What Is A Freedom Business?

(rock music) (speaks in a foreign language) – This is Max Berger and in this video I want to talk about freedom,
and the exact type of business that can grant you that freedom. In fact, what we’re
gonna do in this video, I’m gonna call out some certain narratives that have been fed to you. Certain lies that have been fed to you about certain types of businesses and how they actually enslave
you much more than you think. And then at the end, I’m
obviously going to share you, the by-far best way to
earn your own freedom. So, before I’m gonna crack
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way you always get notified every time I’m dropping new content. Why’s it important? Because this is a small channel, and this channel is dedicated
to teaching you the truth, not some watered down BS scam stuff. I’m simply trying to give you good and real-world value here. That being said, let’s start. Now, first and foremost, here’s the thing. You might have heard me talking
about this concept before and I call this concept A Good
Million vs. A Bad Million. And I chose a million dollars
just as an example because I feel like that’s the number
that everybody comes up with. “I wanna earn a million dollars!” Or “A million euros!” It’s not even that much if
you really think about it. But look, there’s two types
of one million dollars. There’s a bad type of million dollars. Let’s look at that. Let’s say for example you’re a banker, you’re making one, maybe two,
maybe three million a year. That’s great fricking money. People would kill for that kind of money. But what are you doing as a banker? You’re probably working
80 hours, 90 hours a week hustling your ass off, not being able to enjoy
a lot of spare time, not being able to live with your family, not being able to just
say, “You know what,” “Let me go to a concert on
the other side of this globe,” “And do whatever I want.” No, you’re basically still slaving away. You’re still in a cage. Now that cage is golden,
it looks very nice, and maybe on Saturday,
Sunday you can go all crazy with the money… Spending as much money
as you can on two days, but that is really it. I’m saying that because I
know a lot of people that are in these high-status positions that are also paying them very well, but they’re absolutely miserable. They’re letting their health slack, they’re letting their relationship slack, and again, they’re not really happy. So at the end of the day,
they’ve just been spoon-fed this narrative of get a high-paid job, money is everything, money
is the most important thing, and get a job that gives
you a lot of status. What do people say when
you say you’re a doctor? Everybody’s like, “Ooh,
oh my God a doctor,” “A pat on the shoulder,
you’re a good guy!” “Fantastic you’re a doctor!” Most doctors are miserable! Cause they have to work
24-hour, 48-hour shifts. They make a lot of money, they’re
very high in social status but at the end of the day,
man, this is about you. How do you feel when you go to bed? Do you really feel like you’re free? Do you really feel like
you’re living your best life? Your best years? Or do you feel like, “Well,
the job is really tough,” “But at least it pays a lot.” That is an example of a bad million. Now, an example of a good million is, you’re making a million but you’re free. You can literally do whatever you want. We’ll go in more detail later on. You can choose who you want to work with. You can literally say
no to certain clients. You can also choose where
and when you want to work. So again, if you say, “My
daughter has the ballet thing.” You can go check out your
daughter dancing ballet. You don’t have to work. You don’t have to sacrifice
anything in order to work. Let’s say you’re making
a million with that. Let’s say you’re not making
a million like the banker who slaves in his golden cage. Let’s say you make 500K a year. Would you be able to enjoy
those 500K more than the banker? Probably, yes. Now here’s the other extreme. This is something that we’ve
been fed with this here. The Instagram. The YouTube. And I’m by far probably
also not unguilty, innocent. Unguilty. Not innocent of that. I’m posting certain
lifestyle stuff as well. This is this whole idea of
becoming an influencer nowadays. We see that on Instagram,
see that on YouTube, all these influencers
living the great lifestyle: flying first class, flying to Bali, and hanging out in all
those resorts for free. And all that, well that’s great. Absolutely and more power to you. I think it’s fantastic just
from a marketing standpoint that if you own a business
and wanna promote it, you just invite a bunch
of hot girl influencers. You fly them into your
little beach resort. They shake their asses
a little bit and then you get great, you get
a lot of views on that from the horny dudes that
are watching the girl. I think it’s great, it brings
a lot of interesting dynamics to the market when it
comes to advertising. However, it creates something very, very wrong in our brains. So many people nowadays trying
to become an influencer, but if you look behind the scenes, if you look behind the outside facade of the crazy amazing rock
star life of influencers you know what’s actually in that? Usually influencers spend their
entire day writing companies literally writing clothing
companies, watches companies, glasses companies, travel
companies et cetera, if they can have something for free. And literally their texts look like this: “Hey, my name is da da da.” “This is my Instagram
account, I’m an influencer,” “Can I have something for free?” “Can I come to you for free?” Or “I would love to come to your
resort and hang out there “with my friends, can we get it for free?” Now, again, while I think it’s great if you represent a brand
that you can believe in, if you really, truly,
wholeheartedly believe in a certain brand and you
become their brand ambassador, I think that’s great. But at the same time, do
you really wanna spend the rest of your life begging
for free (bleep) online? Is that your idea of
bringing value to this world? A copy-paste email of “Hey,
can I have something for free?” How sustainable is that for
the next five, 10, 15 years? Do you want your kids to be reliant on, “Hey kids, let’s go on a vacation!” “Daddy’s just going to try to
get (bleep) for free for us!” “Just give me a couple…” Is that what you want to rely
on for the next couple years? The problem with that is if you’re an influencer on a platform you’re putting literally all
your eggs in to one basket. All of ’em. What do you do if Instagram
gets deleted and boom, you’re not a model anymore? What do you do when
YouTube de-platforms you? What did all the YouTube creators do, what was it, two, three years ago when the Adpocalypse happened? And all of a sudden their
income as an influencer was basically nullified? Here’s the truth about money: you’ve heard me saying this
over and over and over again. Money follows value. If you’re an influencer,
you’re not really giving value. A bunch of people follow you,
you have a lot of eyes on you, but at the same time you need
to sell something of value. You gotta understand that
money’s not gonna come in unless you sell something of value. This could be a physical product, this could be a digital product, this could be your expertise. So you gotta understand
that there’s a lot of ways to live a life full of freedom, but a lot of them are very shiny but there’s nothing underneath. You have to understand that. So we’ve talked about this
two different extremes of the guy who lives in a golden cage, being a banker, making a million, and the influencer basically
being broke and having to ask for free (bleep) so he
looks cool on Instagram, or YouTube or wherever. Now let’s talk about the truth. A true Freedom Business. So a true Freedom
Business is the following: I kinda mentioned it before, it is a business that brings you money. Not a business that necessarily brings you a lot of followers, or not necessarily something
that gets you recognized on the street or at a party. No, I’m talking about a
business that makes you money. Cause at the end of the day, nothing brings you freedom but money. It’s that simple. And also, that is really
everything that money is. It’s just a tool to buy you freedom. It’s really that. So again, the guy who slaves
away 100 hours a week, he doesn’t really have a lot of freedom. He has a lot of money but the money can’t buy him anything of freedom. Freedom is the only currency
you should strive to have. So again, a Freedom Business is something that makes you money. Also, a Freedom Business
is something that allows you to work location
and time independently. Again, if you make a lot money, but have to drag your ass
to the office every day and you have to commute for 40 minutes or two hours, God beware, per
day, this is not really free. Also, if you like to
watch Game of Thrones, but you can’t because it’s
the office hours of your job, then again, you’re not working
location independently. So you want to location
independently and time independently and obviously you’ll
want to earn enough money to allow you a certain lifestyle
that you’d be happy with. And last but not least,
hear me out with this one, because all the scammers
are gonna be like, “Okay, nice, scam people.” Last but not least, the by
far most important thing about a Freedom Business is fulfillment. It must fulfill you, okay? You want to go to bed
every night knowing that, “Hey, my clients are
living a better life now,” “because they’re part of my program,” “because they’ve purchased my product.” “Hey, I’m doing something good,” “I’m actually helping people.” This fulfillment, don’t
underestimate that. You’re watching this right
now and you’re probably like, “Okay, fulfillment, I get
it, but where’s the money?” “Let’s go money, I’ll be
much happier with money.” I get it, but once you obtain that money, once you obtain the location,
the time independence, once you attain freedom, you will search for something
deeper: for meaning. For something that, “Hey,
where am I helping?” And I swear to God, as
somebody that’s worked in the coaching and
consulting business for, I can’t even remember,
seven years at this point, nothing beats the feeling of
running into one of your former clients after six months,
two years, three years, and that client is awake in his eyes, and that client is happy and
grateful and there’s laughter, and everybody’s cheerful
and they’re so happy after having worked with you. And you might have forgotten about this because you have couple clients
already and you’re like, “What, you’ve been doing all these things “ever since the last
time we saw each other?” “That’s amazing!” And just being reminded of that. Nothing beats that feeling. So you gotta understand, if you
want a true Freedom Business if you want truly be happy
with what you’re doing, you need to have something
that fulfills you. And usually this is something
by helping other people. No last but not least,
let me share with you something that is by far
the best way nowadays to attain that freedom
via Freedom Business. That is getting into coaching, consulting, and service providing. And I’m biased, honestly,
I’m truly biased, because this is the sphere
that I’ve been working in for a very, very long time now. This is the sphere that
I’m truly an expert in. I don’t wanna teach you something that I’m not 100% familiar
with, you understand? That’s why I keep saying
coaching, consulting, and service providing is by
far the best way to make money. Especially in 2019 and going forward. Why? Well number one, it allows
you to make a lot of money. If you focus on an enticing price point that is high enough for
you to be bought in. If you find a high enough
price point to attract high quality clients that
are then higher bought in because of that high price, if you then go ahead and say, “Well, these people are
paying a lot of money,” “So let me truly help them out,” “Let me really devote myself to that,” Now your clients are
getting great results, you’re getting a lot of fulfillment because they’re getting very happy. You’re really psyched
about what you’re doing, and most importantly
you don’t have to get up and serve hundreds of
clients that are paying what, $49 for your course. No, maybe you have four to five clients that pay you $2,500 each. So now you can really focus
on helping these clients. You’re making a lot of money
and they’re very happy too. And up goes the upward spiral, because happy clients produce you what? Happy testimonials, happy referrals. So it’s almost like this
perpetual mobile of happy clients that are bringing you more happy clients, and the word of mouth spreads. You don’t need no Instagram
account with a million followers you don’t need no YouTube account with… My YouTube account barely
has what, 13,000 subscribers? I don’t needs hundreds of thousands, God beware, a million subscribers. All I need to have is a
couple of very, very dedicated people watching my stuff,
consuming my stuff, and executing. And that is really it, okay? So that is why coaching is really good, it gives you a high-paid income. Also, you can do everything online. This is the revolution, by the
way, that has been going on over the last couple years. And people say, “Well the
Internet has been around” “for quite a long time, la da da,” Yeah but still, most coaches and experts are still not aware of
the power of the Internet. A couple years ago, you couldn’t even do
livestreams over video. You couldn’t do that! I remember back in the days
when Instagram didn’t even have a livestream feature for videos, because the Internet was just too slow in most parts of the world. Nowadays, everybody’s
doing video calls, videos, uploading on Instagram Stories, video livestreams or video conversations with Skype or Zoom or whatnot. So that allows you, as
somebody who’s in the coaching, consulting,
service-providing business, to really coach people online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Germany or North America or Australia or Singapore and your client sits
on the literal opposite side of the Earth, it doesn’t matter! Cause you can coach that person online via talking over the phone
or Skype or whatever. The crazy thing on top of that is, you can be truly location independent because you can also acquire clients from all around the world. Back in the days when you
were a coach or a consultant or a service provider, you were in a city and that was your pool
of potential clients. You were in that city, that’s it. But nowadays you can
literally acquire clients from all around the world. That’s what we’re doing with
Freedom Business Mentoring. We have clients from literally
all around the world. They’re all executing, and I can coach them over the Internet. That is a beautiful thing
that makes you, again, time independent and location independent and it pays you well. And again, like I said, when it comes to this whole fulfillment: you can really watch people get better. You can see how people
progress with your help, and that fulfills you on a daily basis. It’s a real purpose. You’re not some faceless
worker in a gigantic company. No. You’ll actually see the results of the hard work you’re putting in. You can see the fruits
of your labor every day, and that keeps you motivated, that keeps you fulfilled
like nothing else. And that, my dear viewer,
is a Freedom Business. So at the end of the day
it’s really on to you. Are you 100% happy with
what you’re doing right now? Does it fulfill you? Are you truly free? Are you earning the
type of money that will make you excited about
getting up every morning? Or, are you dreading Monday, and just trying to get through the week? Trying to wait for
Friday and then going out with your friends and just kinda celebrate and then Sunday already sucks because Monday’s around the corner. Which one is it? Which one do you want? Now if you want to work together with us, if you want us helping you get into the coaching, consulting,
service-providing business, then all you have to do is click that link down in the description below. That link brings you to an application. You fill out that application, and then you can book
an exact date and time where you want us to call you
for a free consultation call. It’s entirely for free,
even if it’s international, all you have to do, again,
is click that link down below and fill out the application. Then we’re going to
jump on a call with you and we’re gonna look at
your current situation and we’re gonna look at
where you want to go, and we’ll help you bridge that gap. Now this is especially enticing for you if you already have
expertise in a certain field but you want to monetize it, or you want to monetize it right so you actually earn a really good income. Or if you say, “Well, I
do want to become a coach” “or consultant, I’m just
not exactly 100% sure” “where my expertise is.” You’d be surprised how much you could really, really offer value
to potential clients. So we’ll help you out,
jump on a call with us. Other than that, I want to
thank you very much for watching and I hope you execute. Don’t forget, this video
is entirely useless and waste of your time,
unless you execute. Thanks so much for watching, and GG. (upbeat techno music)

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