What is socialism

guten card comrades today I'm gonna go over what is socialism well what is socialism socialism is the means to liberate the proletariat from exploitation of man by man the worker ownership of the means of production some character ik's some characteristics of a social system are planned economy pay based off quality and quantity of work then this Anthon assess it ease of life are either free or very cheap for example health care and food who develops socialism and why socialism was developed by utopian socialism made scientific by Marx and Engels through the use of dialectical materialism this theory came about as a reaction to the horrible conditions of capitalism at the time at the turn of the century how would socialism work socialism will work through a plant economy run by the worker for example let's say there's a factory which produces steel the workers would organize through Democratic means on who should be the managers of the factory they will also decide how much still would be produced and to whom and where based off communication with other workers and other factories and local communities communication and democracy the only way for this type of economy to work is with the mosque democracy as workers and peasants will need to communicate with each other in order to get what they need from each other which takes priority and coordination socialism acknowledges class struggle as a driver of history and politics class struggle is on different classes in society class being based off who owns the means of production and who doesn't have different interests from each other and those interests make them come into conflict such as the workers wanting higher wages and a capitalist wanting to cut wages to increase profit this in turn can influence policy and so on lastly the dictatorship of the proletariat and what that means the dictatorship of the ball the Marxist term dictatorship means class role in a feud of feudal society it would be a dictatorship of a monarchy in a capitalist society it would be a dictatorship of the brute Razi all in a socialist society it would be the dictatorship of the proletariat the workers the workers would run the state as if they would under state hopefully this helped you get an understanding of what socialism is and in my next video I'll be going over what capitalism is and why it needs to go

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