What is Cash Flow? And Why You Should Care with Clayton Morris

48 thoughts on “What is Cash Flow? And Why You Should Care with Clayton Morris

  • Love it!!! Bought my first rental property last year and look forward to buying my next. Your videos have changed my life, Thank you for all that you do!!! I always look forward to learning more.

  • Thank you for another great video, I’m slowly convincing my wife to join this new journey with me. When we’re both ready we will be calling your team to purchase our first investment property…
    best regards

  • Im 31 in process of paying off my mortgage. Looking forward to buy rental proparty in next 2 years. Sure ur video's motivates me. Last year i brought a land which i regret now (for not cash flowing).

  • Just bought my first rental last month, and so far far cash flow for me has almost fully negated my housing expense while still living in the property as well. I live in an unfinished basement with a mortgage of 836 and charge 800 for rent. I’m finishing the basement, and can rent it out for 625 also when it’s Done. I have a bit of an anomaly deal I feel like but my cash on cash return will be around 20-25% depending on how much my renovations run me. After acquiring enough properties to replace my income, cash flow will keep my from driving 3 hours round trip to and from work and working outside when it’s 100 degrees in the summer and 10 in the winter. I invest in the panhandle of WV because it’s where I grew up. Not sure if you’re familiar with the market at all but I know you invest throughout the country. Any thoughts on how a market like mine stacks up to the Midwest all things factored in?

  • Great video, I am with you on the cash flow. Looking for a deal this year. My goal is to get one a year. . . Thank you for the encouragement and your knowledge.

  • Bought some land in Texas on a highway with a toll road just finished and open. Got pretty lucky! Makin it into a trailer park. Clayton, I give you all the credit. You opened my eyes to real estate. Thought I was gonna be workin in boring a$$ pharmacy for the next 40 years….nope!

  • Of the dozens of your videos I've watched over the last couple years (many multiple times) this is the coolest background so far! Looks great.

  • Thanks, Clayton. From you and your videos, I learned about self directed Roth IRA's and borrowing from s 401K. Those two have helped us to add two more houses to our real estate portfolio! Thank you!

  • Cash flow 👍 Took my daughter to lunch Saturday with late fees. Had enough left for pizza and wings, Sunday.
    Considering putting some cash flow toward buying a lake lot for a family vaction spot.
    I enjoy working. Cash flow is a bonus and someday will be my retirement. I don't trust that social security will still be around.

  • Hey Clayton.
    I started a YouTube channel to kinda document my thoughts as i am building my real estate portfolio so I can look back in a few years to see how my thoughts have changed over time. What inspired you and Natalie to start yours?

  • Can you rent a home to live in that is owned by your LLC? Thank you for all of your valuable information. You have taught me so much!

  • You always say the same thing over and over again in every videos. Its like Robert Kyosaki…
    I’ve learned a lot from your channel but each new video is always the same as the previous ones unfortunately.

  • id been a fan since 2months ago. u are sincerely trying to help and share ur knowldge. im from the Philippines and i am really inspired by ur story. ..Trying to follow ur strat in the Philippine setting.

  • I am interested in the future about this. I like the fact someome from your team takes care of mostly everything. But what is in it for you? It seems too good to be true.. If you get a commission off my monthly earnings then that makes sense though.

    But in the future when i have more money I'll definitely email or set up a consultation.
    Thank you Mr. Morris.

  • I asked 20 Americans what mean ‘’ passive income ‘’ 0/20 couldn’t be able to figure out what that mean including my teacher 😂😂😂

  • I'm a new subscriber and binge watching your videos right now. I'm also working on becoming a RE investor. Are there any areas that you'd suggest I start. I'm interested in duplex or multi family housing. Would you suggest I start there or single family? Keep up the good work while I continue to binge watch 😁. You are appreciated!

  • Working on 4 properies to get them move in ready. Purchased all 4 for $90k, one once complete will be worth that much. Rents for the 2 big houses about $1200 and the other 2 small ones at maybe $800-900.

  • love your videos. I have read books and found your video chanels and I am about to start my financial freedom path. I will learn and learn and take action to be financial freedom someday. Thanks I have learned a lot

  • Good afternoon Mr Morris. I am a first semester 28 year old nursing student. I bought my first home at 25 and as soon as I’m done with nursing school I will continue to “fire” more money at my principal balance at a much bigger rate (higher income in nursing). My point is, it’s refreshing to hear your recommendations and insight because I’ve share the same stuff with friends and family but they look at me like I’m crazy lol Just watching a few videos has given me the hope that I was looking for from those closest to me. Thank you for taking time to make all these videos, I appreciate them.

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