What is Freedom? – Philosophy Group Activity

What is freedom to you? Having rights in your surroundings? Having freedom from oppression? Some of you would think, Freedom is having money. The freedom to have things what they want and the Freedom to do anything they want… The ability to go where ever you want and take your wishes to become reality… Have you ever met anyone having all these traits? Are they free? Have you ever considered the life of a celebrity? Do they seem free to you? Or people in the first-world, do they seem free? If you asked them freedom, What do you think they will say? Are they stress free? Are they free from addiction? Are they free to be who they wanna be? ARE YOU FREE? ♪Playing “Say by John Mayer”♪Freedom of Choice These level of behavior, moreover, not just feelings… They are inconvertible evidence of questioning, self-reflection, distance, and awareness of good-precisely as conditional. If this action did not exist. I could not be doing what I am right now… Freedom is doing what you want without being controlled or manipulated… But, True Freedom is “doing GOOD” It means being free to do good things to others…

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