What Trump has said about expanding gun background checks

-You can’t touch
the Second Amendment, and we have so many checks
and balances right now, and the federal government
does a horrible job. They don’t use them
properly. We’re going to be very strong
on background checks. We certainly have to strengthen
background checks. Everybody agrees with that. We will act.
Will do something. We have to keep the guns
out of the hands of those
that pose the threat, and this really includes
background checks. Background checks,
making them tougher — it’s never that easy,
but it’s moving along, and a lot of great things
are being done. We’re making them much tougher. I’m looking to do
background checks. I think background checks
are important. We need intelligent
background checks, okay? This isn’t a question of NRA,
Republican, or Democrat. There’s been no president
that feels more strongly about the Second Amendment
than I do. However, we need meaningful
background checks so that sick people
don’t get guns. I think, in the end, Wayne
and the NRA will either be there or maybe will be
a little bit more neutral. People don’t realize we have
very strong background checks right now. You go in to buy a gun,
you have to sign up. There are a lot of
background checks that have been approved
over the years, so I’ll have to see what it is, but Congress is meeting —
bipartisan. A lot of people want to see
something happen, but just remember this —
big mental problem, and we do have a lot of
background checks right now.

69 thoughts on “What Trump has said about expanding gun background checks

  • So as I understand it, it must be pretty difficult to get a gun in the US….what with those many background checks. Is that really true?

  • Speaking of guns and violence. Why don't you report about what happened in Illinois at a Democrat event? Where the democrats had a mock assassination of President Trump. That's right it shows the democrats are the ones who are hateful and violent.


  • All the experts say mental health is the issue with shooters. They are disturbed people that need help before they reach that point.

  • Hey liberals Chicago CRIMINALS
    don't give a Sh!t about Law's..
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    Liberalism is a MENTAL
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  • when one's favorite past time is to bash the president of the United States, and put down the country. Alex what is a anti-American leftists liberal?

  • "This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty…. The right of self defense is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction."
    – St. George Tucker, Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, 1803

  • If there's a will they will find a way regardless of gun law. But that is not to say we can't try to have stricter guidelines on gun purchase on the seller and the buyer. Maybe even restrict gun and amunition on sales online. Just mind boggling. Seems people who commit these types of crimes have nothing to live for and willing to go out in some dramatic way to get attention dead or alive. So sad.

  • We need to enforce laws and policies…not make new ones. How many times are we going to have these guys with guns who slipped by the systems due to negligence.

  • Every gun regulation is unconstitutional and anyone who puts forth a regulation or law is in violation of the Constitution. It is illegal in our Constitutional Republic to be tested, checked, or charged a fee to retain your rights regardless of the RIGHT. Under our form of Government even if everyone willingly gave up their rights except one person that persons RIGHTS would still remain and be protected.
    RIGHTS are not given by Government therefore under our Constitution government cannot take them away and anyone who writes, judges, or attempts to enforce said laws or regulations is committing treason against the Constitution.
    Article IV,Section 4. and Article VI of the Constitution are direct mandates forbidding such actions and the 9th and 10th Amendments are a reminder to Government that We The People have the power to nullify any law that is not provided for in the Constitution.

  • We can't touch the Second Amendment mr. President and we do not want the red flag law it will take innocent people's guns away from them due to false pretenses do not pasta red flag law we do not want it it's a bad law that will harm Americans by taking their rights away to keep and bear arms

  • I love when he keeps repeating the same word over and over again and then thinks he even got anything informative said after his answer. 🤔

  • Agar 12 ghante main pakistan ka Naib Army Chief announce na hua Or MI Sy karachi ka control wapis liye jane ka Foj ny Ealan na kia To ham Karachi Or baluchistan ki diwaren Aehtejaji naron sy bharwa den gae.

  • Trump will be for background checks if it was one of his kids who got shot and killed but since that's not the issue he could care less. Vote in 2020 and let's send this clown to jail.

  • If you background check your background check, we will strengthen your background check with bipartisan background checks to check, and we have to check the background. Background checks, China, background checks.

  • No nationwide mandatory E-Verify, no nationwide firearm background checks. The objections to both are the same.

  • No such thing as gun laws or gun control arm yourselves why because it works that’s why quit escaping the solution and quit listening to governments that have no more legitimacy why violation of the constitution of the United States what proof violation of natural born rights there can be no negotiating no debate no middle ground because there can be no middle ground the constitution says strictly no and no means no

  • You mean the background checks we already have? Sure it takes under 15 minutes for a background check but do keep in mind we have the technology to cross reference thousands of things at once. I can buy any gun in under 5 minutes in my state of Nevada. Just because it's short doesnt mean it skips anything

  • It amazes me how much rights have been took away from law abiding citizens. What part of shall not be infringed do people not understand?!?!?

  • The ANTIFA Shooter who killed 9 people in DAYTON OHIO had been on ANTI DEPRESSANTS all of his life ! It is obviously the same person a young white male from middle class who has been on ANTI Depressants ! That alone should BAR u from ever owning a firearm !

  • The legislative branch creates new laws. If the legislative branch can do this at any time why look to the President. Look to the congress first.

  • How many times can you say background checks, and does nothing about it. He has the power at the stroke of a pen to make it happen but yet he does not!

  • Ignorance only the NRA can buy. Show of hands— Who thinks the current system of background checks is working? Anybody? *crickets chirp

  • Leave the guns alone Trump. I didn’t vote for you to Fck with the second amendment. Who cares about what the democrats and communist say. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!! PERIOD…..

  • These rights are not given by you, the government, but imbued in us by our creator. Shall not be infringed. For further information, please read our document which limits YOUR rights, Mr. Government

  • we already have background checks.  what crooked politicians mean when they say expanding background checks is making everybody get a psych evaluation before you can purchase a gun, aka mental health screening.  once this law is established it will be only a short amount of time before thinking defending yourself with a gun is a mental disease.  then if you want to own a gun you are crazy and cant own a gun.  backdoor gun ban from banker puppets.  the second amendment has already been infringed enough, we need a restoration of the constitution.

  • Police officers around the country are sick & tired of Democrats tossing them under the bus.😠 The day is coming where local & state law enforcement agencies will stand down & give up on protecting citizens. If you haven't purchased your own firearms, I highly recommend you do.

  • Here's a reminder to those against enhanced gun regulations using the 2nd Amendment argument: There's already countless "infringements" to owning a gun. And the Supreme Court has ruled that access to guns "is not unlimited".

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