What kind of FREEDOM do I feel in Mexico?

[Music] well hello to Mexico friends this is Paul an English guy showing Mexico through my eyes and today I’m going to be talking about how I feel about my personal freedom in Mexico now to be clear I’m not talking about human rights and all of that kind of stuff no today’s video I’m going to talk about those things in daily life that influences the feelings of freedom for example that could be cultural norms regulations and rules whether things like that and I’m sure many of you watching do travel and also feel that your freedom is influenced depending on where you are in the world and first let’s look at something that makes me feel really free in Mexico and I will use a comparison to my home country the UK now the UK is a country with so many rules and regulations in fact people call it one of the nanny state capitals of the world because the government is said to be overprotective and interfering with the personal choices people make now Mexico well of course like the UK and all countries around the world rules and regulations exist and with some things here in Mexico the government is actually super strict check out the size of the suspension of activities sign behind me here and if you don’t know these naming and shaming signs are a big thing in Mexico however that aside what seems to be clear in Mexico is that although there are rules and regulations some rules are more flexible than others shall we say and Mexico generally is in a nanny state at least that’s how it feels to me and I think the best example in terms of my life here is Street food now I’m sure there are regulations around stopping people selling food in the streets but if there is they’re not exactly strongly enforced anyone can get out and sell some tacos after some purpose you name it a local government more or less leaves them alone in the UK this is absolutely impossible to do now in this video I’m not going to talk about the economic reasons why street sellers are allowed to fill the streets with food stamps that’s a part of the informal economy politics and economics aside in a purely walking down the street I am hungry kind of way I love it that I have to freedom to decide if those Street mangos look juicy enough for my taste [Music] next I want to talk about something that doesn’t make me feel free in Mexico drinking in public I’ve got my lay on beer here and I absolutely love this beer but let’s say I was in the park with some friends and a warm Saturday afternoon eating some tacos al pastor we wouldn’t be allowed to drink this lovely beer in this beautiful park because it’s against the law and I know guys some of you will be thinking come on Paul we don’t all follow those kind of rules here and yes you are right public drinking does happen in Mexico and police often turn a blind eye to it especially in tourist areas and definitely on the beach but still you don’t have complete freedom and complete peace of mind to drink alcohol in public in Mexico and I’m making this video at the beginning of spring when the beautiful Jacaranda flowers bloom turning many streets of Mexico City purple and it kind of reminds me of the cherry blossom season in Japan and as some of you may know I actually used to live in Japan where public drinking is 100% legal streets parks wherever you can drink and during this spring season in Japan it’s totally normal to go to a park with your buddies to eat tasty food and drink beer and sake under the cherry blossom safe in the knowledge you aren’t breaking the law and in fact taking part in an important cultural event and you know sometimes you and your friends don’t want to be in some trendy bar or even at the house you want to be in a park in gorgeous Mexican weather with complete freedom to drink as you please so for me in Mexico I do feel less free because of that [Music] now what else makes me feel freedom in Mexico well convenient is a big thing for me and one of the many reasons why I love Mexico is just how convenient it is and I think the best example is shopping at least in the biggest cities many shops are open 24 hours a day seven days a week and you pretty much can get everything you need and as many of you know awk so behind me here is a Mexican chain of convenience stores and no matter where you are they pretty much never close even if you live in the middle of nowhere at least there will be that beacon of red and yellow light in the distance and they are just absolutely everywhere that many Mexicans make jokes about it and you know many countries do have 24-hour shops and services but all I’m saying is that Mexico is one of those countries where there is a culture where even at night services are still there for you for example in the large cities they even have walk-in dentist open 24 hours just on the street and it is a kind of freedom to have this kind of choice and in this video I also need to give the son a mention we all know Mexico has one of the best climates in the world and in my opinion sunny days makes humans feel free and alive purely on a mental level and practically speaking sunny days also gives us way more fun choices in how to spend our time [Music] okay guys enough of me talking now it’s your turn and let me know down in the comments below your own experiences with freedom when you’ve traveled to other countries and if you did enjoy this video please do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends this really does help me and the channel and if this is your first time watching true Mexico please do subscribe the great have you in the true Mexico community join Paul this is true Mexico after the a go

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  • hey Paul great vídeo im from Aguascalientes and during the "feria de san marcos" we can drink in public with bottles and beer until dawn 😀 we have Bull fights and everyone enjoys the atmosphere. it's all about the fun

  • When I went back to Mexico City to visit family, nothing speaks "convenience" than being able to phone the local convenience store for some booze, medicine, and food DELIVERED to you. This also took less than 10 minutes for the kid in the tricycle to show up at your door with what you needed.

    Also, restaurant posts and food stands in residential neighborhoods. Things you don't see or will see in the U.S.

  • About drinking in the street, you can do it very discretely but there is a better way. You can always be invited or invite yourself to the house of a friend for some beers. Some people have big houses or at least spacious ones with gardens where you can sit and enjoy and evening of chatter. Also you can invite some friends to your place. Or if you have money you can go to a bar or a so called Irish pub like the ones in Britain.

  • Hola! Me gustaría que hicieras un vídeo sobre el albur mexicano! Y que entrevistaras a la reina de el albur LOURDES RUIZ ella trabaja en El Barrio Bravo de tepito!! El albur es algo muy tradicional en México!!

  • La prohibición del consumo de alcohol en público es algo bueno. Algunos sentirán que afecta su libertad pero asegura la integridad física del resto. En el parque cerca de mi casa se reúne la porra antes de cada partido y a veces lanzan cosas contra los autos que pasan. Cuando se van sólo quedan las botellas de cerveza tiradas y el montón de basura.

  • I'm agree with you about drinking in street should be legal. when I was younger I used to drink outdoors and it was awesome. drinking in parks use to be lovely , nowadays we can't. but we don't care putting the beer in a plastic bottle like manzanita we can solve the problem.

  • Dude you are in the most totalitarian place in Mexico, if you think that's freedom you won't believe how the small towns in rural Mexico are. Government almost doesn't exist

  • Hi Paul, I know you've been living in Mexico for a while now but you may still not be aware of this. the majority of street vendors are regulated & do pay tax (albeit very small-small depending on their costs vs sales). Another thing is that many of the people you see working at these stands are not the owners of the service they provide, they're employees who either earn a daily wage or %age of the daily sale & so ofc the business is registered & the actual owner has to apply for all pertinent permits & pay taxes. there is very little "informal commerce" these days in Mexico, the majority has been brought into the fold of govmnt. regulation (not to say that some doesn't still exist ofc).

  • Yeah, Japanese culture is not the same as the Mexican, you would know, you can't trust Mexicans to behave like good citizens when you allow them to drink in public, too much freedoms with our way of life and the entire coutry would be on flames.

  • animals are free in a jungle and only the strong one will survive. Animals are free. There are no laws except for those that have money and connections. Just do what makes u happy

  • the problem with a lot of mexicans who drink, is that they are "mala copa", they get annoying and rude very quickly, and eventually unbearable to most people, which is why i think it's good for the law to enforce public drinking prohibition. Some will tell you it's because the government is in collusion with bars or some nonsense

  • i recomend hebrybody visit Puerto Escondido Oaxaca or Huatulco Oaxaca, is a great c places. im from Oaxaca. saludos Raza…

  • Public Drinking is also illegal in the U.S. and Canada as well. But in the U.S. it's hilarious that all you have to do is cover the drink in a brown paper bag and it's as if the drink magically disappears from the eye of the law. Public intoxication is also illegal whether or not there is beer present. These laws exist because everyone hates stupid drunks and apart from being obnoxious as hell they are sometimes dangerous. I believe that drinking should be done under license, not everyone can hold their liquor thus not everyone should be allowed to drink.

  • I have been traveling to Mexico for about 50 years, and especially recently I can actually feel the increase in freedom when I am over there. Not sure how else to describe it, but it feels very good!

  • I Like watching the People looking at the Camera when they pass by it, and they have this look like "Con quien esta hablando Este Guero?". lol

  • Retired from the US and have lived in Mexico for 15 years. Every time when I return to the US Cant help but notice the unhappy tension in the air. There seems to be much more personal freedom here in Mexico and people are more happy in general.

  • I am very interested in moving to Mexico and I have been thinking of Mexico City or Guadalajara…how much would a nice descent apartment in a safe area would cost to rent? Love all your videos.

  • i like your videos…its cool to watch your perception of life in Mexico…i am Egyptian living in Mexico 🙂

  • As a Puerto Rican living in the United States (Yes, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. but there is a huge cultural difference). The U.S. is definitely not the land of the free. From censoring emotions to having to work every single day.

    For those who live outside of the U.S. don't believe the hype too much. The U.S. is not a great place to live. From my personal experience, you have to be extremely careful with people because anything you say will tick them off. If you don't like a person or not interested in getting to know them, in the U.S. you are forced to like the person and have to get to know to them or else you will receive endless criticisms. You definitely notice U.S. Americans are sensitive.

    You are not allowed to be openly free with your emotion. If you have a bad day, you better put on a fake smile and say everything is fine.

    Look, I understand money is important to have because it gives you a roof over your head, food, necessities, and some luxury, but damn does everything have to be about money? Speaking about money, relax every now n then. U.S. Americans are truly obsessed with working. I know for certain people they need extra hours to survive but for some, it's an obsession. I work hard and all, but I love my personal freedom too. I have to relax, I have to be with friends and families, and I have to go on a vacation.

    Slave to smartphones and social media. Holy shit, this one guy wanted to how many followers I had on Twitter in order to date me 😕 And the other didn't want to date me because I didn't have a smartphone (and he was Brazilian-American no less). Speaking of being slaves to Social Media, I find it weird how Social Media can determine your employment status now. You either have to censor yourself on your profile or post privately so your employer doesn't know. Look, when I am at your company, I represent you, but once my foot steps out, I no longer represent you, so mind your business of my personal life.

  • hi TM, if you ever get time pass by race track hermanos Rodriguez, I was there last year for formula 1 race, it was fun

  • you can't drink in all places, if police catch you, you can stay 36 hours in jail, so be careful when you come to other states or other Cities.

  • Heyyyyy Paul now you are one more mexicano I am sure you will speak only good thinks of our country yours too that recibe with open arms, bienvenido

  • Public drinking? Come to canada youll see one of the most ridiculous over regulated countries even outdoor patios that serve alcohol have to be fenced otherwise they do not get the permits and to get the darn permit is like to go to the administrative offices of the imss. Daft!

  • It's so sad to hear several Mexicans say other Mexicans don't know how to behave when drinking. All that means is you've been brained washed. If you think non Mexicans can handle it better.. go to Italy, or anywhere you find drunk American tourist and watch them vandalize buildings and urinate in the streets. Yeah real civilized respectable adults, Lol! The truth is alcohol changes all people.

  • I am from Sinaloa State and when coming from Nogales, I notice the relax approach by authorities on public drinking by the Sinaloa police Just as you said they turn a blind eye. The Nogales Son. Police in the other hand 1500 pesos después…..LoL

  • I do agree on the non drinking in public, its not the same to control drinking Mexicans in the streets, plenty indoors also…imagine the crazy public party next they put music call the tacos gay and you have a street party non stop :/

  • In Mexico, you are free to live your life the way you want just don't piss off powerful people and don't try to start a revolution. That type of freedom you can't experience it in a police state like the US and Canada.

  • I spend about half the year in Mexico far far away from the American enclave of San Miguel de Allende. If a family of 4 wants to go to the store on the family motorcycle so be it. If I want to sell in the flea market or set up a taco stand so be it. I hope to make it a permanent home soon. Church Family Friends thats the strength of Mexico.

  • La cuestión de que la cerveza sea ilegal beberla en la vía pública es muy sencilla, pasa que el mexicano es un desmadre a la hora de beber, y se dan muchos problemas por este detalle de diferentes tipos que van de situaciones sencillas hasta las más graves, es por eso que esta prohibido, si fueran como los japoneses por ejemplo que son más tranquilos y educados en su forma de beber Mexico tendría ese crédito por parte de las autoridades, pero nuestro carácter terrible de cómo somos tomando no nos lo permite, somos muy problemáticos y hay un alto riesgo de generar un accidente de tránsito con desenlace fatal, en México hay un alto índice de muertos a consecuencia del alcohol desde siempre.

  • Man i feel really good for u i am Mexican i am tired people think Mexico is a poor dangerous country Thanks for revealing my real mexico

  • @True Mexico loving the videos. Learning so much about Mexico and "unlearning" a number of things that I assumed and took for granted.

  • Paul, in order to keep the mexicana you want, you must work on giving her romance and passion. It may be creepy or desperate in other places but once in an intimate relationship with a mexicana, it is kinda expected. It's the best way to show that you really care, besides being a great guy (porsupuesto). I know I'm off topic and you probably already know this but I wanted to throw it out there in case you or your subscribers didn't. If she is really out of your league, it will still work but it will take a lot longer and you may have to be her friend for a while.

  • It really sucks that we can't drink in public, but also I can understand why, we're not the most responsible of people when it comes to drinking 🙁

  • Esas libertades nos hacen ser un país en el que nunca dejaremos de ser subdesarrollado. Si todos respetaramos las reglas, por que las reglas ahí están, otra cosa mejor sería México. Allí están los del comercio informal, los que venden en la calle, no pagan impuestos, no están en regla, no contribuyen, ni siquiera dan una buena imagen.

  • that´s the mexican way do anithyng you don´t do in your country.. drink in public get wasted on beaches, play soccer in the street, play loteria with la comadre, get drunk in childs party..

  • I know that in Mexico City is different but here in the north of the country at least all the vendors that are on the street selling food are regulated by the government, it is necessary to get a license and as a requirement they put a health card to guarantee that they do not make food and contaminate it with your mushrooms

  • Really enjoy your vids. Great job. I feel like i visit and experience a mini vacation in CDMX …if only for a few minutes.

  • How about dogs? I have 3 large dogs and in the US you are not allowed to take them anywhere- not on the beach, not into restaurants, not to Farmer's Markets, or grocery stores, if you leave your dogs in the car even with the rooftop open and windows half down, you risk they call the police on you, follow you in a fit of self-righteous indignation and call you names – though you take very very good care of your dogs you risk massive harassment!

  • Why you don't show your face?… Are you a outlaw bad hombre? Or you hidden from the Mexican bad hombres?

  • Beber Cerveza en la Calle, Tiene su lado Emocionante, estar toreando a los "Puercos" mientras caminas con la "Caguama y el Toque", platicando con los Cuates.
    es parte del México Mágico….. Obvio no hay que pasarse de Rosca, para que los vecinos — con justa razón — llamen a la policía a levantar borrachos.

    Saludos Paul

  • You can drink alcohol in México city in one place only, my home town, santa catarina yecahuizotl, in alcaldia tlahuac 😉

  • I feel freer in Mexico than in the United States because the government over there doesn’t micromanage their citizens’ life. The Mexican People seem to be happier than Americans because they don’t seem to as stressed as Americans.

  • I believe the main reason drinking alcohol on Mexico City streets is not allowed is because going for some beers tends to be not 2 or 3 but maybe 8 or 10, so with that amount of alcohol people tend to turn off his control switch and begin to do a mayhem anywhere they go. On the other side many paces in the countryside and towns is kind of legal to drink, or at leas police doesn't care.

  • I really like your videos, and the fact you do not show your face, it makes it feel more authentic to me because it feels you do not want to be recognized in the street, so people see you just like another person filming. Good work

  • La razón por la que no es legal tomar cualquier bebida con alcohol es porque la gente es muy irresponsable con el.uso de esta

  • Mexico as do most supposed third world countries in addition to the offical rules and such, have only two that govern their life styles. First and foremost is: DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! The second is: EVERYTHING IS SMALL STUFF!

  • Have you ever noticed how if you put vodka, white mezcal or tequila, gin, or white rum mixed with some clear soft drink (or watered down with… water) in a water bottle looks like you're drinking a plain bottle of water? Almost no one will narc on you unless you're being a jerk, being a pesky little narc when there's no problem is frowned upon.

  • I will tell u why they are not allow to drink 🍺 and the reason is because mexicans will drink to much not only afew 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Some small town in Mexico they allowed drinking on a public street, well at least the local police looked and kept cruising by. Just depends what part you’re in.

  • I’m moving to CDMX with my family in June/July 2019 and your videos have been immensely helpful, Paul. Has helped to remove some of the jitters I’m getting from moving to such a big city.

  • Is not allowed to drink in public is not because of conservaturism, its because of the level of alcoholism in Mexico, wich is very hi. They would never have only one beer, they would get drunk, so you can imagine… It would be a massive mess.

  • The Uk is a satanic, demonic ruled state by a children eating queen and a pedophile elite of psychopaths, so is it any surprise that they want to control everything? none! absolutely no surprise there!!

  • On the other hand the world ruling elite want to control Mexico but I believe they have not been successful because we are protected by Tonantzin! she lives there, so they can't!!!

  • Yo me siento libre en mi país cuando veo que nadie me dice nada por andar en la calle con cosas Otaku! Simpre pienso que la gente me verá raro o algo así pero no! Amo como aquí la libre expresión es tan común y tan fuerte

  • I have been to Mexico 3 times I was in Merida and when I am there I always feel safe and free and most of the people are lovely and in my opinion Merida is one of the most beautiful city’s you should go (and great video)

  • Paul, I know this video is old but if you want to know a great place to have a drink and a picnic, I would strongly recommend "el laberinto" in Ajusco. There's a maze, as the name suggest, it's $100 pesos for the access per person and you have to bring your food but it is just amazing. The mountains, the forests, the sky and everything in Mexico City.

  • In Japan is allowed to drink in the park because they are very educated. In Mexico guys get crazy when they drink…

  • I played jazz 3 nights in a row at a restaurant in Ajijic which was based out of a person's house. In the US that restaurant couldn't exist. And to play live music!? No way. You have to pay at least 3 corporations called "Performance Rights Organizations" like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC if you want to have live music. We went to a rodeo where vendors were walking around selling Corona beer, limes, and Tequilla shots. Nobody is getting carded. Just don't be a drunken jerk and you're fine. As I understand it, you can even have an open container of alcohol in a car as long as the driver isn't drinking. On the other hand, the environmental regulations are really sparse. Lake Chapala, where I spent most of my time, is quite polluted. So I'm not saying all regulations are bad, but there must be a happy middle ground where personal freedom exists while also protecting us all against environmental damage.

  • Hey Paul, I'm a big fan, love your videos! Well both my parents are Mexican, I was born in Chicago, when my parents first took my bros and I to Mexico, the freedom I experienced was unbelievable, I was accustomed to the life in the states, when we arrived to Mexico, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. That's why I love Mexico! It is in my opinion, the best country in the world!

  • if they stop speaking their masters language and speak the language of the free Americans i bet their wouldnt be a border wall from Alaska to Argentina


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