What I Do at Home All Day

I’m semi-retired so you might wonder what I do at home all day? my self-imposed obligation is to produce three videos a week on a subject that resonates with me. this video, well, it’s just easy to do if I’m just gonna talk about what I normally Do. what is gonna resonate with me on this video, is the way I’m making it you see I changed a style drastically. when almost every single one I know is chugging along in their nine-to-five job, I’m at home, alone, thinking eating a fruit, or playing with stuff bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa I’m not lonely per se. I have a long list of stuff I like to do. stuff I want to do. you could say I probably would never run out, but after I finish every project I seem to find new projects to do. first I wake up when I feel like it of course. if I happen to feel slightly sick, I might sleep in. if I feel like I need more sleepm I will sleep in. when I eat meat, I seem to need a little bit more sleep, maybe two hours more to my usual six to eight hours Every day. I haven’t used an alarm clock in over a year. when I wake up, I wake up. then I proceed with my morning routine, brush my teeth, take a shower, put on contacts. then I make coffee and toast, grind coffee by hand boil water mix it in. make almond milk if I needed to. today I have some already so I don’t need to do that. preheat my coffee mug with water, and because I already have this hot water I pour it in the thermos is safer later. filter the coffee into the mug. toast the bread, put peanut butter on the bread, and sprinkle with date sugar, add in three and a half tablespoons of almond milk, sit down keep the whole thing in silence. slurp Then I turn on the computer respond to YouTube comments for one to two hours. I generally am more likely to respond to positive comments rather than negative ones. while I’m doing this I check my emails, I check eBay to see if anyone bought anything, I checked My Facebook, and everything else on the internet. all did you see my new computer it’s a new I 999 hundred K this is my 32 inch 4k monitor then I proceed with my current projects recently I built a tablet stand out of Legos I have a need for it and I figure well I – well build one other Legos because I have that already then I figure I make a laptop one too so here it is *science sound effects* If I need to nail some eBay stuff off I will do that. then one of my main projects currently is Decluttering. the reason I feel like this is important for me, is because I feel like after I declutter I can become a better Me. each step of that I advance in my declaring I feel like I’m lifting off another burden off my shoulders and it allows me to be that much more creative. maybe it’s a slightly less clutter in my life that’s allowing me to free up my mind space to be a little bit more creative like in this video. perhaps. equally important is to meet my self-imposed three youtube videos a week obligation, so I alternate days where I make videos and just sort of have time to myself to declutter. today is YouTube video making day so I am dedicating basically the whole day towards making this video. it takes me about six to ten hours to finish one video, the script for this video I complete in probably about one hour. I don’t write every single thing that I say I just write key points that I like to talk about so people like to argue I just switch one job for another. that YouTube is really Just like another job to me. so depending if you think I really am working or not you might just say well, okay? Now you’re working three days a week instead of five days a week. you still have a job. the thing here I like to emphasize Is, number one I don’t have a commute. anymore number two most of time I like it so much that it does not feel like work. including scripting it, even recording it, and even editing it I like the whole process kind of like playing to me. because I remember making videos way before that YouTube came out where you can start monetizing or anything. I would actually make videos. there is no hope of ever making any money with it, and I would gather some friends to make a very very short video clip. and I spent countless hours doing that, and it was fun for me and I knew back then that I would never get paid, nor did I ever get paid for doing that little skit. the most fun is when I try out new techniques. you would probably notice if you’ve been a longtime subscriber if you watch every single one of my videos sometimes as you watch brand new videos you’ll notice, I try out something that I have never done before in all previous videos. the style of this video is one of them. Sometimes the way I edit is another. outside of making YouTube videos, there are other leisurely type things I like to do. currently, my one main leisurely type of thing that I like to do is watching Star Trek Deep Space 9. sometimes I might go okay I don’t want to watch videos, and shows anymore, let me just read. sometimes I would read, sometimes you know I would watch these shows, I bought the whole season for about $48, so this rounds out to be about 35 cents per episode. I generally really enjoy science fiction shows, so It’s a great pastime to me. I like to imagine what it’s like sort of in the future when there’s like time travel or when there is like faster than speed of light travel. things like that. generally I don’t use these shows as like a binge watch thing, where I just sit there all day long. I simply can’t do that, because, Every other day I need to make these videos. so I only have a very small amount of time to spend on leisurely activities. so what I do with this time where I’m watching episodes is, when I’m too tired decluttering or something because I’m walking around, moving boxes and things like that. when I get too tired, Then I would go okay I need a break, so then I would go back to my computer, fire up a show, watch a show,and it would be kind of like a dual duty type of thing, one I get my entertainment, and two I get to rest my body from too much activity basically. So I rarely watch more than one show at a time. I had this series for about six weeks now. So on average I’ve been watching about one and a half shows every single day. well currently this is what my life looks like almost weekdays. I do other things as well, like going shopping for groceries, but I would say this is typical of every single weekday. when I finish my decluttering, I’ll likely transition that time over doing something more worthy. I’m thinking I may spend more time making YouTube videos, or something just as worthy of my newfound freedom. in some ways I feel like currently I am handicapped a little bit Compared to people who are less of a hoarder. I feel like this is something I must overcome in order to transform myself into something better. *Electronic jazz music*

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  • In short, you are a nerd. 🙂 But you know exactly what you are doing. I enjoy listening to you, although as a Psychologist, can't help but doing a little analysis. 🙂 🙂

  • – Working from home.
    – Earns money.
    – Feeling like play while working.
    – No need to deal with workplace bs
    This is the dream job for me😆

  • It's true Mgtow is that and very smart. To me is the way to go.
    The last thing you want, is being in divorce court.
    Look here in YouTube the case of the guy the wife cheated, had 3 baby daddies. Mind you the kids weren't the husband's but he got stuck with child support.
    She took everything plus spousal support.
    I am a woman, if I was that husband will be in jail by now.

  • Life is great being semi-retired. Walk the dog, go to butcher, wash laundry, swim 12 laps, drive to get stupid stuff, have a snack, listen to wind cross over lawn, cut grass, make salad, think about dinner, mark a couple of papers . . . . . .

  • Beat the bush stop being so materilistic with that house and move too where weed is legal a d enjoy the rest of your years with the THC

  • I appreciate how meticulous he is at preparing his breakfast and eating it in silence. I appreciate the peace that comes from this.

  • @BeatTheBush, To be honest your schedule seems a bit boring to me. I badly want to retire and just chill at home like you but I also can see that it can eventually become boring. We don't need the stress and lack of freedom of a job but this kind of doing nothing all day can get quite boring as well

  • You can only truly enjoy and appreciate these type of activities if you've first spent years suffering through the daily grind doing meaningless work for the benefit of corporate overlords. Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it while you're still young is not only a great feeling but a satisfying middle finger to the slave masters giving you pennies to do their bidding.

  • If u spend your income in somewhere like Taiwan Malaysia I think u get more quality for your life
    For me I can say I am semi-retired since I am very sick and left my full time job
    I start thinking what about work so hard for me or for your boss finally I get a parttime job
    and my freelance career
    the rest of my spare time I keep studying include try different cooking recipe, Maths for machine learning, Arduino project …
    This is living!

  • Do you try to eat healthy foods? Consider replacing microwave, eating less bread and sugar? I eat those, too, but try to eat less. Microwave no Bueno. Water boiler?

  • Haha funny video and interesting. What about your sexual life though!???
    Do you watch adult stuff ?
    Also, does not having a job and partner makes you depressed? I know I would be, just staying home all day 🙁

  • Tbh I only watch his videos, because he's such a handsome man and speaks English so nicely. Dunno if it's the pronounciation or his voice, but it's like honey, woow 😀

  • What are your plans 10-20 yrs down the road? Live the same life? any personal goals you wanted when you were younger? Progress and change are what makes life interesting.

  • I’ve noticed you did not mention physical exercise.

    Even easy stuff like jogging outside for 1 mile every day will go a VERY long way in regards to productivity and general happiness.

  • I observed somethign different when I cut carbs, eating more meat and becoming ketogenic. I have so much energy I'm lucky if I can sleep 5 hours.

  • Seeing all those DVDs and books made me nervous because you said you were decluttering….. I hope you have a library card. It’s free and after you finish watching or reading you don’t have to declutter those items. And saves loads of money too!

  • Generally not a great idea to buy your home (unless you have a family etc) but better to invest that money in buy to let real estate. I currently have 4 properties that way which brings in a massive monthly rental income plus I benefit from capital growth of all 4 places! That is best way to work your money for you. Having all the money sitting in your residential is a massive waste of putting that capital to work. You can then use rental income to save for more real estate and also pay your own rental . Besides financial I would add that some other pillows to positive life (I am semi retired – only late 30's, MBA and did 6 years in corporate world but now spend all my time investing in real estate and doing what I enjoy) are a partner (having a relationship – positive and who you care about – is part of life to a happier life at least – my life has improved greatly having been in long term relationship for 4 years and will still have our own places so we choose when to spend time together), fitness (gym – I go late at night when empty so have freedom of gym without hassle of people), meditation, keeping diary open for regular contact with friends and family (family is the most important!). That makes for a very happy life.

  • I always appreciate your videos BTB! You’re one of my favorite Youtubers. Looking forward to the day when you’re at 1M subscribers!!

  • I hope you read this comment, and I am very alike to you. Except im 22, I unfortunately work a 9-5, I don't hate it but Its just not my calling. As the way you think, how do you prevent from going insane? I lost touch a few times and ended in psychiatric hospitals. I hope maybe you could become a mentor of mine, which u basically are with these videos. Just know that you are helping the few of us. I contemplate suicide a lot,but I know that's not the answer, I already lost my brother to that. In advance I thank you for replying or not.

  • So glad you haven't given up on decluttering. I know a lot of people literally struggle with getting rid of things, even when they know the don't need it. I love getting rid of things.

    I take good care of my belongings and can donate them to Salvation Army if they are still useful (not out of date). So, bravo. I look forward to hearing you say, "Guess what? My home is officially decluttered."

    No one love sci-fi more than me. I remember a SyFy series called Caprica and when they cancelled it, it felt like a dagger through my heart. Yeah. I am addicted and I can marathon my arse off.

  • Been looking forward to a video like this.

    You’ve inspired me since the beginning of your series to adjust my lifestyle to one where I have more time to myself and to the things I enjoy doing. Thank you.

  • Feels more at home.. cause hes asian, engineer, n lots more thrifty than myself.. n not a salesman like dave ram…. No pun intended.. i like both.

  • im a developer from philippines. commuting sucks everyday of my life and sometimes you just feel soo tired that you cant to do anything. worse is when you dont have any task at work and still feel soo lazy. life literally sucks out of me. i want to shape my life like what you did. thank for the video

  • brush the teeth before eating breakfast????

    That way, you have a breakfast tasting like mint and a breath that smells… 🙂

  • @BeatTheBush. I noticed you had Journeys Out Of The Body. I also know you tried astral projection in at least one of your videos. Is astral projection just a intellectual curiosity for you or a serious pursuit?

  • we have the same life.
    and people think im a weird person.
    and im not. and im happy and content.
    i love having free time than having a lot of money.

  • If you only could understand how much i respect a person who does what they love and enjoy! While i believe people are entitled to their own opinion, its sad how some people feel they have to spread hate or be disrespectful to make themselves feel better. If you dont like this mans videos, DONT WATCH IT. Noone is forced to watch any youtube channel. I watch this channel because i respect the lifestyle & way you think. Keep up the good content. Respect my bro

  • At first I thought you lived frugal because you cling onto finance but really, you just want the freedom to do what you enjoy. That being said, kudos. You're living the life i'd want to have.

  • Yeah I'm definitely on a process of getting rid of a lot of my crap and it does help lift some mental barriers because you're getting rid of this junk

  • I think you would love Michio Kaku. He’s a theoretical astrophysicist who graduated from Harvard and UC Berkeley. He has many off the wall theories about our future and science fiction. Check him out and let me know what you think. 🙃

  • I love this video! I feel like I actually kind of “know” you a little now. I am newly retired at 52 and you are one of my heroes. I plan to be semi retired but first I need a year or two to relax………….

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