What people get wrong about depression

it's a beautiful day and yet feelings of sadness loss of appetite lack of concentration low self-worth and exhaustion riddles of mind this is depression and around the world more than 300 million people suffer from it making depression a global disability although common many myths remain it's all in your head depression only affects women it's a sign of weakness talking about it only makes it worse but what if we did talk about it and what if we said you're not crazy you're not weird and you're not alone when depression is managed effectively it's easier to lead a normal life meditation won't solve depression and it often requires medical support but by understanding our own minds we edge closer to understanding other people's to you

20 thoughts on “What people get wrong about depression

  • Where I come from, people really do think that the people who suffer from depression live so far from society. If you ever talk about it, you're attention-seeking, you look like you feel special ('cause it's also heavily romanticized)

    It's a bunch of myths and not even a lot of therapists recognize it early enough. I'm currently suffering and my therapist is asking me to be more disciplined. Oh, well, at leasts he kinda listens to me, so it's good.

    Stay strong and be kind to yourselves. Y'all need and deserve some rest and care. After that, concern with productivity, not before.

  • Its wierd to only feel the extreme emotions. Everything els does not trigger me at all.and am a guy so its not only women that do it

  • A combination I had of anger issues and depression made me reach the point that I tried to hang myself 2 weeks ago, I regret and don't regret it at the same time, let me explain ya..
    I was always alone, bullied and annoyed, it once went too far and 2 weeks ago I tried to commit suicide, I regret it because people actually cared for me, I didn't at the same time because if I didn't, I would be that annoying anger issues depressed kid in 6th grade, and I have a lot of friends now who love being with me as they saw that deep down I'm a good person, all the caring and attention people gave me, I stopped feeling depressed, I was more caring, less angry and more active! So now I'm over it I have now a normal 11 year old life since Thursday 2 weeks ago!
    If you are still reading then I reward you with a cookie and keep living life and enjoy it while it lasts!

  • You can say what you like, but meditation does have the ability to lift depression. If you stay with it. Because that's where I am right now. Depression is thought stream. But it gets to the point where you've become unaware of the thought process. I had people very definitely bad mouth meditation and told me " we are in modern times and we use medication. The world is making a lot of money off of keeping millions of people heavily drugged. I had a lot of social pressure to go on medication. When I told these people what worked for me they were the most unsupportive idiots I've ever known.

  • My question is is why why did I use to be so happy when I was little and know I’m a mess when I was little I had everything I wanted a family a brother a sister and a roof over my head…as I progress through life things got more difficult and more sad I got bullied because I was over weight and not pretty…people would physically and emotionally impact me ever single fucking day know I’m broken I cut myself to we’re every cut you see blood I starve myself for weeks at a time if I eat I make myself throw it up…I’ve tried to commit suicide 4 times 4 fucking time but no my mom insists I’m “fine” when deep down my heart really wants to just let go from all this pain and agony I really hate saying I’m not happy but I’m not happy I put on a “happy” face for people around me and people can see the scars yet… they still laugh they still talk shit and they still don’t care my dads dieing from multiple myeloma and I’m only 12 about to be 13 I would have never thought in a million years I would have depression or borderline personality disordered but guess what I have all of them and to top that off I have anxiety I’m done trying to help other people if no one wants to see the good in me….I’m tired of being ashamed of myself but that’s all I see in my life is a worthless pig… I’m Jorja and this is my story im 12 and in middle school.

  • I have depression and you don't feel sadness, you feel…. nothing and when your happy its a lifetime expirence because your raily happy

  • People dont know ehst depression is only when you had it its not fun to have it i had it it is the worst part of life

  • 0:00 It's a beautiful day…
    outside birds are singing flowers are blooming and kids like you these days should be burning in hell owo

  • Im confused because i always feel sad without any reasons (almost everyday) and kinda lost my appetite (rarely) but i don't wanna believe that i have depression and i feel like i am overdramatic but i still can find something that im interested in

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