What is Social Learning?

so three things going to cover what is social learning quick look at it in action and how it integrates into learning development strategy the first thing to find is social learning because most people have a different perspective so easy way to explain it it's what we use in a personal level all the time if you know how to wire a plug or you've forgotten where the blue and the brown wire coat then you go to youtube and he says watch the two minute video that being played if I got first-degree burn in my hand do I rush a hospital or do I put it onto the Google do a quick service and then up or what going to panic or not if I've got new idea I want to see what people think about the idea whether it's stupid or girls love the idea I'll put it to LinkedIn so I guess the purpose of this is actually saying we use social learning in our personal lives on a daily basis it's there and as using it's not a new concept at the moment it hasn't really transferred across over to the corporate world and that's a part that's really really interesting for us but before we may be going to actually define personal learning there's I've taken the top two minutes of the videos from from this that's why you know what I'm excited about or what I think is underreported is the significance of the rise of online video this is the technology that's going to allow the rest of the world's talents to be shared digitally thereby launching a whole new cycle of crowd accelerated innovation the first few years of the web were pretty much video free for this reason video files are huge the web couldn't handle them but in the last 10 years bandwidth has exploded a hundredfold suddenly here we are Humanity watches 80 million hours of YouTube every day Cisco actually estimates that within four years more than 90% of the web's data will be video reading and writing are actually relatively recent inventions face-to-face communication has been fine-tuned by millions of years of evolution that's what's made it into this mysterious powerful thing it is someone speaks there's resonance in all these receding brains the whole group acts together I mean this is the connective tissue of the human super organism in action it's probably driven our culture for millennia five hundred years ago it ran into a competitor with a lethal advantage it's right here print scaled the world's ambitious innovators and influencers now could get their ideas to spread far and wide and so you know the art of the spoken word pretty much withered on the vine but now in the blink of an eye the game has changed again it's not too much to say that what Gutenberg did for writing online video can now do for face-to-face communication so that primal medium which your brain is exquisitely wide for that just went global now this is big and so as we've thought about this you know it's become clear to us what the next stage of Ted's evolution has to be TED talks can't be a or one-way process one too many our future is many too many now is it possible to imagine a similar process to this happening to global education overall I mean does it have to be this painful top-down process why not a self fuelling cycle in which we all can participate it's the participation age right so I think that gets across a couple of key concepts 90% of traffic is going to be video based so for social learning and these technologies videos going to be right at the heart of it in fact all the great TED presentations like the ones shown have progressed from touching around 2,000 people a year at different exhibitions to a global audience of over 300 million simply by publishing edited versions of the presentations online imagine using this technique to share all the best ideas expertise and training inside your own organization you

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