Asalamualaikum guys and welcome to
Smile 2 Jannah. A lot of people have been messaging me to make a video about
what’s going on in Kashmir. Before I begin, here’s a quick background.
Indian-administered Kashmir is a Muslim majority area, which is under Indian
rule. This mismatch of leadership and demographic has led to the people
rebelling and wanting to join either Pakistan or being outright independent,
either way being against the Indian rule. Now this has made the area very unstable
causing India to employ a whopping half a million troops, making it one of the
most militarized areas on the planet. India has repeatedly violated human
rights- which is a very mild way of putting it- and using extreme force to
suppress any opposition. What’s going on now? There’s two incidents that we’re gonna focus on. The first incident: this
was an annual Hindu 45-day pilgrimage to a Himalayan cave shrine, and this
was taking place. So India claimed that it received intelligence suggesting an
attack on these pilgrimage routes and so asked all of the pilgrims and tourists
to evacuate straightaway. The 2nd incident was the Indian Army said it had
foiled an attempt by Pakistani militants across the border (of Pakistani Kashmir
and Indian Kashmir) killing several attackers… Pakistan denies this, and
accuses India of attacking civilians across this border line in an area
called the Neelum Valley with cluster munitions, which is in violation of
international law, again India denies this. Now in war the first casualty is truth. Someone’s clearly lying, and using this
to further their agenda. Now they know that the international community can’t
verify who it is and it’s gonna be India’s word against Pakistan’s word. So in the
end it’s gonna come down to the strength of propaganda and the influence that the
country has and that’s naturally in the favor of India. One of the biggest terrorists…
we have to counter terrorism… and to neutralize that terrorist one terrorist
has been neutralized… terror threat… some terrorists may have been filtrated… terror attack from Pakistan… those terrorists will… Now let’s deal with the suspicious acts which point towards a hostile takeover of some kind
from India. Okay now there’s been terrorist attacks
that happened in the area before, but consider the following: There’s already half a million troops there but an additional 10,000 have been sent, mobile networks
and the Internet has been restricted, schools have been closed,
curfew restrictions have been added. So people are literally shut out
from the outside world, from each other, local politicians are put under house
arrest even if they’re pro India. OK now let’s look at the timing of all of this. Considering Pakistan is working with the u.s. to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan, that
could mean a problem for India, as that would mean Pakistan would be more
focused on Kashmir Number two: you got Independence Day coming up, so in the light of independence day those terrorists will need to be
neutralized and ensure that this time every panchiat ghar in the valley will
be celebrating Independence Day in a very big way. Some might say India is acting in self-defence, but the majority of the
evidence says otherwise and points to India being the aggressor.
Number one: India has refused third-party mediation, even if it be with the US to
such a degree that Indians were furious when Trump gave the impression that Modi
asked him for mediation No 2 and this is the biggy, article 370 has now been
revoked, and this is causing the most outrage, this was what people were
worried about the most. Now this was the condition with which
Indian-administered Kashmir agreed to join with India in the first place.
This article allowed Kashmir to have a degree of freedom and independence from
India. But Hindu nationalists have been fighting against this for a very long
time, the Prime Minister being a Hindu nationalist himself announced this too
when he was running for leadership so now he’s just reenacting what he
promised. Number three considering the area is majority Muslim,
the best bet for India would be to change the demographic, because it’s
more difficult trying to win those people over. So there’s two ways that they can do
this: Firstly install illegal settlements like Israel’s done in Palestine- as
hinted by a BJP (correction: member) and secondly to revoke article 35A and that’s just a
ticking time bomb. Article 35A prevents people from outside the state from
buying land in the territory. Naturally when this is revoked, this
would get like an influx of rich Indians literally buying out Kashmir and that
would inevitably lead it to be a part of India. When these two things are revoked,
naturally there’s going to be backlash from the people, so you
got all these troops there that are there to kind of suppress any outbursts, with the curfews, and you’re not allowed to meet or organize any public
rallies and the borders being tightened up between
India Pakistan so Pakistan won’t be able to assist either. So it does seem like a
hostile takeover. India is playing a very smart game, it’s not revealing too much,
it’s putting its foundation in place so when this hostile takeover happens there’s going to be very little resistance. So in this month of Dhul Hijjah I do ask you guys to make dua for our brothers and sisters that are in Kashmir. If there’s
anything that I’ve missed out or you guys got any more resources put them in the
comments inshaAllah until next time Asalaamu aleikum


  • May Allah allow our blessed brothers and sisters to wake up to the sounds of birds not bombs and free them from this inhumane oppression. Insh'Allah

  • There are 100,000 Pakistani Soldiers living abroad. If india wants war, 100,000 Soldiers will fly back to Pakistan and defend our nation and Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Just give us the signal🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Very well and precise depiction of situation, can you please also make a video on how Indians are treating the people of Kashmir, how they are brutally murdered, women raped, children traumatized and held in custody. In order to expose the real face of Indian facisim

  • You may trust a jew but not a Hindu. They are back stabbers. Responsible for this situation is shekh Abdullah who though Hindus are good and decided to go with India.

  • I'm not in favour of the decision taken by our govt, but yeah I'll say one thing in here, Pakistan is equally worse with the POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) called Baltistan. People over there have tried to reach out to the Indians to rejoin India, Pakistan doesn't let them speak up and have always kept them quite by the use of force. BUT HEY WHO CARES The reason why India has got more soldiers deployed is cuz we have an additional threat from the terrorist camps around the border, and yeah don't say that blowing up a military van full of 40 soldiers isn't terrorism. Overall, the biggest problem is that the soldiers are not able to differentiate between Pakistani infiltrators and peacefull Kashmiri rebels.

  • Tell me im from kashmir…
    Everything is shut off their internet , mobile phones, satellite tv , radio
    Bullets and pellets only going in valley everywhere

    A lot of casualties have been reported …

  • why every time you Interfere in Palestine and kashmir , care about your own matters . islam is very extremist religion and now you'll treat as you do to others.

  • Without Indian Control, Kashmir will be a Terrorist breeding ground. Pakistan has always Supported terror groups like Taliban. I can't help but notice that you forgot the part where Laddakh and Jammu citizens want to be separate from Kashmiri Administration. Stupid Muslim Propaganda. It is not a hostile takeover, Kashmir is Indian territory. Just like Palestine is Israeli Territory.

  • Ghazwa e hind is near . Insha Allah we the muslims the truth will win as quoted by Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. (PBUH)

  • Offcourse india is only terrorist govt need 2 rule in kashmir and killing innocent civilians ab blaming to neighbour

  • Where is OIC? Where is Ummah. They are killing us, raping our Muslim sisters but we are interested in trade with India. Allah will ask you Muslim brothers on day of judgment, ready for your reply to Allah.

  • I am living in India. And WALLAHI these Hindu extremists are portraying this horrible act as something patriotic. And ppl here are blind, they just go with the flow. Being an Indian Muslim I feel frustrated and angry for what has been done. I am just waiting for something horrible to strike these Hindu nationalists. So they planned and Allah planned, and Allah is the best of Planners.

  • Indian soldiers to protect our Kashmiri brethrens from some innocent guys who inadvertently stray into Indian territory with deadly weapons, list of the university from where they attain knowledge and send their alumni to spread peace and love on earth
    Laskar e tayyabba
    Harkat ul Mujahedeen
    Jamawat daulah
    Haqqani network
    Jaish e Muhammad
    Sipah e Sahana
    Al base Mujahedeen

  • Im Indian and we are so much disturbed by this offensive action of (ashamed to say ours) govt, these is nothing but the dirty political agenda of extreme nationalists. In fact, many Opposition parties are against this act, but their strength weren''t enough to disqualify this ridiculous bill in parliament. This wasnt our India before, religious coexistence is being destroyed massively since this govt. came into power!

  • the only thing Muslim Ummah is lacking now is the Khilafah which will reunite and protect us. We should not be divided based on our nationality. We should reject all the other ideas like democracy, secularism, communism,nationalism etc except Islam.
    Let's pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters in KASHMIR and other areas under oppression and join the Khilafah movement in your countries to establish the guidance of Allah on Earth and to bring back the glory to the Muslim Ummah.
    this ur brother from Bangladesh and whatever the government policies are ,we were,are and will be with our brothers and sisters in KASHMIR ❤️❤️❤️

  • I expected more research upon this. Indian government is revoking article 370 because kashmiri political parties would be accountable.

  • Don't worry we will occupy Pakistan occupied Kashmir also just give us time muslims killed lakhs of Kashmiri pandits then there was no hatred … but for the security of ppl of Kashmir if army is deployed then its black day alow clapa for your double standards..
    There is not one place were muslims are in majority riots don't happen.

    PIGS. P.S

  • I expected more research upon this. Indian government is revoking article 370 because kashmiri political parties would be accountable

    india has rejected third party mediation because it is a internal matter and this stance is been consistent from initial stages of partition. Indian government officially, unequivocally declined any approach for mediation.

    Kashmiri Maharaj Hari Singh signed Instrument of accession to join with India not Article 370(temporary Article) but it was later agreed upon by Indian PM and Jammu and Kashmir CM and Indian Presidential order in 1954 issued..

  • One question: Why your so called separatist leaders are not sending their own children for jihaad and to throw stones for 200- 500 rs…why their half of the family is living Lavish lifestyle outside India if they are so worried about you and your freedom….. why they themselves don't come for jihaad….
    Answer: Use and throw kashmiri people, earn money, stay in power,a nd much more..

    Where were all these Allah praising people when the real owners of the land ie, kashmiri pandits were forced to move out of kashmir…literally they announced on loudspeakers to move out or they would get killed or raped…

    Now they are feeling the same fear even when government is trying to help them…separatists have always used you guys in the name of freedom and religion for 70 years….

    Mehbooba mufti daaru abdullah yasin malik and many of those leaders have built Lavish bungalows for themselves and they instigate you to fight Our goverment for their benefit not yours, If they really cared for you then why is kashmir not developed as much as rest of the states of India…..

    Goverment provide 1,30,000 Crore rupees to the state of J & K but 28,000 crore have been used for kasmir…..where is the rest of the money,??? er wait…in their own banks for their kids and their royal lifestyle🇮🇳🙏

  • I’ve never seen any ignorant nationa more than indians! Despite of their high literacy rate they always act like a donkey.. foolish,aggressive,arrogant,idiot oranges

  • 1. You didn't say anything that's not already popularly known.
    2. You either did not research enough or you simply chose to oversimplify it.
    3. Keep yourself from talking about everything that people request you to. Have reservations. There's no need discussing issues that do not directly/indirectly or you're not well-informed about.

  • Kashmir hinduo ka hey aur rahega sab terrorist muslim hi hote hey maderchod terrorist ney 5 lakh kashmiri hinduo ko bhagaya, maa chod do jehadi terroristo ki, hindustan jindabad, jay shree ram, pakistan banega hindustan 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • India media indian army is the most corrupt most misguided peoples on this planet. People who dont even know what to drink cow's milk or cow's urine ?…
    Secondly india Allies at one hand india got America the most lying propaganda factory on earth causing wars and deaths around the world ,on the other hand India got Israel the country that bomb Palestinian homes to build their own societies….. So we get the whole picture '

  • It is very sad to see some of Muslim countries not coming up against such aggression. This is just because they have signed agreements and treaties. If half of these countries boycott India,they will never again attempt such mistake. However, this is a matter where everyone has to act, regardless of our sects. It's truly disappointing to see "so called" MUSLIM nations taking up Israel, America and Indian narrative. It is up to us the ordinary people, Shia and Sunni to unite and fight for PALESTINE and KASHMIR!

  • How come the demography changed ? Only after the massacre of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits…. u guys either tell the truth or be neutral n the last option is BETTER EDUCATE URSELF…. this demographic shift is the product of political Islam…., don’t be so shameless…. pls

  • I am a Pakistani and suppprt India In Sha Allah. Kashmir belongs to India. Pakistanis can not be trusted. And US is playing with Pakistan. May Allah bless India. Love from Deoband.

  • May Allah help all the kashmiris and ease on them this hard time that they're going through and strengthen them .. Inshallah this oppression will come to an end soon🙏 all the love from Palestine❤

  • You make amazing videos ur good at it the editing is perfect pictures everything they way u sort it out to the point perfect

  • Qitaal is the only solution. “And what is the matter with you that you do not fight in the way of God for [the sake of] the oppressed men, women, and children who pray: ‘Our Lord, take us out of this town whose people are oppressors, and appoint for us from Thee a guardian and give us from Thee a helper…” (Surah an-Nisaa, 4:75)

  • Why do we Muslim actually do something why don’t we act on this why do we accept this and just let it happen and do nothing Allah(SWT) gave us a body which we can used for almost anything so why can’t we act, defend Ourselves, we will drive them out like we did to the Soviet Union, enough talk and waiting for the west to help, they don’t care. We should go and protect our brothers from these invaders and drive the out like we did in Afghanistan. Allah(SWT) is with us ‏تكبير تكبير الله اكبر الله اكبر

    Safe them all Kashmiris with Your Mercy, Grace, Gracious YA ALLAH. Give them freedom YAA ALLAH🤲
    Aameen Yaa RABB🤲

  • This is all bullshit…I am a Kashmiri,using net to comment on my mobile phone…happy because of removal of section 370 and at last jai hind #chuyiyapakistan

  • I'm a 14 year old kashmiri born and raised in U.S. Please pray for me and pray that Kashmir gets freedom within a year. My family is there, and I'm really worried for them. Im really scared, how will pakistan help free kashmir, Pakistan's really small compared to kashmir tbh. Someone please explain that to me. But regardless I still have faith, may Allah curse the enemies of islam, modi, and may he kill all the 535k soldiers in kashmir. Insha'allah I hope no kashmiri dies. May allah make a muslim elected for the prime minister of India and may he help convert everyone to Islam and all countries to Islam. May allah set everything right within 1 year and free my whole race and other oppressed and suffering people and countries too.

  • India is a terrorist regime…
    Time for Muslims to get united against this terrorism factory and Israhell ally India
    Free Kashmir

  • Bismillah Hirohman Nirohimm

    Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequence of] what [evil] it has earned. "Our Lord, do not impose blame upon us if we have forgotten or erred. Our Lord, and lay not upon us a burden like that which You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear. And pardon us; and forgive us; and have mercy upon us. You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people."

  • Muslim Kashmiri have to fight in the name Of Allah swt.

    The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “There are two groups of my ummah whom Allah will protect from the Fire: a group who will conquer India, and a group who will be with ‘Eesaa ibn Maryam (peace be upon him).”

    Narrated by an-Nasaa’i (no. 3175) and Imam Ahmad in al-Musnad (37/81), Mu’sasat ar-Risaalah edn

  • My kashmiri brothers and sisters you are not alone.. we Pakistanis will stand by you we will fight with you and bleed with you. It's August.. independence month but there is no mention of that anywhere here in 🇵🇰.. yesterday there was some national anthem being played and brought tears to my eyes and as i was hiding my tears i heared my mom saying now a days it hurts listening to these nagmas we couldn't celebrate independence while the people always standing by us raising our flags and being killed are not with us to celebrate 😓😫😭😭

  • What is happening in Kashmir is absolutely wrong. Pakistan and India are both responsible anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid.

  • Im Indian and I'm not happy with this decision bcz you can't snatch away someone freedom its against rule as well as against humanity ..
    May Allah protect all the Muslims in Kashmir and India too bcz moblinching is happening in India where Hindus are forcing muslim to say there God's words and they killed them after that. A lot of Muslims in India has been killed from this violence has been increased from last 5 6 years and its not stopping …
    India media is not trust able now bcz they let us watch what Indian government want all media are liars they don't show us truth about violence ..
    Pray for us

  • All of the modern world's terrorism issues could be resolved by freeing kashmir and palestine. The two muslim populations being oppressed continuously since world war 2.
    But no one pays attention to root causes and cry wolf about terrorism….

  • Calling Muslim rich country and other countries, please banned India deport all hindu to india until they free Kashmir… #FREEKASHMIR

  • Its so clear where u come from.
    Still, lets give u a chance that may be u didnt have enough knowledge.
    Now,think about this from Indian POV.
    Before British rule, our country was AKHAND BHARATH, akhand means "Whole".
    When the uprising began for freedom from British, the english guys cleverly divided the indians..
    Hindu and muslim.
    Previously when "Indians" fought together, british made it into hindu vs muslims.
    Still we fought for freedom and when the time for them to leave had come, they bought a three nation theory.
    Pakistan :muslims would go there.
    Kashmir: Muslims from Kashmir.

    India, which was never a religion crying nation, declared that it would be a democracy.
    Many muslims left for Pakistan and many decided to remain in India.
    India gave the land and the finance and everything required for Pakistan, the machinery, the hardware, the knowledge, everythng divided.
    Kashmir, which was a princely state, ruled by King Hari singh, was yet to decide which party to join.
    Pay attention here, Hari singh, even though he was a hindu, didnt jump to a conclusion that he would come to india just cuz hindus were here.
    He took to his time to decide.
    But, when he had not yet decided wher to go, Pakistan attacked kashmir to capture it.
    King made requests to india to come and help.
    India did so by making it clear to him that we cant help anyone except our own nationals. So u better join india as other princely states did, Hyderabad, mysore, Rajasthan, etc. India, a hindu majority nation, still having more Muslims that any other country, even Pakistan.
    Hari singh decided to sign the accession.
    So now, kashmir was declared an indian state.
    Take a breath now.
    Do it again.
    Later, after years, when Pakistan had urged the kashmiri people, via border terrorists, propoganda, the kashmiri people felt that they being Muslims belong to Pakistan.
    It startee here.
    The prime minister that time, who was good friend of kashmiri politicians, because he himself was a kashmiri, went out of the way, considering the constitution of india as his homework book, asked for new ammendments for special rights for kashmir.
    The architect of indian constitution, mr. Ambedkar, denied to do it as it was wrong. But nehru got it done by others.
    Now, having this law, kashmir, was an isolated place, where indians laws, most parts of constitution wont be applied,though the constitution of Kashmir was made with oath to indian constitution. Which says Kashmir, a state of India.
    Kashmiri brainwashed people, now thought that they are atleast kind of independent and could try to join Pakistan. Pakistan had same feelings.
    But think about india.
    A nation, which could not rule its OWN state, had to keep on providing financial support to kashmir and still get just hatred, for what?
    Kashmir constitution was dumb, as Indian Pov. A kashmiri girl could marry a Pakistani and he gets dual citizenship. A Kashmiri girl marries an indian, and she loses her rights in Kashmir, forget even expecting the groom would get anything.
    Indians can't go and buy land in Kashmir.
    Kashmir, dreaming about Pakistan, allowed Pakistani terrorism to grow in Kashmir and attack india.
    Now, if u think that Pakistan has any right on Kashmir, let me tell u, i have same right on your wife then, send her to me tonight. Is it ok?
    And u, saying that this article was removed in a wrong way, if u think that India, going and talking with kashmiri guys, would have resulted in removal of this article, u r as dumb as Pakistan dreaming to get kashmir is.
    We did it, in the right way, in a legal way, and in a way that would hurt Pakistan the most.. We r successful. U can carry on.
    The more u cry, the more its enjoyable for us.

  • Salam Brother its a nice video that you've made but let me rectify 2 things

    1. It's not Indian Administered Kashmir it's Indian Occupied Kashmir
    2. Modi is not Hindu nationalist he is a Hindu Terrorist
    According to the BBC report "India's Muslims fear for their future under Narendra Modi" https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-48278441

  • lots of prayers for my kashmiri brothers and sisters…. actualy i have no words for my kashmiri brothers and sisters .. i can't say anything to make them feel better…because my words r so less cuz of the so much partiality happening with u and the things that you are facing . . i mean i feel ashamed of myself for not being able to help my kashmiri brothers and sisters…..
    my lots of duas are with you ….. all i can say is .. dont worry ALLAH is watching … #loveKashmiris #FreeKashmir

  • All the blame goes to that fucktard kashmiri SHEIKH ABDULLAH who betrayed muslims in he first place. May his soul burn in flames.

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