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    0:40 – TikTok Reach
    7:00 – People refuse to learn
    8:30 – Just make!
    10:20 – Why you should be on TikTok

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  • You know it's a good video when you smile but then your life f*** I just got really great revelation on why you should be doing even now

  • I’m not in tik tok because I’m afraid of a new platform. I’m not on tik tok because it’s owned by a communist country that’s hell bent on burying the US .

  • you contradict yourself so much lol… in one scene you were ADAMANT about people learning before doing, then right after that in the van you said stop thinking and just make…. quit it Gary, you know the way to actually get stuff done is learn first 😛

  • Hey Gary Your The Man! I Have Took Your Advice And Jumped Out My Comfort Zone And Created My First Vlog And I'm About To Drop It In 45 Minutes 🔥 Drop Me A Sub And Feel Free To Check It Out Peace.

  • Hitting the nail on the head concerning Tik Tok man. Was literally just in a meeting yesterday discussing whether a mortgage broker should start up an account. Great to hear the value in targeting older segments on the app, and how to transition between LinkedIn and so on!

  • it is somewhat interesting he talks nothing about Youtube, just the other platforms that have come later then risen and fallen, yet here we all still are…..

  • Sorry to ask everywhere, but does anyone know about the 0 views tiktok issue? Like my last 15 vids were literally at 0 unless i watched them from my other accounts :))

  • This guy is full of shit he’s saying absolutely nothing informative. His numbers are bullshit. He’s just rambling off the top of his head. He’s positive, confident, sounds good and hits all the psychological triggers. If you have been watching this man for a while analytically think about what hes saying and you will realize what im talking about.

    ! #chrispalmerseo

  • Okay so, Instagram & Facebook are dying and you have to go to Tik Tok if you want to sell to 14-18 year olds. LinkedIn is for the older target group. What if I'm selling to 20-35 years old? :'D

    Declining organic reach means it's harder for "normal" people to get reach but what if you learn, for example, making viral videos? I mean people like Jumpcut, Paul Duy Vu, James Shamsi and so on are still getting a tremendous reach on Facebook because of their viral videos/viral marketing. I think organic reach is irrelevant where psychology and thus sharing comes in.

    I think that declining in organic reach will only sort out the "pseudo" influencers. Maybe you didn't talk about growth hacking on purpose? :p

    Next question to Gary & Team: Why didn't you talk about Pinterest? I'm sure that you heard about the growth and the secret success stories. Getting reach on Pinterest is no work at all. Besides that, because it's based on sharing, Pinterest is extremely effective for viral marketing and getting reach due to the fact that your audience is literally seeding your content everywhere on the platform.

    Actually a bit interested in the answer from Gary 🤔

  • I just started posting on TikTok Gary, thank you for pushing me. I know I’m not getting any views right now but Imma grind it out and be consistent. Let’s fucking go. If any of you wanna follow my journey or talk, shoot me a message!! TikTok: @EricRyanOfficial

  • This internet is a big place & eyes are everywhere. You want to be a filmmaker? Cool. Challenge yourself to create something that can exist within the parameters of a platform. (RISE TO THE CHALLENGE.)

    Don’t be a snob about it either. You ain’t too good for social media.

  • I always look forward to your daily content. I will say this journey has been quite a challenge, but your advice always puts things in perspective. I'm now on tik tok and posting random things, and also have a schedule for my YouTube channel. I was too comfortable with Instagram and I wish that I was active on YouTube and Tiktok much earlier. #lessonslearned 🙏🏿💙💙💙

  • Pushing TIK TOK proves the lack of understanding of continuity and intent between being entertained and interested in buying. There’d have to be a major shift in consumer behavior for TIK TOK as an ead space to work . Their growth is fueled by a marketing spend no other platform has sniffed. On top of that, copyright is getting tighter. If you make YouTube content, you know what I mean. Copyright lawsuit can kill this platform overnight. Peoples “audience” are growing bc it’s the epitome of short attention and video. Ever notice how it’s harder to get youtube subs than it is Instagram? Never trust a platform where deeper content does worse. Especially long term. Based on how often you talk TIK TOK, I think your audience deserves to know your exposure. Don’t you think it’s relevant for someone watching this video to know you have a lot of money tied in the platform you’re pushing? No insinuation, I just think people don’t really understand that and it’s fair to give someone a chance to bake in that you’re incentivized to push it, too. Not having a go at you mate, but that always felt not right. Because I know you see the TIK TOK Ted flags too. They are there.

  • That’s why I don’t use any social media platform.

    NOTHIG BEATS GREAT CHARISMA and a phone number still striving and I keep my Privacy now I’m on my way to Europe and started on my mom house move to New York then to LA social media made

    influencer = followers (sheep )to make the ego get endorsements deals.

    Be inspirational = don’t follow be great (Goat) at what your passion is and keep the luxury of your own privacy

    I’m a freelance dancer photographer actor an musician and also draw
    See you when you start believing in you
    (A goat don’t follow)
    and I’m a Capricorn

  • This is wild info! The statistic that mother’s buy daughters more things than any other relationship in marketing makes me reconsider my entire e commerce approach! Always blessing us Gary! Thanks for being the truth!

  • Your content is awesome , like always !!!! Are you in Cannes for the MIPCOM next week ?
    Any chance for your French followers to see you 2 minutes? ( 1 minutes gonna be wow 🤩, 2 mn super cool, and a quick lunch together , you made my year 🤣🤣🤣) .

  • if good content is not bound on 1 platform, why are we getting this decline of organic reach in IG? by that statement, it shouldnt matter if its IG, just keep making good advice and your followers should grow, but it doesnt. Also why not get the content from tiktok and apply it to IG rather than linkedin? there are other factors at play here.

  • If you were given 10k to start a brand new business selling an online product, how would you split it between; Inventory, Advertising etc???

  • My GF VelvetValerina got a hit on tiktok in her 1st month, 1mill + views and got to 90k followers in a few months. She is an egirl. However, on youtube those 1mill views would have been thousands in ad money and the conversion rate is bad on tiktok. Also its super hard to get consistent views. So yeah you get a ton of followers but they are not as valuable as youtube or other social media.

  • Agreed, everyone, start a new page and you'll see how impossible it really is to grow an account these days. The reach is near impossible. I get less than 300 reach on a daily basis and I've tested over 45 different sets of hashtgas! It's impossible! But then I have an account that's 6 years old and has over 600k followers and it's reach is over 200k on every single post. Seriously, the reach is definitely down and they are literally fucking their own platform.

  • This was probably the best DailyVee I’ve seen, and I’ve seen most of them. Keep up the good work! 😉 I love all of your insights!

  • I’ll save u 15 mins of ur life. Blah blah blah Tik Tok. Gary is sure one of the entrepreneurs that can talk up a storm and say little or nothing at all.

  • "What to Do About Instagram's Declining Organic Reach" ?? Anyone else notice there wasn't an explicit answer to to this?

  • I built my Musicaly up to 4,000 a year ago and sat on it waiting for a move, then BAM, they turned into TikTok. Learned that one from Gary. Currently building my Linkedin for the last year, at 13,500 connections all targeted in my genre. Thank you Gary! You are the champ.

  • Im a Photographer tf umma do on tik tok?
    Instagram sold out from being a photo sharing app so what does a photographer do?

  • Advertise where your audience is. Don't just make content for no reason. Going after older demographics on tik tok is just stupid. Tik tok is blowing up but only for very young people. Spend your dollars and time where they will have the biggest return. That's def not tik tok for any business that isn't targeting children eyeballs.

  • One of the primary reasons business fail to attract clients is because they use a shotgun approach to advertising and product design. They try to be everywhere and be everything to everyone. 99% of companies don't have budget to burn. Therefore they have to allocate resources (money and time) into marketing channels that yield the biggest returns.

    I know Gary knows all this and has said it before but I wish he would encourage more people to be strategic instead of just go 100% in every direction until you make it. That's one of the main reasons people fail and most of his followers are people who one day want to start something of their own…and they will fail by being idiotic with their resources…mainly time.

  • Of course IG organic reach is declining. Once it got popular, they needed to make money. Facebook took over and decided to implement a way for it to monetize the platform. The real issue should be "where do you go from here"? I suggest putting the phones down, creating real life advertisements…get out there and do community service so you can get a publication written about you…grind. Stop posting and let people post about you.

  • Of course IG organic reach is declining. Once it got popular, they needed to make money. Facebook took over and decided to implement a way for it to monetize the platform. The real issue should be "where do you go from here"? I suggest putting the phones down, creating real life advertisements…get out there and do community service so you can get a publication written about you…grind. Stop posting and let people post about you.

  • Okay this one was dope. Good video GV. He is on point with the information here. You have to create and post, create and post on all platforms. If that's what and where you are looking to be and make a difference.

  • What a salad of a video. very unprofessional… would have expected more form the famous Garey VEEEEEEEEE! LOL

  • I’m a big fan of yours Gary. But I have to ask a real question. Tik Tok has been around for a while. And you only started obsessing over it within the last few months or so.
    Even looking at videos just from the beginning of this year, you made no mention of it. Now you’re saying it’s the way and the light. Do you own stock in Tik Tok? Why the sudden fixation on Tik Tok??

  • He’s literally not wrong. TikTok is going nuts.
    Is it possible to market legitimately on TikTok – search for Oreo. Oreoreoreo.
    THATS how to establish brand on TikTok.
    The brands that realise that, will win 10x over an investment in instagram.

  • I don’t make videos. There are a million photographers around the world who will never make videos. The serious photographers on Instagram couldn’t give a flying fuck if Instagram crashes and burns. It’s a piece of shit that USED to be a great platform for photographers. Six months from now tik-tok is going to be nothing but a bunch of giggling teenage girls taking their selfies to a new level.

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