What is an Elopement? (Hint: its *freedom*)

[♪♪♪] Oh I’m ready…. Never been so sure or quite so steady… going to live my life to keep the promises I made, even though I make mistakes, I know I’m ready… [♪♪♪] I talk to a lot of couples who are actually in the midst of planning a traditional wedding. They’re going through all of the steps and doing all of the things that people tell them they’re supposed to do. It doesn’t actually speak to who they are as a couple. And they don’t see themselves in the day that they’re planning… Somehow they’re searching Google, and they find a single adventure wedding photo, and they’re like, “Wait a minute, what is that?!?” You can create something that matters to you, that resonates with who you are, and takes you to the places that are special. My name is Kate and I am an adventure wedding and elopement photographer, home based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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