What If The Statue Of Liberty Was Attacked?

The statue of liberty represents an icon of
freedom and the united states, and also stood to welcome immigrants arriving to the united
states from abroad. For this reason, it could be a prime target
for terrorists, who would seek to employ an attack with a symbolic effect. Destroying the statue of liberty means you
are destroying what it means to be an American. Today, lifes’ biggest questions asks, what
if the statue of liberty was attacked? Hello and welcome back to LBQ, don’t forget
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on this channel. The statue of liberty is a copper statue that
was given to America by the French. Designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and
built by Gustave Eiffel, the statue is a figure of a robed woman that represents the roman
goddess of liberty. She holds a torch in her right hand, a broken
chain lies at her feet, and the date of the US declaration of independence is inscribed
on a tablet in her left hand. She stands on liberty island, off the coast
of manhattan New york, and she’s been there since October 28, 1886. Here’s a little known fact, The first terrorist
attack in the US caused serious damage to the statue of liberty. During world war 1 in the year 1916, the germans
were not supportive of the idea that the americans were selling munitions to the allied forces. So there was an attempt to sabotage the delivery
of a ship carrying munitions. 2 German agents started fires on a ship, the
Johnson 17, and ended up causing damage to the statue of liberty. Thousands of tonnes of munitions and other
war materials exploded and registered between 5.0 and 5.5 on the richter scale. This was known as the black tom explosion. Because the attack occurred at 2 in the morning,
many lives were not lost, there were only about 7 casualties. This attack is the reason why visitors to
this day, can’t access the torch portion of the statue. It was not a direct attack on the statue,
but it gives some idea as to what would happen if the statue was attacked today. So lets say a terrorist organization decided
they were going to try to destroy lady liberty. 4.5 million people visited the statue of liberty
in 2016, which is actually a relatively small number compared to the Eiffel tower at 7 million
visitors per year. Lady Liberty not even on the list of the 50
most visited tourist attractions in the world. Only 240 people are allowed to climb the statue
on any given day. Its visiting hours are between 8:30 to 5 pm,
so if the attack took place outside of those hours, very few people would be hurt. the National Park Service does have a policy
for manmade actions that destroy or damage the statue of liberty. Measurements, drawings and 36 laser scan models
of the statue would be used to recreate lady liberty as faithfully as possible. So in other words, they would just make another
one. That being said, the effect on the psyche
of the American people after their prized lady liberty was destroyed would be substantial. It could be seen as an act of war. But in all seriousness, destroying the statue
of liberty would be shocking, yes, but it wouldn’t be as impactful as the terrorist
attacks on 9/11. The whole world watched as the planes flew
into the twin towers, and were shocked when the towers collapsed, undoubtedly killing
3 thousand people in the process. The victims were immortalized, and so were
the heroes. One of the reasons why the Statue Of Liberty
has not been attacked is because the death toll simply wouldn’t be that high. Yes it would be symbolic to demolish an icon
of American freedom and ideals, but destroying a symbol is not what terrorists are after. Its not the same thing as inflicting terror
by destroying lives. It would also be relatively difficult to attack
the statue of liberty, lets say, with a plane. In comparison, the statue is quite a bit smaller
than a building, so it would be hard to crash a plane into it. The number of people that would die from attacking
the Statue of liberty would not exceed 300. The damage would cost a couple hundred million
to repair. That being said, if the statue of liberty
was attacked, it would likely cease to be a tourist attraction. Following the 9/11 atacks, the statue was
closed to all visitors, and was not reopened until 2009 by president Obama, under the condition
that only a limited number of people can climb the statue at one time. How would you feel if the statue of liberty
was attacked? Let us know in the commetns below. For now, I’m charlotte dobre, and you’ve
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