What is Financial Peace University?

Hello clients and Merry Christmas from
Financial Accounting Services I know New Year’s is right around the corner and
the number one goal clients tell us is that they want to get out of debt and
they want to get control of their money well guess what I have great news for
you we are leading an exciting 9 week study
starting January 8th Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 and I promise you it
is life-changing the study is called Financial Peace University led by Dave
Ramsey for those who don’t know Dave Ramsey he’s a nationally syndicated
radio talk show host author and financial guru as you can probably tell
I’m the biggest Dave Ramsey fan there is if at the end of the month you’re
wondering what happened to all my money or your using credit cards because you
aren’t sure how much you have in the bank then this class is a must for you
and with Christmas right around the corner this class could be a great gift
for someone that you know struggles with this as well we don’t only learn how to
budget in this class and gain control of our money we also learn what proper
insurances, how to a save for a home, how to make sure we’re in the right home
mortgage, where to invest in, what investments are. So if you don’t have
money struggles but your 2020 goal is to start investing in building wealth
this is also a must attend class what’s the cost of Financial Peace University
for the kit that Dave Ramsey sell it’s a hundred and twenty nine dollars so is it
worth it hell yes I wouldn’t donate twenty hours of my time during our most
busy season of the year leading this class if I didn’t believe strongly in
the ability of this class to change your life it’s a roadmap to a solid financial
footing and clients of ours that have taken this class have said that it was
life-changing and have great testimonials as well it really isn’t
that hard to find an extra $130 in your budget if you put your mind to it and
the returns that you’ll get through the program will more than pay for it where
could you find 129 dollars in your budget you say how about cutting cable
or maybe a few less Starbucks runs or being that it’s
mess maybe a few lists things bought for people that we don’t really know you
know no one who really uses all that crap you get some Christmas anyway but
for my money and from my experience Dave’s program is effective engaging fun
and it just works so give our office a call or shoot Emily over an email and
RSVP we only have 30 seats left they’ll also be a link at the bottom of this
email set you can click on to make sure that you grab one of those seats thanks
guys and I hope to see you soon bye

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