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hey guys it’s 7 Howard back again with
another video and today we’re talking about how you can make your credit card
earn you more money so I’m talking about cash back rewards so obviously there are
a lot of cards out there that will give you cash back for different types of
purchases so you want to make sure that you’re finding the best one for you one
that reflects your shopping habits and will help you earn back the most in the
end so I’m going to talk about the different perks that you can get from
some credit cards so that you can make the best decision when you’re signing up
for your new card alright let’s get into it the first card I’m talking about is
the chase freedom unlimited card so I love this card because it offers 1.5%
cash back on every single purchase no ifs ands or buts
the initial offer also gives you a $150 bonus when you spend five hundred
dollars in the first three months which is pretty easy to do if you’re putting
most of your purchases on that card I also really like this card because
there’s no annual fee so you don’t have to pay to use it some other perks of
this card include no minimums necessary to redeem your rewards also they have 0%
APR for the first 15 months so this card is very simple you know you can just
make purchases wherever you want and you’ll always get that 1.5% cash back so
if you’re the type of person who doesn’t necessarily have any go to grocery
stores or go to gas station you’ll really benefit from this credit from
this card because you’ll be able to still earn that cash back no matter what
another great card is the discover it cashback match card the basis of this
card is it offers 1% cash back on all purchases so obviously that doesn’t
sound as good as that chase card we just talked about but what I love about this
card is the fact that they have quarterly bonuses that you can earn that
you’ll that will give you 5% cash back so you can earn that 5% cash back
depending on which quarter you’re in when you get gas when you shop fund
is on when you go to the wholesale market like Costco so this is a cool
card because you have an opportunity to earn a lot more cash back but that’s for
a limited amount of time so I’ll admit keeping track of which corner you’re in
and which deals you can get can be a little bit daunting it definitely takes
more time than your average card but if you’re willing to put in that effort
getting 5% cash back on some big purchases that you make is going to be
really helpful this card also has a really great intro offer they’ll match
your cash back every time for the whole first year that you have the card so
you’ll be earning double cash back this card also has no annual fees 0% APR for
the first 14 months and your rewards can be redeemed at any time any amount so
you don’t have to worry about meeting any sort of minimum alright now let’s
talk about this saver from capital one card this card is for all the foodies
out there so this card is for the person who loves to go out to e who does a lot
of grocery shopping who likes to be the one to try the new restaurants first
because their cash back is all around food and dining out you get 3% cashback
every time you dine out at a restaurant you get 2% cash back on all the
groceries that you shop for and then you get 1% cash back on every other purchase
so the whole idea behind this card is of the more you eat the more you earn and I
like that motto so this card also has an intro offer when you spend five hundred
dollars in the first three months you get $150 back so that’s pretty cool it
also has no annual fees 0% APR on transfers and balances for the first
nine months and your rewards never expire so you don’t have to worry about
spending them soon because you’ll always have them so these are the best cash
back rewards cards out there if you have another one that you like let me know
what it is down there in the comments but I think if you’re going out and
looking for a new card that will help you earn money while you buy things and
shop then you want to make sure that you review your spending hat
so that you can get the card that matches your shopping you know where you
like to shop the best so if you’re the type of person who likes to go out to
eat a lot you wanted to look into that saver by Capital One card or if you just
kind of shop all over the place then the chase card is definitely for you
all right everybody well I hope you found this video helpful I’ll be back
here soon with another video on how you can earn money save money and all of
that if you guys have any questions or comments make sure you leave them right
down there below hit subscribe everyone and I’ll see you next time
right here bye guys

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