'What is socialism?' in 100 seconds

socialism to me is freedom a democratic economy it's social justice Liberty cancel so well debt a system run by the people for the people freedom I'm sorry indeed towards human need living in a world where there's no racism and intimations sustainability justice a non alienated form of labour it's got a purpose in life at no war solidarity occupy your workplace emancipation collective ownership problem in slow motion no alienation freedom to be able to be a creative individual have a sustainable planet equality between genders races liberty no sexism homophobia harmony solidarity liberation mobilization agency revolution is the next step placement you can make friends throwing off individuality and becoming a collective and you meet the best people in the world unity human liberation queen liberation workers control not having to spend eight hours a day five days a week selling my soul freedom and allow us to actually have a say in the things which are happening around us a filmin of human potential democracy love freedom balance between humanity and nature relating to each other as people not commodities humanity reaching its full potential the oppressed people of the world taking their place creative capacity beings education for liberation environmental sustainability will have a future true beauty humanity equality equality quality equality equality a beautiful utopia that we deserve

48 thoughts on “'What is socialism?' in 100 seconds

  • Too many politically correct hipster douchbags with absolutely no sense of actually having to actually earn a living, just standing there demanding an easy ride with their hands out.

  • Love this video, ive been looking for a definition of socialism and this is the first to say anything like what I understand it to be. Awesome!

  • Im satisfied that young people are conscius that capitalism doesnt work, there can be no freedom within a capitalist system. Socialism is in our best interest, not communism people, learn the differences between the two system, and the USSR was not communist.

  • What is socialism? This video really great. Ir represents what WORD means to random people, what they think it is. Those people probably don't have any political science knowledge nor read Adam Smith 😀 this is great example how it is easy to trick people to get different associations without meaning…

  • "Democratic economy"

    So basically, give us free shit or we beat you up. Welcome to the real world, neckbeards, where you need to earn your keep else be tossed out your ass.

  • Socialism doesn't even work in theory, let alone in practice. To anyone who thinks the ideas of socialism might work, please learn economics (or history).

  • Fuck socialism.
    Work for what you want, and when you earn it, share it with whoever you choose.
    This is a bunch of hipster uni kids who think the "magic" of socialism will provide everything they ever wanted on a silver platter, with no work or effort on their part.

    Anarcho-capitalism FTW.

  • Horrible vague, abstract, and utopian.  Come to my channel if you want a precise explanation of socialism.

  • Socialism/Marxism/Communism – collective ownership/abolition of private property. The name changes but the meaning does not. There is nothing democratic about collective ownership.

  • The best system in my opinion would be to combine capitalism and socialism, they both have their up and downs like capitalism being corporations like you tube and kick starter but then again there's also Wall Street and Fox News, socialism brings the rights of workers and their right of a fair share of the pie but can get carried away like the UK in the 60s but more in the 80's. the best system is a compromise and decide how we regulate and consider in all factors but education is no. 1.

  • This is a great point. Income mobility has gotten harder. All three examples you provided are linked with the "red thread of government" as Murray Rothbard put it. The rising cost of college is closely linked to government, HealthCare costs are linked to government, and tax money obviously. Without the state hampering individuals ability to increase their livelihood, there would be a tremendous growth in living standards for the poor.

  • "When everyone earns the same regardless of profession…"
    If you're referring to "… to each according to need," that's not socialism, it was Marx's ideal for the final stage of communism, after money, social classes and the state had all been abolished. Communism is great on paper but (much like American "libertarianism" or AnCap) is impossible in reality. The best way I've heard that expressed is "Great idea. Wrong species." Socialism is simply collective ownership, in a variety of forms.

  • Politicians get paid millions and for what? Working maybe a maximum of 3 or 4 months? Congress can vote on their OWN wage increase, can we do that? Hell no.

  • The point is, not all of us are born into wealthy families, so it's kinda hard to become a contributing member of Society when we start sooo low. Wealthy can avoid debt, poor people cannot. Debt is a ball and chain that keeps a majority of us held , especially us young folk. Examples: College, Health care, Tax money used for crazy wars etc. How can supply and demand prosper if the cost of living topples the wages?

  • It seems that there's a confusion between socialism and communism in your post. Learn the difference.

  • Socialism is equality right? It prioritizes the people's demands right? In concept, this is great, the people are gonna be happy…right? Wrong. It will be short term. When everyone earns the same regardless of profession there is no incentive to work harder to earn more because you can't. Then you add things like what the people want isn't what the country needs. Small businesses in Australia makes its economy weak but it's what people want it.
    I'm not German
    Hitler defs didn't like communism.

  • "Haven't read it, but from what I know of it" means you only know what others want you to think it said. Why not read it yourself? I'm sure you could find it at a library, and it's not like he'd get royalties if you bought it. Aside from that, that sounds like Hitler didn't know what communism was, if he was advocating it, since he was ALL about having a powerful government, with a ruling class. Communism advocates a classless, stateless and moneyless social order.

  • The way I see it, socialism fulfills the needs of the people, which is good, no doubt about it. Problem is a lot of the time it's what the country needs not the people. For example, an Australian Prime Minister had, in essence, 1 term. Simply because he wanted to expand Australia's economy through promoting large corporations, but Australia is a country that runs on small business and people didn't like that. They kicked him out and look at where Australia is now.

  • That is a silly remark. Where do you base your claims? Soviet Union? Stalin? None of the things we are taught to be socialist or communist in history classes were never neither.

  • Adolf Hitler wrote a novel explaining how socialism will lead to communism. Haven't read it, but from what I know of it, he has a pretty darn good point.

  • Actually, socialism is working pretty well for New Belgium Brewing, King Arthur Flour, Bi-Mart, Publix, the co-ops in the Mondragon Corporation and many, many other collectively-owned companies around the world. Look up "workers cooperative" sometime for successful examples of socialism. It's a fascinating alternative to the exploitative systems that dominate so much of business nowadays.

  • Exactly, socialism isn't bad by any means. In fact, when it comes to a work place I think it's a pretty novel and ingenious idea. It's only when it becomes poisoned by the violence of the state that it becomes truly dangerous to human progress.

  • Also I would like to say that, in my opinion, democracy is way overrated. I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said "Democracy is like 2 wolves and a sheep taking a vote over what they are going to have for dinner." Now that's not to say that I prefer totalitarian oppression or corporate ownership of human beings that turns us into tax cows or wage slaves; quite the opposite. I support a system that gives people the most choice over their lives without the constant threat of violence: anrachy

  • Sounds like a lot people want anarcho-socialism…. which is absolutely okay. In fact, it'd be much better than the system we have right now. And this is coming from a free market capitalist.

  • Socialism is collective ownership of the means of production and doesn't have to involve the state at all. There are many successful businesses around he world that are organized as worker-owned collective enterprises. If you're in the US and you've ever drank a Full Sail or Fat Tire beer, eaten anything made with King Arthur Flour or Bob's Red Mill products, or shopped at Publix, WinCo or Bi-Mart, you've done business with a form of socialism.

  • you have no idea how many people capitalism has killed or oppressed in the past centuries. Slavery was a cause of capitalism, because people are just money thirsty and dont care about the fellow human being. if it wasnt for capitalism, the us wouldnt be in iraq or afghanistan right now. socialism is the way to go becuase it is about the working class and the workers. workers unite. and no i am not communist

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