What is Tornado Tower?

“Tornado Tower” is a virtual-reality
third-person platformer game created by the team “Dizzy Slugs”. Our platform for
the game is the oculus rift with the oculus touch controllers. Using the
oculus touch controllers, players experience the natural ability to play
two characters at once: the Adventurer and the Wind Spirit. Using 360 level
design, players are encouraged to look around the circular design to make their
own route to complete the level unlike in traditional side-scroller games. The
main goal of the game is for the Adventurer and the Wind Spirit to escape the
Tornado Tower but they both need each other to succeed. The Adventurer can destroy
enemies and collect keys while the Wind Spirit helps with the Adventurer’s movements
and completing puzzles that require wind power. One of the best VR experiences for
the game is the oculus touch controllers themselves. Players are able to control
full movement of the Wind Spirit just by the movement of their right hand. It
feels natural and makes sense for the player to move the Wind Spirit as freely
as they can or want. What helped develop this freedom was the emergence of the
“wind mechanic”. Most players can pick up the “wind mechanic” quickly and nicely by making
vertical and horizontal wind segments in front of them to move around but some players
don’t mind exploring, especially when testing out the wind mechanic’s abilities.
The wind spirit is the embodiment of these mechanics and further
encourages to explore the abilities of the wind by testing it on objects such
as the boomerang. Though the Adventurer can easily destroy enemies, sometimes he
needs help getting hard-to-reach places. By angling the wind segment and throwing
the boomerang in it, the boomerang can move in any direction to destroy a
hard-to-reach enemy. This comes in handy in harder levels. Overall, Tornado Tower
strives to be a fun but refreshing experience to both VR players and
traditional platformer players. By taking on the challenge as a third
person game in succeeding, Tornado Tower proves that this type of game can be and
should be in VR.

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