What is a Cash Out Refinance? | Flat Branch Home Loans

Are you drowning in student loan or
credit card debt? Ready to watch that pesky car payment drive off into the
sunset? Itching to finally renovate that
kitchen or travel around the world? You may want to consider a cash out
refinance. What is a cash out refinance you ask? Since you’ve been paying down
your first mortgage you’ve cut down on the amount owed and increase the amount
of equity you have in the home. With a cash out refinance, you get a new
mortgage to pay off the original one and take the difference between the debts
owed as a lump sum cash out in your bank account. With that extra cash you can do
whatever you please – pay off your student loans, remodel your house, pay off your
car or travel to new places – the possibilities are endless. Make your
financial wishlist a reality with the flexibility that comes with a cash out
refinance. What will you do with your Refi Freedom?

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