What is the ‘Character Test’?

The Character test applies to you as the Visa Applicant. Potentially it may also apply to your members of your family unit who are 16 years old or older. The application processes for overseas police clearances are different for each country. So naturally the types of information that you need to give to the different countries’ authorities vary for different countries. For example, sometimes you may need to provide information such as residential address history in the last 10 years and a couple of other
personal information. So GET ORGANISED! For proving your history of good character in Australia, the Australian Federal Police check is the only police
check that is acceptable to the Department of Home Affairs. For other countries, the
national police checks should be the way to go. You need to check with
the relevant country’s law enforcement authority on where to get your overseas police clearance done. Some countries even
let you do these checks online without the hassle
of you flying there. So a good place to start is the Department of Home Affairs’ website where they’ve provided guidance on each country’s police check. So head over to the link in the description box below to find out more. If something shows up
on your police check, it may very well affect the Department of Home Affairs’ assessment on whether you do satisfy
the Character test. If you have questions or think this may apply to you, then it’s a good idea to seek advice from a registered migration agent. It’s never too early or late to get good advice.

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