“What Young People Would Like to See”: Vermont Delegate at the Republican National Convention

– Some people might look at
you and where you’re from, you’re from Vermont, and they might say, “Well, why isn’t he a
Bernie Sanders supporter?” Are there some issues where you agree with him and not others? Or, do you think that his entire agenda is just basically off the mark? – No, there’s a few things
I actually agree with Bernie Sanders on as a
libertarian conservative. His foreign policy I don’t
think is too strange. I think I can agree with some
aspects of his foreign policy. He’s for auditing the fed, which I’m for. And he’s for ending NSA spying, which I’m also for. So we do agree on some things. – Okay, if you were going to… Well let me ask it this way, to the extent that your classmates, are you a junior or a senior? – I’m a rising senior. – Rising senior, okay, so
to the extent you talk about your position here or just
your position as a Republican, or you get asked about it, what do you say to your peers and what kind of response
do you get from them? – Yeah, well I think
it’s important to have a free flowing conversation of ideas, especially in academia in the school, so if someone asks me, I’ll articulate my position and I’ll have them do the same. I think a good thoughtful discussion, instead of insults and
rhetoric is good to have especially in a school environment. – Do you get a lot of insults
though from classmates, or just sort of people making fun of you, or thinking your strange? I imagine a lot of your classmates and a lot of their
parents are pretty liberal or progressive or what have you. What is the reaction from them? – Well I have gotten some, you know, not so great comments from some. But I think a lot of people really appreciate what I’m doing, no matter what side they’re on. I encourage people no
matter what side they’re on to get involved, and so I think they’re happy
that I’m doing the same. – Sure, so you’re wearing
your Ted Cruz button. He was speaking today. You’re a Cruz supporter, so
what do you know about his education positions and
why you support that? – Well I was originally for Rand Paul. – Oh okay. – After he dropped out, Ted Cruz was my natural second choice. – Sure, makes sense. – They’re not too far
apart, position wise. As far as Ted Cruz education plan goes, it’s ending the common core, as you said. It’s making colleges more affordable by ending regulations. I can go into strange
regulations that colleges have that doesn’t make any sense, that leads to increase of fees. So those are his plans that
I agree with education wise.

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