Whatever Happened To USA Goalie Hope Solo?

If you this two-time Olympic gold medalist
and World Cup champion Hope Solo was a fighter on the soccer pitch, just wait until you hear
about the battles she's waged off the field. Here's what Hope Solo has been up to. Focusing on her personal life Solo's relationship with former NFL tight
end Jerramy Stevens got off to a rocky start. In 2012, police in Kirkland, Washington arrested
Stevens for allegedly assaulting and injuring Solo during a house party. The very next day, a judge dropped the charges,
per the Kirkland Reporter, and the couple tied the knot. But more trouble followed. "I was the victim of domestic violence at
the hands of my 17 year old nephew.” In 2014, Solo was arrested and charged with
domestic violence against her half-sister and nephew, but charges were dropped for good
in 2018, according to a local NBC affiliate. And in 2015, the LA Times reported Stevens
received 30 days in jail after a DUI arrest in which he was driving a U.S. soccer van
with Solo as a passenger. Solo was suspended for 30 days by U.S. Soccer
as a result. But since then, it appears to be smooth sailing. The pair relocated from Washington to North
Carolina where they live a lowkey life on 60 acres of farmland. In 2017, Solo told Ville Magazine, that they
wanted to get away from the media spotlight and focus on healthy lifestyle changes. Fighting for equality Following her suspension from U.S. Soccer
and the termination of her contract in 2016, Solo claimed in the documentary Keeping Score
that the decision wasn't based on her comments or actions, but due to her advocacy for equal
pay. She said, "They're going to use my comments as an excuse
to get rid of me forever so that they don't have to deal with such a strong voice and
opposition to field conditions and playing conditions and pay." "I am more impassioned about this fight now,
than I ever have been before.” Solo and other high-profile players filed
a complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that same year. Solo also partnered with Street Soccer USA,
a non-profit organization that seeks to quote, "fight poverty and empower underserved communities
through soccer." In her role as diversity ambassador, Solo
pushes for more female representation in the coaching ranks. "The more female coaches involved, then the
more young girls that will participate in the sport of soccer.” Calling U.S. Soccer out In a 2018 op-ed for The Guardian, Solo blasted
the U.S. women's soccer team stating that quote, "something is broken," as the team
is made up almost entirely of what she called, quote, "the white girls next door." "US Soccer's mission statement is to make
soccer the preeminent sport here in the United States. We can't do that unless we make it accessible." Solo urged that the scouting system needs
a complete overhaul to have a bigger presence in underserved communities. She wrote, "Scouts and coaches typically focus on the
suburbs of big cities – usually where there is an MLS team – and wait for kids to come
to them. […] There are some great kids in those programs
but it is not the only way to find talent." She said of the Street Soccer USA program, "What they're doing not only makes our communities
better, it makes the world a better place for all of us." Running for USSF president Despite being suspended from the game, Solo
ran to be in charge of it, according to the New York Times. In her official Facebook announcement, she
outlined the need for equal pay, as well as diversity in scouting, writing, "Soccer has always been a middle-class sport
and in more recent times, has become an upper-middle-class sport. […] I know exactly what U.S. Soccer needs
to do, I know exactly how to do it, and I possess the fortitude to get it done." But establishment candidate Carlos Cordeiro
went on to win the 2018 election. Hollywood calling Joining the ranks of sports legends Muhammad
Ali, Babe Ruth, and Steve Prefontaine, Deadline reports that Argent Pictures has optioned
Solo's life story rights. Writer-director Christine Crokos said, "Hope Solo is a force of nature who broke
down walls in women's sports, both as a player and as a humanitarian. Her story is one of pure trailblazing and
fierce athleticism – one that many generations to come will honor and look up to." As of mid 2019, there is no scheduled release
date for the film. Still in the game? Solo hasn't played competitive soccer since
the 2016 Olympics, but she's not ready to hang up the cleats just yet. She told the AP in 2017, "Let's be clear, a goalkeeper peaks a little
bit later in their career, so I feel like I have many years ahead of me if that opportunity
arises. I'm very happy with my career should I walk
away from the game today, but I'm not one to retire. I have not retired." Although she and U.S. Soccer aren't on the
best of terms, Solo hoped to play in the 2019 World Cup. She said, "I'm in the best shape of my life, […] Should
[U.S. Soccer] welcome me back, then I will be in the goal competing […] but it's highly
unlikely they are going to ask for me to come back." And they didn't. The USSF tapped Adrianna Franch, Ashlyn Harris,
and Alyssa Naeher to tend goal for the 2019 Cup. But while she won't be on the field, Solo
will be continuing to fight for equality in the sport. She told the AP in May 2019, "I am really happy where I am in life. […] I fulfilled everything that I wanted
to fulfill on the field. […] I hold almost every goalkeeping record. I am not sure there is much more that I could
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