What To Do In Your 20’s

What’s up friends? Kris Krohn here. Guess
what? If you’re in your 20’s, there are 5 big choices that you need to be
super concerned with. And if you’re not thinking about all 5 of these, you
might be missing out. Here it comes. Okay. So today, I’m going to be talking
about college, career, investments, travel, dating. 5 things that I think are
paramount for you to establish yourself well and make super good choices while
in your twenties. Let’s actually start with the first one. On a pretty regular
basis, I get hit up. The world is changing so rapidly and people want to know, “Kris,
should I go to college? Where does college fit in my future and in my life?”
I’m going to share personal feelings on this. And ultimately, you need to decide
how you feel. Personally, I’m raising my children with entrepreneurship as their
core background. I don’t think we live in one of times when you can just rely on a
college degree to get you where you want to go. The world is changing so rapidly
that even what we’re teaching today, it’s becoming obsolete so fast that listen, if
you want to be a doctor, if you want to be an engineer, if you want to be an
attorney, go to college. But if college is a social experiment because you don’t
know what you want to do with your life, you may want to rethink the matter and
first ask yourself, “Do I actually want to be in charge of my own financial destiny
and be an entrepreneur?” I think that’s a really important choice for you to make.
Its that College is no longer producing the results that we hope that it would
or that it was for previous generations. You need to decide what you want. Does it
require a college degree? Go to college. If it doesn’t and you’re not sure, what
can you do to try on a couple other things first so that you don’t waste
your time or waste your money. Make no mistake about it. This channel has been
all about helping people become financially free. But there’s actually
two other freedoms that you got to be concerned with when you’re picking your
career. The first one is time freedom and the second one is choice freedom.
Let me explain those for just a little bit here. On a person’s journey, whether
you just want to be financially stable and secure or whether you saying, “Hey, Kris. I would love to make 10 or 20 thousand dollars a month residually. So I
can quit my job and do what I want with my life.” Whether you’re either of those,
how that’s going to happen anyway and what you’re gonna want and seek is
time for you. I got a buddy of mine who sells in the car industry. He makes Bank.
But guess what? He has to give 70 to 80 hours every week. He hardly sees his wife
and kids. And bottom line is it totally stretches him. And he doesn’t
like that. So, he makes good money but there’s a sacrifice.
How important is a good lifestyle to you? And if you’re talking about career,
ultimately where I believe entrepreneurship, in fact, I think by the
year 2030, 70% of all Americans are going to have some type of side gig I think is
what’s projected. In other words, entrepreneurship is on the rise because
people are committed to a lifestyle that they can control. Ask yourself if that
appeals to you. Because entrepreneurship is not an easy journey. There’s a lot to
learn about yourself. There’s a lot to learn about what does and doesn’t work.
And you’re going to fail likely a lot of times on your path to success. So, when
you’re picking a career, what career can you pick that can allow you to have a
side gig for making money on the side or trying a business on the side? Is there
something that gives you time flexibility is the first consideration?
And then the second consideration is, “Do I have a choice freedom?” Meaning, “Am i
giving myself permission to make the choices that I want in my life? Or if I
picked a career that is super inhibited and limiting of what it is that I can
actually do and how I can choose to use my life, do I have the flexibility that
if I want to go fly to the other side of the country? Or attend one of Kris’s
events so I can learn and get mentorship? Do I have the ability to do that?” I think
that’s really important. Right along with that career, I want to throw one more
piece of ad.vice for you Figure out how to save money that leads
us into number 3; Investing. Life will never cost less than when you’re in your
20’s. So, you’re either going to choose to live paycheck to paycheck like everybody
else does. Which means if you make 40,000 a year, you’re going to spend 40,000 a year. If
you make 80,000 a year, you’re going to spend $80,000 a year. But what you need to do
in your 20’s in your 20’s you should be saving no less than 20% of the in your
income. And preferably more like half of it. Think about it. You don’t maybe have
family yet, other obligations. Life only gets more expensive with time. So, the
time to establish your investments, trust me. Anyone doing it their 40’s wishes they
could go back to their 20’s and say, “Ah, how can i time machine back and do it
right?” And doing it right means focus on saving. Don’t be materialistic. Don’t
focus on having all of the nicer things of life or living at the
your income. Instead, freedom comes from creating a massive gap between how much
money you make and how much you spend. And take the rest of that money and dump
it into investments. Whether that’s doing things like real estate where you can
double your money every 5 years the way I teach it or whether you want to go
invest in the stock market or your own business or something else.
Bottom line is the younger you are when you start investing, the more you’re
going to have later in life. So, it really comes down to a habit and play a game.
How little can I live on to have as much left over so I can put it in as many
different investments as possible? That’s the third thing you need to do in your
20’s. Okay, number 4, travel. You’re going to have probably more flexibility in
your 20’s than ever before. I totally recommend putting as much money towards
investing as possible. I think it’s important to have a little bit of fun as
well. And travel gives you perspective. It allows you to see the world that it gets
you kind of outside your comfort zone. And I think that there’s a lot of good
and fun that can come by it. In your 20s, I think travel, make it important
priority. Yeah, you’ve got the ability to literally travel with hostels. Meaning, go
into places where you can rent the really cheap units. And you can backpack
through Europe. There’s a number of things you can do that don’t necessarily
cost a lot of money. Because trust me, later married or establish a
relationship with kids, it only gets more expensive
hence invest now. And also take the opportunity to go out there and explore
the world. And my last piece of advice really comes down to dating,
relationships. You know, right now the world is tending to move in a way where
it’s all about independence and being a free spirit not getting into 2-minute
of a relationship. I got married when I was really young us 23 years old.
And I have to tell you that being married young, now means I’m still in my
30s. And now after 17 years of marriage, my wife and I have been to 40 countries,
we’ve had a chance to build wealth together. We’ve got 4 kids and I feel
like I’ve already lived such a packed life. You know, I think there’s 2 types
of daters out there.TI think there’s players and then there’s the people
that are really committed about really finding real love and real companionship
that’s super meaningful. And I want you understand something. Every relationship
that starts off well is going to go through a really nasty
bumpy road. And that’s when people get out. And my wife and I went through that
same thing. But what we did is we hung in there during the hardest moments and we
learned lessons. When we got to the other side, there wasn’t anything we couldn’t
face. I feel so lucky that I’ve collected all these amazing memories with my wife
Kalenn. And it’s because we were committed to working through the difficulties. But
I think there’s a lot of people that just say, “Hey, when it gets hard I get out.”
But then you start over and then you go through the slumps and the emotional
rollercoaster or sometimes losing a lot of money with the divorce and then you
have to start all over again. And so, I would say instead of being a player
who’s just out there to get a little bit of action on the side, consider the
beauty of finding that lifelong companion that person you want to spend
your life with. Your 20s is an excellent time to get a little bit more serious
about the dating name. And then when we get a serious relationship. Look at how
you’re going to weather the challenging moments because I think every
relationship is going to happen. I mean, we are attracted to a most opposite. And
it’s never going to be any different because that’s actually the healthiest
person that makes up all the things that you don’t actually have in your life.
Question is what can you do to actually learn to get through it and get to the
other side successfully? Because if you can figure out how to get through those
hurdles and problems. Your love and relationship is going to grow so much
stronger. Then you’re gonna have someone that you can really share and build a life
with in all these incredible memories. I know that family for me and my children,
my wife have brought me some of the greatest joy in my life. And I’m so
grateful that I have had the time that I’ve had. So, decide who you want to be in
the day. Listen. Friend, today’s advice has all been dedicated to helping you find
fulfillment and joy which is something that we’re all after. And your 20s is the
perfect time to really get yourself set up. For those of you that are looking at
this say, “Okay, Kris. Good advice. Thank you. How do we get started with the money
side of the game that’s going to affect a lot of these things?” Today, I’m giving you
a free copy of my book. The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. It’s a gift from
me to you. Cover the shipping and I’m going to send the book out to you. And the
book really details how I in my early 20s built over 1.6 million dollars of
wealth that allowed me to quit my job, have $12,000 a month of residual income.
And that led to tons of travel, the investing that paid for my lifestyle.
Basically the career of my choice if we can call it that. The love of my life. It
really touched every part of my life when college really even getting my
degree didn’t set me up for what I really wanted in life. And so that book
is a gift for me to you to help you figure out your journey of wealth. And
even a member of my team will reach out to you after you get the book to see if
we can help you put a game plan together on how to make the most of your 20s. Well
for those of you watching this in your 30s and 40s, what can you do today to set
the record straight. Thank you guys so much for watching. The link is in the
description below. And please make sure that you are a subscriber and watch
tomorrow’s video. I make them every single day dedicated to helping you have
it all. you

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