What Trump has said about 9/11

-Now I’m going to sign
this bill into law, and I don’t know
if the stage will hold it, but if it doesn’t,
we’re not falling very far. 40 Wall Street actually
was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan,
and it was actually before the World Trade Center
was the tallest. And, then, when they built
the World Trade Center, it became known
as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest. It’s a terrible design,
and not only the Freedom Tower, the buildings around it. They have roofs
at all different angles. It looks like a junkyard,
and it shouldn’t be built. If we build this job the way
it is, the terrorists win. If we rebuild the World
Trade Center, but a story taller
and stronger, then we win. I watched when the World Trade
Center came tumbling down, and I watched in Jersey City,
New Jersey, where thousands
and thousands of people were cheering as that building
was coming down. The World Trade Center came down
during his brother’s reign. Remember that. -He’s had the gall to go
after my mother. -Hold on.
-Let me finish. He’s had the gall
to go after my mother. -That’s not keeping us safe.
-Look, I won the lottery — -Everyone who helped
clear the rubble — and I was there, and I watched,
and I helped a little bit. And I was down there, also. But I’m not considering myself
a first responder, but I was down there. I spent a lot of time down there
with you.

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  • Google this : " Larry Silverstein WTC 7 blueprints in April of 2000 ". Trump is close to "Lucky Larry". Larry ADMITS from his own mouth to having blueprints to WTC 7 in April 2000. This is iron clad foreknowledge. Now, here we are as tax payers, flipping the bill for 9/11 victims. Maybe Larry should chip in with his double indemnity payout. If Trump was anything other than a shill, he would expose Silverstein and Giuliani for their part in this monumental lie. Don't take my word for it. Don't be a typical American. Be a patriot and do your own research. Google it.. Here's the youtube tag: watch?v=8DhVY5CNv2E

  • It was a black ops. Do a whole 30 minutes of research and you'll discover what was shown to us by the media that day was mostly pre-recorded. NO BS. Covert operation using Trump as bait to dismantle the agenda behind black operations now leaked in my profile.

  • He trump has always believed he is the most famous man in the world. He is but the fame comes from being the most despicable, demented, disingenuous, vile, waste of skin this planet has seen in the 21st century. Shame on us all for letting him get away with it. If they can't impeach then we must. Vote him gone. The only place people truly want to see him is behind bars, without microphones so we never have to hear him again.馃崐馃崉

  • Flim flam jackass psycho skank. The Republicans aren't in power they're simply turning off all the lights and stuffing their pockets in the dark. Running Nazi summer camps for teens, gutting the FDA, turning the economy into a dumpster sale for China isn't power, its sloth. Its weakness. A piece of the rotten, rat infested American Pie. We're not together anymore, the Nazi/Republicans have infected the system and tainted the cure. Its time to leave.

  • Washington post on a sacred mission to show D. Trump as bad as possible. All my life I believed that US media is the most credible in the whole world — until 2016. And what you tried to show? That he is dumb? Or lacks dramatic compassion? Or what exactly?

  • Washington post on a sacred mission to show D. Trump as bad as possible. All my life I believed that US media is the most credible in the whole world — until 2016. And what you tried to show? That he is dumb? Or lacks dramatic compassion? Or what exactly?

  • I'm should be shocked, right? He is lauded as some great patriot, yet he lies about participating in the clean up efforts with our brave and truly patriotic first responders? That man probably doesn't even know what a broom is! I'm not shocked, because he's proven himself to be a world class liar and narcissist, but it still sickens me. And this on the tail of his racist rants. I wonder how Fox news and his batshit crazy base will spin this pile.

  • he is so utterly full of bullshit. he claimed that he saw people jumping from buildings ~ when he was 4 miles away. jfc. and that's just one claim he's made. like most everything that comes out of his mouth, there is nothing to back it up other than his own delusions.

  • They found a landing gear piece 5ft by 4ft by 17inches wedged in an 18 inch gap between two buildings in a rubbish-filled alleyway with BOEING Written on it and a seriel number but I highly doubt rope was used to lower the landing gear instead of hydraulics, I think it was just put there.

  • The fact that he lied about being there is no shock to anyone, he's a habitual liar. I remain shocked, or maybe I shouldn't be about the fact that people know he's lying about being there and once again they don't care.

  • Trump also lied about "40 Wall Street" being the second tallest building after The World Trade center when actually @927 ft it is actually 18th in place. WOW what a LIAR WOW

  • Its true. I was there too. I saw Trump on several occasions. I worked 2 blocks away from ground zero. Trump is a great man. Great President.

  • He was indeed there. There is plenty of video proof of him doing interviews at ground zero. The only liar is again this trash reporter.

  • Congratulations U.S.A. You have gone from one of the most powerful nations on earth, to one of the most embarrassing. You elected him. Maybe this time focus on the person running for office.

  • On February 2, 2005 the Remember 9/11 Health Act was introduced but Obama had many years to do what Trump did yesterday but chose NOT to do it in all the years he was in the white house milking the American people for millions..

    The Obama's entered the White House with a $1.3 million net worth in 2008. That has since grown to $40 million, according to a 2018 estimation.

    According to Title 3 of the US code, a president earns a $400,000 salary


  • New York Newsday reported in its Sept. 14, 2001 paper that Trump visited Ground Zero on Sept. 13, two days after the attacks

    That same day, Trump was interviewed on the outskirts of the site by a German television station. Telling the reporter he had just visited Ground Zero

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  • That's right murica..!!! 19 cave dwellers (mostly saudi's nationals whom many are still alive today) managed to outsmart the multi-trillion $ defense and intelligence agencies. CIA, DOD, NORAD, FBI, Government, Airport Security, Police enforcement… etc.

    They did all this with box cutters, indestructible passports & bandannas.. now considering most of these folks couldn't fly a kite, they managed to manually fly giant commuter planes with most of their navigational & flight systems turned off.. with pin point accuracy and well exceeding their aircraft's flight and structural limitations.

    The government immediately claimed they had no idea who was responsible and nor did they have any foreknowledge "aka intelligence", but the scripted presstitutes in the lame stream media, had within hours started pointing the finger at the bogeyman "OBL".. whom by the way, was never indicted for 9-11. (go figure)..?

    They brought down 3 buildings with 2 planes..? which collapsed at and near free fall acceleration and the other plane they buried "literally" in PA without a trace…

    NORAD were too preoccupied playing war games, Bush was making the most of photo opportunities at a school, Rumsfeld was helping pick up pieces of a missile.. oooops a plane, from the Pentagon lawn.
    The cash strapped Pentagon could only afford 1 camera made from a potato, and their 1 and only video took a few years to release.. with the wrong date and time stamp on it…?

    Meanwhile the liquefied steel that FEMA documented, the hundreds of eyewitnesses (including FDNY & NYPD) that reported many secondary explosion; from the basement, lobby and several of the intermediate floors prior to the buildings collapsing.. were all ignored by NIST and the 9-11 Omission..!!

    It took + 400 days to assemble a cherry picked commission, meanwhile most of the forensic evidence "steel" was shipped to China and India to be immediately scrapped – destroyed… nothing to see hear folks, move along..

    So approx. 15 million was issued to fund the 9-11 investigation… meanwhile the clinton and lewinsky BJ cost about 45 million..? hmmmm priorities???

    Anyway off to war we go..!!! in search of WMD's – weapons of mass DELUSIONS (ooops wrong country). +1.6 million deaths later.. and a US economy now +18 trillion in debt (you the tax payer) and no one has been held accountable??

  • The Crook (DJT) was there to grab some (thing) ? PU$$Y ? This con man will take advantage of any situation and then lie about it.

  • This time I believe Trump when he said that he helped on 9/11. He did it by staying away and not walking in the way.

  • This is Your President
    This is who represents you
    This is the man who shows what the USA means
    To Iran: this is the man whose word you must take
    To China: this is the man whose business acumin you must respect
    The World is watching,
    And it is watching all of you…

  • Thousands of well placed demolition explosives took down the Three Towers on 9/11. Then all the evidence was hurriedly removed and destroyed. And all you Americans are too weak to do anything about it.

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