What Is The Difference Between Financial Freedom And Financial Confidence

Do you know the difference between financial confidence
versus financial freedom? You see I used to believe in this; That financial freedom is what I wanted. Right? Cause I have read so
many books that talk about “Oh you want to be financially free?” Hey do you want to be financially free? Then do all these things. Now the definition of financial freedom might change. Sometimes
some people might say that always when your
passive income exceeds your personal expense.
Then you no longer have to work for money, then you are free. Or you have a portfolio of investments or a large sum of money then you are financially free. Now today I am gonna go deep. Let me debunk that for you, this is what I have learned the hard way. This is coming from experience, speaking from experience to you right now. Here is what I believe in; first of all lets look at the
two words: Financial, Freedom. Lets just look at the word freedom first. Comment below “how do you
define freedom for you”? Some people may say that
well, freedom of speech, that I can say whatever I want. Well do you have that right now? Some people might say that
its freedom of mobility. That I can co wherever I want. Do you have that right now? You see if you are in North America or you are in most of the
countries in the world. unless you are in some other countries. Chances are you have quite a
bit of freedom in your life. You are kind of already free. You see what I am talking about? But yeah most people they set this goal and say that “hey I need to
make a certain amount of money. I need a certain amount
of money coming in. Then I will be free. That’s not what I am talking about because when you talk to most people. When and if I sit down with
them I sit down with you and I ask them go ahead define
financial freedom for me. Chances are they will say something along these lines; “where you can do whatever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want
for as long as you want. Without having to worry about money.” Chances are that’s what they will say. That’s what I used to believe, but here is also what I have learned. Just because you are free today it doesn’t mean you are free tomorrow. Now if you have made
any kind of investments That are producing income for you you know exactly what I am talking about. When the investments are
doing well you feel like you are the king or queen of the world. Things are going so well, you feel good, you got money coming in,
the money is rolling in. You are doing good you are free. But suddenly when your
investments don’t do well or your businesses don’t do well; Suddenly you are less free. So here is what I have learned, just because you are free today it does not mean you are free tomorrow. So back then when I had multiple of these like mini sites on the internet. I was selling digital products. I was running it on google adwords. I had money coming in so fast and I was thinking to myself,
“Oh wow this is so good I’ve got money coming in. I am free!” I have way more passive income coming in then my expense, good. Until, guess what? Changes in google, algorithm changes. Now suddenly my add cost skyrockets. Before it was profitable, now every sale that I make, every digital product is now losing money. I was free here… and then suddenly now I am less free. Because any changes within my business and changes are happening
faster then ever, in our human history
because of technology. So you see, do you see
how financial freedom it is an illusion? It doesn’t exist. So you are striving for
something that doesn’t exist. So what you have to realize is, number one you are already free. You can go wherever you want. You can drive, you can take a plain, you can do whatever you want, you can say whatever you want. A lot of people say stupid
shit on the internet. Yes, you have the freedom
you are already free. Unless you are in prison
or something like that. But you are technically free you don’t need to strive for it. I believe, a better way to look at this is not “do whatever you
want however you want.” It’s not having to do something when you don’t want to do it. When you get to a point where you know what I am not going to do that; I am not gonna be there,
I am not gonna meet with this person, I’m not
gonna take on that project. That is a much, much
more powerful concept. I talk about that in my
book F.U Money, right? Where you can click here and download it for
free. I talk about that. So you may be thinking “well Danny if I’m not aiming for financial freedom. Like what a lot of these
financial books talk about or business books talk about.
What should I aim for?” Instead of aiming for financial freedom here is what I think you should aim for. Financial confidence,
now financial confidence is a completely different concept. Because it has nothing to do with what happens externally. It has to do with you internally what’s going on within you. Meaning that you have the confidence. You how have the confidence that that you can make money regardless of what happens to your business. Regardless of what happens
to your investments. Regardless of what happens in the economy. You are not waiting, you are not hoping a investment will provide for you. Or a business will provide for you. You are not-If they do
awesome but knowing that you have the confidence if knock on wood; You lose everything tomorrow. You have the confidence
that you can make it back, you can bounce back. In
fact you believe that it took you first time
maybe this much time maybe ten years to attain
this level of success. Second time around you can do it in a much shorter period of time. You see that’s financial confidence. When you are financially confident that’s true freedom. Because you know I could go anywhere, I
could go into any city, as long as it is a capitalist society. I could make it. I could
go into any industry. I could make it, because
you have the skills. You have the confidence, you
know what you are capable of. See that’s what gives you piece of mind. That you could go anywhere
and make it happen. That you are able to produce results, deliver value in the marketplace. That’s what I am talking
about that’s true freedom. Not the freedom, not the freedom that most people talk about which is illusion. Financial confidence is
what gives you the freedom. On April 24th I’m doing
a special online event. Called Unlock the Wealth Triangle. Click the link and join
me and get a ticket. You can participate from the comfort of your own home. Join us, we have students joining us from all over the world. Get your ticket and I’ll go much more in depth about exactly
what you need to do. To develop the unshakable, financial confidence that
you need in order to be free. So go ahead click the link and I’ll see you in class.

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  • The skills you have of value to others give you the financial confidence to make money anywhere at any time.
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  • You are already Free… that's key….
    Not having to do what you don't want to do
    Aim for financial confidence. Build your skill set…

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  • Financial freedom is a available to those who learn about it and work for it. Financial confidence is the feeling of knowing that you can handle all financial challenges. But for more. one should not stop working hard until they forget that it's payday haha! 😀 Hi guys! It's me again. You might have seen me before but my desire to inspire more people is what keeps me pushing to reach out more. We own a cookie shop business in our college town. When we first started it, we just graduated college and were living in our car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I started it out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (a second one currently under construction but launching soon!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams.

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