What If The Empire State Building Was Attacked?

The Empire State Building is arguably the
most iconic building in Manhattan. Standing tall since the 1930s, the building
is an architectural and cultural marvel…. But what if it was at the centre of a plot? What if the building was harmed, or worse,
was obliterated. Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions, I am Rebecca Felgate and today we’re continuing our simulated scenario
serious as we ask… What if the Empire State Building was Attacked? Before we launch right into this video I just
want to ask you guys to hit that thumbs up button if you like our videos and to make
sure you are subscribed for more big answers. The Empire State Building has become synonymous
with the image of New York. It is one of the busiest tourist’s attractions
in the world as well as being home to a number of businesses, including Linked Inn, which
occupies 5 of the 102 floors. Approximately 15 thousand people work in the
Empire State Building and a further 10 thousand visit each day to enjoy the observation deck
and other leisure offerings. Of course, not all 25 thousand people who
frequent the building each day would all be there at one time, but it is likely that many
thousands of people would be inside if an attack took place. Of course, like with the horrifying events
of 9/11, conducting an attack on a working weekday would be likely to cause the most
devastation. speaking of 9/11, of course if the Empire
State Building was attacked it would have some worrying parallels to that fateful day
in 2001. Depending on the extent of the damage, it
could be the worst attack the city, if not America, has seen since. Of course, we have to wonder how exactly someone
could conduct an attack of any magnitude on the Empire State Building, which is now one
of the most heavily guarded and security tight buildings in America. While an aerial attack would be the most affective
in inflicting damage, Since 9/11, aviation law and security measures have been tightened,
making a similar offence highly unlikely. Of course an aerial bomb attack is just about
as unlikely as they come too, considering air space in Manhattan is tightly monitored,
unless of course the fire comes from kind of unintercepted North Korean Missile. Of course, while these events are unlikely,
they are not beyond the realms of possibility. For example, in 1945, an American bomber plane
accidentally flew into the building, causing significant damage and killing 14 people. Other ways in which the building has been
attacked include two mass shootings, one in 1997 and one in 2012. As security forces in the building are armed,
this kind of attack would likely be contained reasonably quickly. The other possibility for a high damage attack
could be an intelligent bomb plot. This would take very careful planning and
a huge amount of luck on the attackers end, again because the building is so highly monitored. If an attack did unfold, depending on its
nature, the building and the surrounding areas could be on lockdown, affecting a large part
of central Manhattan. Nearby Penn Station and Madison Square Gardens
would likely be affected too. Should the building be damaged beyond repair
in an attack, it is possible the Zip Code 10118 would be retired, the exclusive postal
code for the building. It would also have a big effect on the cities
radio and TV broadcasts as, after 9/11 nearly all of the city’s commercial television and
FM radio broadcast stations started transmitting again from the top of the Empire State Building. Then, we get to the Pres. Donald Trump is the most vocal president of
all time and should an attack like this take place during his presidency, he would bring
the world down upon whomever was responsible. The War on Terror took place as a result of
9/11, and I can only imagine the 45th President would be keen to avenge any deaths that took
place in a building which he once part owned. If the Empire State Building did fall or a
number of people were killed, it would be a sad day for us all and depending on the
nature of the attack, it could have far reaching political consequences. So, that is one question that will hopefully
never find a real life answer. What do you think would happen if the Empire
State Building was attacked? Let me know in the comments section below. For now, I am your host Rebecca Felgate, I’ll
catch you in the next video, but until then, be sure to stay curious, stay alert and never
ever stop questioning! If you want to continue on your questioning
binge, why not watch our biggest What If’s Playlist and our Biggest History Questions.

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