What if We Become the Next Great American Brewery?

I think it’s important we continue to
challenge ourselves. You don’t want to lay on your deathbed and wonder what if People that are new to founders, this is all they know is this you know this beautiful facility. But they don’t know the 12 years of struggles. and I remember you and I talking saying we have to differentiate ourselves and if we’re gonna go down, we may as well brew beer we want to drink. Which led to creating beers like Dirty Bastard that was the first one out of the gate And then the immediate success of Dirty Bastard allowed us to be a little reckless and being reckless was the thing that allowed us freedom. Certainly was a huge what-if to start a brewery but I think the real what-if started at
that point when we realized that it was better to carve out your own path chase after your own dreams because you differentiated yourself I think in a way and that’s when we first realized that people were falling in love with what we
were doing. You know we had brands like All Day and Solid Gold even way back. And of course Solid Gold at the time was an ale and it was to satisfy those really looking for a lighter beer But All day I could remember the
conversation of you know can we make a Founders style beer full-flavored but
under you know five percent or lower ABV and again we looked inward and outward
from that came one of America’s greatest beers. Barrel-aging was just kind of a
weird idea huh it’s novel I think it was one of those no harm no foul. Our sales
were shit so I was like we may as well just try it and I remember after the beer had aged for you know a month and then just trying it we were like whoa, we
might have something here. You know, this new generation craft is all they will ever know and so from when we started the brewery when there were just
literally I think about 300 breweries and now there’s 8,000 so the access to
great beer is huge. That’s why I think Solid Gold’s the right beer at the right time because no one’s challenging some of those heritage brands that have been
out there for years and years. And I think we’re the brewery
to take it to the next level and start looking at a whole new audience. As we look to the future and how to bust through the ceiling and build America’s next greatest brewery it’s just that. We are going to have to double down put a lot of resources into building brands. Look at our brand look at the the folks that we’ve got working for us. Look at the trajectory and then go what if Founders had its name next to Anheuser-busch and Coors and Miller and Pabst, some of these just great iconic brands. Like who’s out there to stop us? You know to build
America’s next greatest brewery enormous challenge, but it just puts a huge smile on my face because I think that is going to be one hell of an adventure

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