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socialism is a political and economic ideology in which the means and tools of production as well as wealth and industry are shared equally among the peoples and society the official word for this is called common ownership socialism has developed after the fairly ancient idea of sharing in which everyone is treated equally and nobody gets more than anyone else socialists want to destroy the class system and redistribute wealth from the richest in society usually via general taxation so that the poorest in society are given more and everyone can have the same amount of money whereas socialism is fairly mainstream and searches for these sociological reforms through debate and political reforms its counterpart communism begs for a more sudden and revolutionary way of changing the whole of society socialism was initially theorized as communism by the German economist and Karl Marx whose simplified society as being run by the overly Richard Burgi who oppress the weak and less powerful below plot area tabs Marx theorized that the proles must overthrow the burgeois z in order to gain freedom and then they must rule all forms of government supposedly creating a more equal society socialism tomans this down in a way it doesn't call forever for a revolution and instead wants a redistribution of wealth and more equality as well as large industries such as energy and forms of transport to be taken into government hands on nationalists opponents of it frame socialists as trying to create a lazy society and wanting to be anti business they are also shown to be against competition and possibly individuality as well as to be bad economically so socialism pretty much strives for a more equal society in which everyone is treated the same and composition is fairly low if you found this video interesting or educational in any way then please click the button here to subscribe as well as to like share in the comments thanks for watching

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  • You’re talking about Marxism, not base Socialism.

    Redistribution of wealth is Communism.

    Socialism is sharing, yes, but it’s not necessarily equal. The people own the means of production, but that doesn’t mean that some production isn’t more productive than others. For example; Walmart’s net profits for the owners pay, instead of being given in a huge, multi-billion dollar concentration to a couple people, that money would be given to the millions of workers, which they could then spend or invest or bank, and it would grow the economy instead of not as much.

  • Bluewater 454: thank you! I was going to add to her video, what she didn't say, was socialism doesn't work; it means you don't get to feel like you ever achieved a damn thing. She did mention at least twice, that socialism strives to make everyone equal. To keep them equal. Basically, it means to take from the rich and give to the poor. Until everyone is equally poor. (Yes! Take other peoples money and give it to you. I can do that myself, it's called stealing). I feel like, how about if the poor get off their asses, WORK HARD, and try to become rich? This is a pretty good country to be able to do that in.

  • Equality and individuality are not mutually exclusive. Equality is about rights and privileges. Individuality is about character traits.

  • Everyone confuses A Democracy with capitalism. When your continually lied to from the banking/debt shell game system then your never going to share your democracy with others. A Democracy creates a bill of rights for all its citizens. If you exist here you are entitled to be treated the same as everybody else. But when corps, banking, try to influence what should be on that Bill of rights then we have a conflict of interest. Govt should provide the authority to protect its citizens and its bill of rights. When they too are influenced by banks and corps then pay to make laws to make more money for them then there is a conflict of interest. So only a few get to pay off a few to make more to hurt the public citizen. Like healthcare. No one should receive different care based on their wallet or status. If you were rich and were told to wait behind the kid who has the same affliction as you, do you fight to get in front of that kid because you have more status that that kid? If you say yes then your not human. If you say yes your a martyr. If you say why can't there be more doctors then your a realist. If you say I don't want someone who was at the bottom of the class but passed then you do not know how tests and organizations and qualifications should operate. Because of a capitalist system that want s to make as much money as possible it will go where the most money is. So it will find ways to cut qualifications, procedures and services to be as efficient as possible even if it means it can turn down or charge for services one can't afford. Taking care of the 1% is not in the economic benefit of the health system. So they usually go elsewhere to countries like Sweden or Canada where the care is better. But since they don't want the hoards of the middle class who can afford to go there they tell lies about their health systems mainly for themselves and to keep you buying the cheap services they make profit from. So that is why capitalism does not work for healthcare. So if democracy doesn't protect you then what is it doing? It sells you a bunch of bull that it will be good for all but actually only good for their own pocketbooks and careers and the ones who promise them those jobs and money. The great stepping stone of democracy is to become a politician to then work in the Corp world at minimum effort. That is what greed does and that is what is happening. So don't confuse capitalism with freedom or socialism. It is democracy that is at stake and it needs to be cleaned up. Hillary took the Corp bait finally so is corrupted. Yet Trump is the worst example of greed and corruption who just wants power. And only learned what he did through his dad and hos accountants. A little boy playing the system as big as he can but is actually a complete failure denied by his ego and things.

  • That's stupid. What if someone who is rich worked hard for their money. Why should they have to share its theirs. What about the people on welfare. What if they aren't working and they're taking hardworking taxpayer dollars. I get some people walk deserve help but the vast majority of people don't. Capitalism works because it is based on an individual's decisions. Socialism is not based on equality. It is prioritizing lazy people who don't contribute to society over people who work hard.

  • So if socialism strives for a more equal society, then why isn't it more popular? Where can we see socialism today?

  • How does the government taking money from rich make poor more well off? They're not giving it to them you know that right? Socialism: something immoral multiplied by infinity=moral

  • It would have been more useful if you had described the difference between true socialism and democratic socialist policies.

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