What’s In My Wallet? | 2017 Review of Credit Cards That Are New, Staying & Leaving

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute.
Happy holidays! In this video, we’re going to review what credit cards are in my
wallet at the end of 2017, and which ones are out. (light chiming music) With the end of the year comes
an opportunity to reevaluate which cards are staying in my wallet, and which ones
are leaving. So, here’s a rundown of my current credit cards. First, we’ll cover
the newcomers in my wallet this year. Number 1: The Chase Ink Business
Preferred: Since Trip Astute is now an LLC, I wanted to make sure to separate my
business and personal spending. I decided to get the Ink Business Preferred, and I
love it. The card not only came with an 80,000 point opening bonus, but
it has bonus spending categories that match up with our business spending,
especially when it comes to advertising and travel expenses. Also, I like that the
Ink Preferred offers cell phone damage coverage when we pay our mobile phone
bill with the card. The card is definitely a keeper in my wallet.
Number 2: The Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus. I wasn’t planning to get
this card, but then Chase and Southwest offered a promotion for California
residents that allowed us to get a free companion pass with just one purchase. I
was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to qualify because of Chase’s 5/24 rule, but
after I did a quick search on Credit Karma,
I found that I only had four cards in the past two years. So, I recently applied
and I got it. And now I should be getting a Southwest companion pass for 2018,
which will be really helpful for some of our upcoming trips. Now we’re going to
cover some of the cards that have become a regular part of my everyday carry this
year. Number 1: Chase Sapphire Reserve. You all know how much I love Chase’s
Ultimate Rewards points, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. I still love my Sapphire
Reserve, and it’s probably the most valuable card in my wallet since I tend
to spend a lot on dining out and travel expenses, especially with parking
expenses here in L.A. This card works really well for me.
Also, the $300 annual travel credit makes this card feel like
it only has a $150 annual fee, which helps me justify the annual cost.
Number 2: American Express Blue Cash Preferred. You might be wondering why I
carry a cash back card when all I talk about is points and miles. Well, the
American Express Blue Cash Preferred card gives me 6% cashback on
groceries and 3% back on gas. Even though I love points, it makes sense
for me to earn cash back on those categories of spend and put the money
toward my travel budget. Number 3: Chase Freedom. This card is a real
workhorse in my wallet. I try to take advantage of the 5% quarterly
rotating bonus categories, which can earn around 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points every
quarter. With no annual fee, this card is definitely staying in my wallet.
Number 4: Chase Freedom Unlimited. This card is my go-to card for any
expense that’s not covered by a bonus category. It earns a flat rate of 1.5
points per dollar. It’s a great “no nonsense” card for expenses where I can’t maximize
a bonus category. Number 5: Discover It. Like the Chase Freedom, the Discover It
card offers a rotating quarterly bonus. However, similar to my American Express
Blue Cash Preferred card, it earns cash back rather than points. But I can put
that money toward my travel budget. So, those are the cards I actually carry in
my wallet. However, I do have a bunch of other credit cards that I don’t
necessarily carry with me all the time, but I do keep active because I get some
kind of benefit or reward with them. So, here’s a list of the cards that I have
as well. Number 1: Chase IHG Rewards Club Select. I’ve covered this card in
several videos. I basically keep it because I get Platinum Elite status with
IHG, and more importantly, a free anniversary night certificate as part
of my $49 annual fee. The free night alone is worth so much more than the
annual fee. The next card on my list is the Chase Hyatt card. Like the IHG
Rewards Club card, this card offers a bump in loyalty status and provides a
free night every year with an annual fee of $75. There are a ton of awesome hotels
in Hyatt’s portfolio where you can use your annual certificate. We just did a
video on the Andaz Mayakoba in Mexico, which is part of the Hyatt umbrella of
brands. So there are plenty of luxurious places where you can redeem your annual
free night. Next is the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card.
I’ve actually contemplated canceling this card, but the reason I keep it is
for the lounge passes, priority boarding, and additional award availability. If you
have this card, you’ll actually see more awards seat availability for flights. To
me, these benefits are worth the $95 annual fee. But since I have been flying United
as much as past year, I’m still not sure it’s gonna make the cut in 2018. The
Chase Ink Business Cash is another card that I keep and use. I have another side
business that I run, so I use the Ink Business Cash for all those expenses. I
also charge my internet and streaming services on this card since it earns
five points per dollar on purchases from office supply stores, internet, cable, and
phone services. It doesn’t have an annual fee, but it’s a great card to have,
especially since it earns Ultimate Rewards points. And sadly, there are a few
cards that I’m not planning to keep in 2018. They include the following: Number
1: Club Carlson Premier Rewards. While I have a ton of Club Carlson points thanks
to this card, I have to admit that I seem to struggle with finding places to
redeem the points. I know that Club Carlson has some incredible resorts
around the world, and their Radisson Blu brand is popular and luxurious, but I
honestly have not had a chance to redeem the points. So even though I get 40,000
Club Carlson points every year with my $75 annual fee, I’m not sure that it
makes sense to keep this card. Number 2: Citi Double Cash. This was my go-to cash
back card for a long time, and I was using it from my non-bonus category
spend. However, the Chase Freedom Unlimited has really taken over when it
comes to my non-bonus spend, so I’ll likely either cancel this card or just
keep it in the drawer. So that’s my wallet wrap-up for 2017. Let me know what
you think in the comment section below. Also, I would love to hear what cards are
staying in your wallet in the new year. If you enjoyed this video or found it
useful, please hit the “like” button and consider subscribing. Also, sign-up for
our newsletter by visiting our website, and also checking out the latest credit
card offers on our site. I hope you have a wonderful holiday
season. Until next time, travel safe and travel smart.

19 thoughts on “What’s In My Wallet? | 2017 Review of Credit Cards That Are New, Staying & Leaving

  • Good info…I use most of chase cards!!! Next March I’ll drop off the 5/24 rule so plan to get some business cards from chase also 👍

  • Thanks for more useful information. Just a quick question…Of my 5/24 cards, one is a store card (with no MC or VISA logo on it ) does Chase actually count this as a 5th card? So other words I'm possibly already 4/24…?

  • The Citi DC is one of my favorite cards and it never leaves my wallet.  I totally understand putting non-category spend on the CFU if you're focusing on UR points, but I would definitely hang on to the DC, especially since it doesn't cost anything to keep it, just in case later on you decide to switch back to it for whatever reason.

  • Nice list! Here's what I presently have:

    Chase Freedom (x2, recently converted a Slate into a second Freedom)
    Chase Freedom Unlimited
    Chase Ink Preferred
    US Bank Cash+
    Nusenda CU Platinum Cash Rewards
    Vantage West CU Connect Rewards
    Amex Blue Cash Everyday

    I also have a Sallie Mae Commence MasterCard, which is basically useless to me now, and a Wells Fargo Platinum Visa, which is also basically useless except it's my oldest account, I'm thinking of changing it to the WF Visa Signature if they let me have the 6 month of 5% gas/grocery offer – I'll have to make the change when gas/grocery at 5% for 2 quarters makes more sense, as I'm about to have those categories come up in q1 and q2 on my rotating cards.

    Here's what I'm going to be applying for soon:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    DuPage CU Platinum Rewards Visa
    Hyatt Visa
    IHG MasterCard
    Amazon Prime Visa
    Discover It
    Spirit Airlines MasterCard
    Sears MasterCard

    I'm also going to have my dad add me as an authorized user to his Citi Dividend.

    I recently opened an Insight Debit card for the 5% savings account (will try to get a second one at some point, as it's capped at $5k in deposits), had my Chase debit card switched to the Disney debit card, and filled out the app on Target's site for the Target Red debit card. I also found a CU with a local branch that offers a Kasasa checking account that gives you 5% cash back on the first $200 spent from your debit every month, which I will be opening soon. What's extra nice about this is that with the Target debit on this account, this would potentially mean 10% off at Target simply for using my debit card.

  • I say don't cancel Citi DC! Keep it as no annual fee and long term, if ever, you wanted a Citi card, you have a relationship with them – I am not a fan of Citi and love Chase as you do, but there is no gain, in my opinion, of canceling the card vs keeping active 🙂

  • I think you're the only travel/credit card person I follow that doesn't have both the CSR AND the AMEX Platinum. Did you have the AMEX before or are you considering getting it?

  • Wallet
    1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
    2. Chase Freedom
    3. Discover IT
    4. Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card

    Digital Wallet
    1. Chase Freedom (for Bonus Apple Pay)

  • Awesome video.  You're daily driver line up looks exactly like mine – CSR, CF, CFU, Amex BCP, and Disc It.  I'll be getting the Chase IHG and the Chase Marriot or Hyatt as well.  That would be a good video for you to do if you don't mind – Chase Marriott vs Chase Hyatt.  I'm unsure which to get between the two.

  • Thanks for the credit update! Keep it up!
    -Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel
    Subscriber Goal 89/100

  • Question: why do you use chase freedom unlimited for cashback purchases that dont fit into rotating categories when citi double cash is 2% and chase is 1.5?

  • Hey there!
    I know it’s kind of irrelevant but can you tell me if i spend $4,000 on a 0% APR credit card for 15 months,what will be my minimum payment prr month?
    Thank you!

  • Hey!
    I have an Amex Everyday card with a limit of $2,000.I got this card 3 weeks ago.On that card my balance is $800.I paid a bit more than the first minimum payment.Can i go online now and as for a credit limit of total $5,000?
    Thank you!

  • Hey there!
    I have 4 credit cards including one Old navy store charge card with $3,000 limit.So will this $3,000 will count towards my total available credit?
    Thank you

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