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Today’s episode of total freedom TV, I
want to talk about a little bit of confusion I’m seeing on the marketplace.
I believe people are confused between marketing and selling. An honor make it
very very clear. They’re completely different. They’re different energies
that they’re not anything about them is the same at all. People are so confused.. You’d be a great salesperson, terrible marketer. You’d be great marketer, a terrible
salesperson. Marketing is about curiosity and getting people engaged and excited.
Sales is about people getting clear and making a decision. They’re completely different. Completely different. Here’s we go to understand, you know you’re in a
sales position when you’re talking to someone. Marketing’s job is to get you in
a sales position. So if you’re talking to someone on a video, on a webinar or on a
phone call or face-to-face, that sales. So here’s we go to understand, you don’t
need a website to make sales. The whole point of the website, the whole point of
marketing, is just to get the person sitting with you so you can enroll them
in your program then you you’re literally
not getting them to the place you need to get them to. You need people turning
up to a sales call excited and curious about how it’s going to work for them
and then the sales call get some clear. it’s very simple. And then fulfillment is
different again. And I hear I see so many people starting to teach and do the fulfillment
and these other two aspects. Three separate places want to make sure you’re
really clear. Let me ask you this, which one do you need to work on? Do you need to work on marketing? Do you need more engagement, more excitement, more
attention? Or do you need to work on your sales? Are you getting people in front of
you and you’re not actually getting them to enroll. It’s very easy to build a
business online, choose the areas you need. There’s a video you should all
watch. It’s a five metrics to grow any video. If you’ve watched this you’re
going to love it. I’ll post the link below. Talk to you soon.

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