What The Zodiac Says About Your Love Life

In today’s fast-paced dating world, relationships
fall apart and people move on all the time. It’s not rare to see partners blaming one
another for failing relationships. But is your fear of love, keeping you from
making it work each time? To your surprise, it might not be your fault
at all… It might be your zodiac sign. To know more about your Zodiac’s fault in
making you fear love, stick around and watch the video until the end. Also, don’t forget to hit the subscribe
button and notification bell to support your favourite Bestie channel! Aries People with the Aries sign are trailblazers. A fast-paced life is your thing and you are
constantly stuck with the fear of losing your freedom. You love walking alone. Yes, even on those deserted streets. But somewhere deep down, you crave that one-on-one
love. Consumed in your own needs, you don’t have
sufficient time and energy for anybody else’s. Nah, we aren’t calling you self-obsessed. There’s a difference. There’s a fire in you. But what scares you the most is being with
someone who doesn’t have an equally strong fire. You want someone to set you free, don’t
you? There’s a strong sense of self you nurture,
but you are impulsive as well. In the past, you have let someone in too fast
and that did not go well. It might have even given you some commitment
issues. Whatever the past gave you, we want you to
loosen the tight grip you are having on that baggage. Letting it go will only help you in letting
someone else in. Taurus Being a Taurus is tricky when it comes to
a love life. Let’s be real. You are stubborn and resistant to change. Don’t shy away from accepting it. There’s a comfort zone you just don’t wanna
step out of and that’s the biggest enemy to your dating life. Yes, we know it and we didn’t read your
personal diary. The fortress your potential partners see around
you is due to your closed nature. The nature of not letting them in. You have been independent and you want to
keep it that way. You know the kind of true romantic you are. The one who’s looking for stability. Cheap thrills aren’t necessarily your thing. We know how big a flirt you are. You wanna taste consistency and stability
only if it is going to last. Which is, to be frank, fair enough. Being that way is not a bad habit because
it’s in your core. But, do you know that your zodiac sign might
actually be responsible for some of your bad habits too? To know more, watch our video on “Bad Habits
of the Zodiac Signs” linked down below. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOaGPMmipq4) So, to sum it up for a Taurus, we can say
that some of your boundaries were not respected in the past. Things were weak back then. Therefore, you now want your love to be strong
like a wall you can fall back on. It can’t be like glass that shatters with
a mere touch. Gemini Coming from a Gemini, you can be assured that
every fact is checked personally in the next one. Geminis are unpredictable. You love keeping everything a secret and let
the world wonder. People love that kind of thrill. Changing our minds in the nick of time is
our mantra. We don’t apply this mantra only to our food
orders but also to our lives. It’s the curiosity-lead mind we have which
is equally scared of being confined. With our opinions out in the open, we’re
kind of scared of not finding a perfect fitting partner. It’s not the commitment phobia, but the
need to find someone versatile. Someone who’s able to keep up with all our
personalities. Yes, the ever-changing ones! But we trust too much at times. Yes, we too go down that lane, only to explore
all the red flags we’ve been ignoring. Ahh! The stubbornness. .
We do invest ourselves in love, but when we do, we see no limits and end up getting hurt. It is a constant cycle we keep trying to get
out of. Cancer Cancer, your affection is your biggest trait. You love hard. By that, we mean, really hard! To add on, you are not afraid to show it. It is the rare unapologetic love you offer. Loyalty is a gift you offer to even the most
toxic partners and yes, you don’t stop there. These traits you have are your strengths as
well as weaknesses. Love is a priority and it is not last in your
list. You want security but not like the false one
you have experienced in the past. You prefer caring for others rather than receiving
it yourself. But, the strong emotional connection you end
up developing scars you to the core. That’s exactly what you need to overcome without
losing your ability to love. Leo Next comes the ruler of the fifth house. Leos loves the idea of falling in love and
everything related to it. Don’t we all? At least the idea? Okay, fine, you might not. Being picky is okay, but Leos do it at an
unhealthy level. Let that poor date you just started talking
to breathe for a second. It ends up being a defense mechanism. You even use it as an excuse to get out of
relationships. No, we aren’t asking for any justifications. It’s alright. We know that you are a big-time giver who
feels like he doesn’t need anything in return. We know about your softer side too. But in reality, you need the same affection
you bestow on people and it’s high time you accept it. No matter how much you deny, you need that
admiration and devotion from your partner’s end. Take a deep breath, trust your instincts and
say yes for that date you have been delaying for no reason. Virgo A Virgo’s life is like a well-controlled stage
show. Only your “rehearsed self” is put on display. Virgos are overly critical and analytical. Hey you! How much more will you analyse? You are aware of your flaws but you struggle
to embrace them. Your obsession with perfectionism has made
your standards too high for your own self to reach. And we know, an obsession of any kind is harmful. Isn’t it? It results in you coming across as emotionally
unavailable. You end up scaring even the ones who otherwise
start blushing by the thought of you. Being open and vulnerable is scary to everyone
in the beginning. But unlike others, it remains scary for you
even after a long time. It is like a dilemma between extreme paranoia
and excessive trust. Your inferiority complex is just making everything
look impossible. But remember, nothing is impossible if you
put your heart into it. Libra Finding a partner is one of the main priorities
for a Libra. No, we aren’t calling you needy. We just mean that it isn’t merely an add-on
for you. It IS a priority. A deep and meaningful connection is what you
chase. This connection you want must have a total
submission of body, mind and soul. Sounds ideal, right? Your charm is something nobody can unsee and
your small talks can engage them for hours. But hours of talking without revealing any
feelings you have deep down there. You have mastered this art. It’s like only one person hiding in a game
of hide and seek every time. Does that sound fun? No, right? That’s because it isn’t. But again, there is a softer side to you under
your tough coat. Like all of us, you play a character and you’re
scared of breaking out of it. What you need to understand is that pretentious
characters might break at times. But even when it happens, your true character
will still keep shining bright. Scorpio Scorpio’s distrust is more natural than
past-driven. They wanna see a completely stripped-down
version of everyone they come across. But they want it without showing their own
true self completely. Is it fair? You look like a friendly and open person but
in reality, you have a reserved nature. Your secretive nature comes across as being
mysterious. And, we know, not everyone is interested in
unravelling mysteries. You want your secrets to be passed down to
only one person. This person is extremely passionate and has
the same ferocity as you have in your soul. One word which describes you the best is,
“intense”. This intensity is not easy to handle and isn’t
everyone’s cup of tea. And, that is the real tea. Take a sip and accept it. Sagittarius This next one is an adventure lover. The thrill of love as experience is what a
Sagittarius craves. You neither want to be boring nor bored. You want the excitement of it but not the
commitment that follows. Love and relationships are accompanied by
a routine and, we gotta say, you hate this predictability. People see your insecurities as ego because
you are too good at covering them that way. You have a loving side, waiting to be discovered. But, you will only let the right one discover
it. It’s like running away but don’t wanna be
left alone. Do you get the dilemma? It is a marathon you are running alone. Take a moment and see where you are headed. Capricorn People with Capricorn as their Zodiac are
a little different. Instead of being afraid of monotony, they
are scared of the unpredictability of being with someone. To add on, you hate failures a little too
much and love is no exception. You don’t believe in seeing everything with
rose-coloured glasses and with a party on. Being chained to the rhythm and ignoring the
reality isn’t a part of you. It is not an easy feat to woo you. Yes, you have no clue how difficult it is. Ask that classmate who’s been trying to
do it since day 1. But, the point is, once you are into it, limiting
your unconditional love isn’t easy either. Once you see true efforts you know how you
reciprocate very well. But your fear of failure makes you try so
hard to save relations that you end up being emotionally dry. As dry as this video will be without you watching
it. You care a lot about your public image and
can’t afford to let anyone make a fool out of you. This self-restriction is stopping you from
being hopeful. Shed some light on the ones who are worth
it and we promise it will all fall into place. Aquarius An Aquarius is a free bird. A bird that sees no limits. Freedom and self-love are what they radiate
in all directions. So much so that they don’t even understand
the concept of possessiveness. With your power to break away emotionally
and distance yourself, you have been saving yourself from long-lasting damage. Be really thankful about it. Trust me, many out there wish for that kind
of ability. But, here comes the spoiler. In the process of guarding your independence,
you might have slipped into a whirlwind of causal relationships. You trust everyone and end up giving away
an image of being gullible. But when it comes to emotions, you keep logic
over and above it. So, keep your sanity alive but remember to
find beauty even in illogical things. There’s a bright day ahead, waiting for you
to believe in its existence. Pisces The fear of being taken advantage of runs
deep in a Pisces. No, it didn’t come out of nowhere. You might even have poor timing when it comes
to the time you step into other people’s lives. A timing when their soul isn’t in the best
place. We know how you curse yourself for always
being the healer. Many of us have been there and you aren’t
alone. But you need to understand that you have been
a healer because of your inherent giving nature. Your rescue missions often do fail to draw
the line though. This is your biggest weakness which ends up
with you feeling sad. The emptiness you have been left with over
and over again has ended up scarring you deep inside. You feel if you go through it once more, it
will be your last time. There’s a fear of losing yourself and never
finding it again. But, we want you to move ahead with learning. If you are lost, you will only find yourself
back where you lost it. That is, within yourself. Nobody can take that ability away from you. Rise up and be the sunshine you are. Do you think it is always possible to work
on our fears? Or, at times it is just out of our hands? Let us know in the comment section below.

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