What is the difference between freedom and lack of self discipline? | Thich Nhat Hanh

(Bell) (FRENCH)
Why do I feel so free? Sometimes I wonder if
I am not lacking all discipline. I would like to know how
to tell the difference between the moments where I really
listen to myself and respect myself and the moments
where I let myself go. I often feel that I have a lot of freedom. But sometimes I wonder
if I am lacking self discipline. So how can I know the difference between listening to myself and respecting myself versus just letting myself do anything
I like without any kind of boundaries? How can I find a balance between
freedom and self respect and also appropriate action? There are many of us that have
the same kind of experiences. Sometimes we are doing very well, we practice the five mindfulness
trainings perfectly, sometimes not so perfectly. I think we should not
think of the practice too much in terms of discipline. Because the practice
can be pleasant and joyful. We do not have to
force ourselves to practice. It is like walking meditation. You don’t have to force yourself
to walk slowly, to make efforts. Because the practice of walking meditation
can be very pleasant. And every step can bring you joy, pleasure, peace touching life deeply. And if we practice like that… if we keep practicing like that
it becomes a habit. And we want to practice. We do not want to impose
the practice on ourselves. Whether Thay is alone or
Thay is with a group of people he walks very much the same way. Because it gives him pleasure And he is … He is profiting… …profiting from the… … from the hours, the minutes, the days
that are given to him to live. He does not want to waste,
‘gaspiller’, any moment. He wants to live
each moment of his life deeply. And these moments can be
both nourishing and healing not only for him but for his disciples,
for his friends and for his society. So you don’t have to impose
the practice on yourself. It becomes a habit
rather than a discipline. And the second thing
is that you need a Sangha. Because with a Sangha,
with a practice Sangha we are reminded to go back to
our practice in case we forget to enjoy. Because the practice
is also the enjoyment. Very often conditions
of happiness are there but we are not there. We do not know how to recognise them
and make good use of them to be happy right here and right now. We are seeking pleasure
and happiness in the future. That is a waste. So in that case, if there is a brother,
a sister around you who practices well you are reminded to go back and seek pleasure, happiness and freedom
right there and right then. And that is the practice of
taking refuge in the Sangha. Everyone of us, in order to maintain
our practice, to support our practice, should try to set up a group
of practitioners in our area, so that we can take refuge. We can profit from the group energy in order to advance on
our path of practice. (FRENCH)
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