What Is Freedom For?

If you ask a hundred people what freedom means,
you’re likely to get a hundred different answers. You have to fill in the blanks—and that’s
really the beauty of it. We all have the freedom to do what we believe
is best for our family, and what’s best for our children. As a military spouse and parent of nine children,
having that flexibility—to know that I can say, “Okay, how is this child learning,
and what can I change to help her learn better?”—is just incredible. It doesn’t have to be the same as what other
children are doing, or the other families in our homeschool group. I can give each of my children exactly what
they need in order to thrive. The freedom to pursue our own paths
as families and as people can allow us to come together and sort of “compare notes,”
to really learn from each other. On a regular basis, my children and I are
interacting with people who are different from us in terms of how we think and live—whether
it’s in our neighborhood, volunteering in the community, or at youth group. And from these experiences, I think we can
all walk away as better learners and better people. I think freedom matters not only because of
what it is, but also because of what we can do with it. The freedom we have in homeschooling allows
us to give our children some truly amazing experiences. So for my family, it’s really been life-changing.

7 thoughts on “What Is Freedom For?

  • For next year, do not forget to include in your video families that homeschool while living on the road or RV due to financial constraints. LOTS OF THEM!
    Beautiful video & inspiring to those not homeschooling. Thank You!!!

  • Freedom…? I can play Skillet's "Feel Invincible" really loud and dance like a mad person in the middle of school with my kids if I want to LOL! I LOVE homeschool!! Yeah ok, some hours I hate it… Math… need I say more? The oldest loves it, the youngest hates it and I wish I were good at making it fun >shrug< But mostly Awesome! Fun-School helps and the Good and the Beautiful science and history units. I must thank them for their amazing programs which make my life so much richer. Also google. I hate to admit it but… Thanks Google for knowing more then I do about what porcupines eat, what ASL sign means "play it by ear", and how to do medium level Chemistry! Youtube is awesome as well for showing me how to not blow myself up while teaching that very Chemistry 😀 What I Love about Freedom, I can teach what I like and I am even free to have the resources to do so! Freedom of information!!

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