What’s New In Downtown Detroit Retail?

– Hey, this is James Cook,
and today we’re in Detroit, and I’m here with my friend. – Mark Ehgotz with GH+A Design. – I was telling you, I
think it’s probably been four or five years since I’ve been here, so what’s the biggest change? – Probably the influx of
people living downtown. – So this is Woodward? – Yeah, we’re on Woodward Avenue downtown. – We’ve got the Shinola Hotel. I see a Shinola store, Le Labo, Madewell. – We have Lululemon behind
us, WeWork, Warby Parker. John Varvatos, I think,
has been here a few years. Being from Detroit, it made sense for him to open a shop here. – What was this like 10 or 15 years ago? – Well, actually even longer, it’s been for the most part boarded up. Yeah, for I would say almost 50 years, Woodward and the retail part
of Detroit didn’t exist. We’re in Campus Martius, which
is our hub, it’s amazing. – [James] This seems like
the downtown place to be in the summertime. – [Mark] It is. And winter. – So we’re staying across the street from this former Hudson’s
department store site, which was, at one time,
probably the retail center of the universe for Detroit, right? – Yeah, it was spectacular. The site’s getting a new building. It’s gonna be a mixed use building. This will fill a void that’s been missing and will help complete
this stretch of Woodward and the retail blood lines. – It’s different than other cities, and maybe it’s a little
bit grittier in some way. – Very, very. – Do you get that feeling a little bit? – It is, and actually
that’s not a negative, that’s a positive. – That’s part of what–
– People love the attitude. – This is an insane Blade Runner alley that we’re in right now. – Service area between a parking deck and the back of house for businesses. Adding local artists,
national artists come in commission them to
install artwork. Activity with outdoor seating, opening
up the backside of businesses. At night it’s even
better with the lighting. The detail, the hands on quality, the grittiness, but it’s beautiful. I love coming here, especially at night, and there’s a cool little
club bar down there. We get drinks. DJs playing Detroit techno, – Yeah. – It’s really good, it’s
really got a good vibe. – All right, so we just
jumped into this spot, this little nook in the Shinola Hotel. It’s like a game room. – Mm-hmm, great palette, very Detroit. – How does the Shinola brand play? Does that help the Detroit brand? – Absolutely, they help each other, and Shinola now with the
hotel, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not just retail, it’s a lifestyle. – I wish I were staying here, man. This place is awesome, next time. Okay, so now we’re
walking through Greektown, and this is retail that is not new. It’s mostly food and beverage,
restaurants and bars. – It’s a destination.
Greek restaurants, Pegasus. They’ve been around as
far as I can remember. Mark Wahlberg just opened up Wahlburgers. – Wahlburgers, sure! – Five Guys. I used to come
down here as a teenager and you’d bring your date. – Right. – But yeah, there’s still really good food, good entertainment. – Now we’re at Detroit Shipping Company. So this is like a food hall
made out of shipping container. – It’s active; there’s DJs. There’s outdoor area,
indoor area, great food. – What’s your favorite thing to eat here? – It’s like an Asian fusion little place, and I get the pho, it’s awesome. – Oh man.
– Yep. – It’s getting towards
suppertime, I’m getting hungry. Maybe we need to turn around and go in there and grab some food. All right, so now we’re in midtown. We’re hanging out in front
of the Shinola flagship. We just picked up some iced coffee. What’s up with this block? It seems like there’s a bunch of cool little retail stuff right here. – Yeah, no, it’s a unique
street, it’s Canfield. This used to be the old Willys Jeep, one of the Willys Jeep
buildings in Detroit, so it’s been repurposed. – Willys Jeep? – Willys Jeep.
– What is that? – Willys was a Jeep actually for the war. It’s a repurposed building, so there’s now lofts built on top. It’s near Wayne State, a lot of students. Nice brewing company, Motor
City Brewing, across the street. So you get a little bit of everything: retail, food, entertainment. – We’re ending our tour in kind of the coolest retail spot,
perhaps, in Detroit? – I think so. They’re actually doing vinyl pressing. We’re at Third Man Records. Jack White, local kid, has
done very well for himself, but still very tied to
the community and Detroit. It’s a great space,
very affordable product, unique, very unique. I bring people from all
over to show them this. This is one of my best stops for sure. – I mean, I’m just looking around. There’s elements of a museum. Then it’s a working
record pressing factory. Then it’s like an old school record store, but there’s a lounge, there’s a stage. – Live music, yes. – This is flippin’ amazing,
this place is so cool! – You can do everything in here. Yeah, it’s fun. – All right, well, thanks
for showing me around some retail in rock city today, man. I really appreciate it.
– No problem. All right, thanks.
– Yeah, this has been great. (upbeat music)

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