, eXp’s founder, said, “We’re gonna invent a whole new model.” He said, “We’re going to take the agent “and put him at the center
as basically the owner. “We’re going to wipe out the regions, “wipe out the franchises,
wipe out the managers, “and then, we’re going
to save all this cost. “We’re gonna take the
international company “and support the agent with staff.” Now that’s a new model. There are three things needed
to be the model of the future. Number one, you need a
disruptive technology. For us, that is our cloud office. Number two, ownership in
EXPI stock as an owner and number three is revenue share. So that’s eXp’s basic business concept. Now, let’s flip this over and take a look at some important numbers. Do you have any idea what these
numbers across the top are? $900,000 is the amount of money that you would need to have saved and invested for retirement,
after income taxes, at a 4% withdrawal rate
based on the Trinity study, so that you can withdraw money for 20 years after you retire. It’s kinda hard to save
$900,000, isn’t it? And by the way, many
financial advisors now say that this is really more like 3.125%, so I’m being pretty generous here. So $36,000 is your yearly income and 3,000 is your monthly income. I don’t know many realtors
who have $900,000 in the bank. That’s really hard to save. So now what? Well, I wanna show you that you have two options as an agent. To achieve financial security and stability, everyone says,
“Save money, pay off bills.” It’s great to do both of those things, but I should think that most of our focus should be on income. So you can just save $900,000,
which’ll probably take you, what, 20 years if you’re really great and are saving 50 grand a year roughly. Or option number two, which
sounds a lot better to me, would be to, if you’re an agent at eXp, you could up-grow the
company, eXp values growth. If you watch any financial
shows whatsoever, you know that companies are rewarded for their growth, right? So eXp wants to partner with great agents to make that happen. So let’s say you’re able
to attract six agents over a couple of years. Do you think you could do that? Three agents this year,
three agents next year? It’s not so bad. What if that’s all you ever did? Just by selling real estate and being good at what you do, those conversations will happen. You may already know that
eXp has a $16,000 cap paid to them each year,
but unlike other brokerages who give five or 6% off the top
to these regional directors, eXp takes money off the top and pays it to their agents
who help grow the company. So guess how much eXp
gives you as a thank you? For each agent, let’s
assume all six are cappers, $2,800 each per year. Now you’re gonna know why
I chose the number six. Six times 2,800 is 16,800. You just paid your cap. Does your current brokerage
have something like that, where within a couple of years, you could pretty easily pay your own cap? Let me repeat that. Just by attracting six capping agents, you’ve covered your own cap. Now here’s the really exciting part. We have a second tier and I guarantee you, when
Susie from Coldwell Banker decides eXp’s where she wants to be, she wants to bring a buddy. It just happens that way. So let’s just say each one of
those six brings one person over two years, is that possible? That’s very possible. So there are six of these on level two. Guess how much eXp is gonna
give you for each one of those? Most people will guess
that if they’re cappers, they would give us about half of that, which should be $1,400. It’s actually $3,200 per
person in that second level, times six is $19,200. You add those together,
you get $36,000 a year or $3,000 per month for 12 capping agents and you only found six of them personally. And for me, here’s the
heart of the matter. When founder, Glenn Sanford, was asked, “So you’re gonna pay more “on the second level than the first?” He said, “It’s gonna be
the best teamwork ever, “ever done in real estate. “We’re all gonna help each other.” So you have a choice. Are you gonna save $900,000 or are you going to attract six agents and help them attract one each? I don’t care if it’s three or four years. And hey, guess what? I only showed you two levels. There’s a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh level we haven’t even talked about because they know people who
know people who know people. We’ll talk about that another time. One more page of numbers
I want you to see. Let’s say you’re really a
rockstar and you are doing great, and you have managed
to save $4 1/2 million, 4% pulled out per year is
$180,000 a year for 20 years, 15,000 a month. Would that not be amazing? How long would it take you
to save $4 1/2 million? Or could you even do it ever? So let’s find another way to
generate that same income. I wanna tell you a story about an eXp friend of mine named Gene. Gene asked his daughter,
Nicole, who’s also an agent, “Hey, let’s make you a three-year plan. “In three years, do you think
you could find 10 agents “who are looking for a better option “and attract them to eXp?” She said, “Sure.” He said, “Okay. “So 10 times that 2,800,
we know our numbers, “is 28,000 a year right there. “But your real job, Nicole,
is not just to do that, “but to help those 10 find 10 each “over the course of the
next three to four years.” Now what happens in real life? One of the 10 is a real
go-getter and attracts 40. One of them gets 30, one
gets 20, one gets 10, and the other six don’t bring
anyone on, but that’s okay. Those six don’t leave. They love our company,
they love our stock, our training, they love kvCORE. They’re just selling real
estate, business as usual. So Nicole said, “Well, Dad,
they won’t all be cappers.” So he said, “Okay, fair enough. “Let’s say that we’re gonna find 10 “that are nearly half-cappers.” So let’s cut this in half, and we bring it down to $180,000 a year. See, we’ve cut it again, down to 15,000 a year, a month, actually, and we’ve got third, fourth,
fifth, sixth, seventh. So Nicole goes out and she’s just crushing
it for three months, calling all the agents she
knows, then life happens. She gets engaged, she gets
married, got pregnant. For two years, she was out, doing nothing with real estate. Then, she got active again
about a year and a half ago, so totaled less than two years ago, and I can tell you that
her revenue share checks are actually more than
we’re using in our example. So you may be thinking, “What if it’s hard to bring agents on?” Well, you can always go
with the other choice and save $4,500,000. Which one do you think’s harder? Saving that much money
or attracting 10 agents and helping them find more
great agents themselves? I actually know people who make
a whole lot more than this, so they would have to save
a crazy amount up here, but the choice is yours, my friend. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you’re ready to
plunge below the surface, just reach out to me at my contact below. (calm music)

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