What is social science? Part 1

social science means understanding our own society and of course understanding societies around the world and it's really worthwhile it's very important alongside the physical sciences understand how humans behave and interact we know that we need to think about how people improve their lives how they can improve their health their well-being their economic situation but we need to understand a bit more of the dynamics of how that happens while social science to me is the sort of research that actually integrates everything from hard science at one end to the individuals life at the other so it's the individual the individuals mind the community the communities will and moving all the way even to brain science and so on and I think people tend to think of social science as being sociology but it's so much more than that if anything is going to progress successfully whether it's science or engineering or medicine at the end of the day it's going to involve humans and what we need to understand how they can be influenced by and benefit from new developments that have made in other sectors in society in involves looking at people why they don't progress why they're in deprived areas and left out of society and the reasons for those so there's a strong link as far as I'm concerned between social science and the other sciences I'd say social science is the explanation of outcomes and developments in the social world be that in the economics or politics whatever sphere you're interested in I think also social science is the development of theoretical knowledge understanding about how the social world works I've been together whoo-hoo

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