♪ She’s a Mona Lisa ♪ ♪ Mona, Mona, Mona Lisa ♪ ♪ Everyone’s lining up to see her ♪ ♪ Mona, Mona, Mona Lisa ♪ ♪ There must be something
’bout her features ♪ ♪ Something ’bout her features ♪ ♪ You’ll find her beauty
goes much deeper ♪ ♪ Once you get to meet her ♪ ♪ She’s a Mona Lisa ♪ ♪ Mona, Mona, Mona ♪ ♪ Everyone’s lining up to see her ♪ ♪ Mona, Mona, Mona ♪ ♪ There must be something
’bout her features ♪ ♪ You’ll find her beauty
goes much deeper ♪ ♪ Once you get to meet her ♪ – [Ann] And here is what happened. Somebody backed in my car. This is so sad. – So, a truck just hit me
from behind on the side. Yeah, I don’t even know
what to say about it. Like, I’m just really not
trying to let it consume me. Obviously, both of us did not
want any of this to happen. The guy who hit me didn’t see me. I had thought that he saw me. I have to figure out what I’m gonna do, if I can find a place
that will fix this mess and, in time because throughout the whole month of
October I have to travel. I made a commitment, bought
tickets and everything, made plans to travel. I was on my way to getting my facial, and I was like, you know what, I can’t just go back home
and like, dwell on this, and make phone calls right away. I was like, I’m just gonna
commit to getting my facial. Get my facial. It was nice. It was relaxing. I got to lie down, just kind
of like, take in everything. I’m gonna head back now. I have to drive though West
Hollywood in this traffic, and I’m kinda like scared now. I’m like, (gasps) I don’t wanna get hit. I don’t know. It’s like one of that… It’s like, this year has just been, these past couple months
has just been like, woo-hoo-hoo-hoo, so many things. But, yeah. – [Ann] We are going
to hit the gym tonight. I’m going to take a bag class. I took bag class. I take a variety of classes. So, I do like mixed martial arts. I do a little Jiu-Jitsu. I haven’t been really practicing Jiu-Jitsu in the last two or three months throughout the summer just because
I’ve been like back and forth from traveling, and I got injured from training. And so, I’ve just been
really rethinking about what it is I want to
focus on for a workout. I mean, I love to stay active. I love taking bag class. It’s like kickboxing. Krav Maga. I took a little break from Krav Maga. I do do it every now and then. It’s just the schedule, the
schedule is just tricky for me. And so, today I need to
relieve some of that stress. There’s just so much
like, in me right now, like this overwhelming stress feeling that I need to relieve, and, my training has been helping me in the past couple years, releasing like some of this anger from just dealing with so many BS, and people, and all the situations. Instead of holding it in, I
let it all out at the gym. So, that’s what I need tonight. And, that’s what we’re
going to be doing tonight. ♪ Something precious like
you should be never open ♪ ♪ It takes time to ♪ ♪ To compromise you ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you’re worth it ♪ ♪ Don’t let them touch your surface ♪ – Well I got my package today from this brand called Love Hair. I use one of their products in my, I think it was sustainable
gift idea videos. Apparently, they are one of
the natural brands out there. Like, they’re into very,
very natural ingredients. I’m really excited about that because, that is where I’m trying to steer toward. I wouldn’t say I’m 100%
like au naturale, yet. But, a lot of my things are more natural than what’s out there. I’m really excited,
and I’m looking forward to trying their volumizing dry shampoo. I know that dry shampoo have
a lot of toxic ingredients, the ones that are out there, right now. So, to see one from a natural brand, I’m pretty excite about that. So, these are some of the
ingredients, you guys. This definitely looks a lot less than what you see out there. So, yes, I’m gonna be trying out this dry shampoo ’cause
I worked out today. And, I’ll let you guys know
throughout the day how it works, and, how I like it. – I’m kind of sad and
excited, both at the same time to move out of this place. Right now, my room looks nice and bright. On camera it looks nice and bright but, it’s really dark in here and sometimes it feels like I’m away from life. And, I feel just so secluded. Ah but, anyways, I know that’s random. Today I am wearing another NARS lipstick. They gave me like this
whole thing of lipstick and, it’s just been sitting around. So, I was like, you know what? I want to oop! (laughs) I want to play around
with different colors. So, this is my lipstick today,
and it’s called Morocco. It’s a really pretty fall
color, it’s very similar to the other one that I wore
that was called Casablanca. It’s like a mauvey-orange. The other is brighter, this
one is more toned down, if you could tell. I don’t know if you could tell, but. It still have like that orangey
look and I really love it. I’m still wearing that
Kiehl’s Lip Butter underneath, which has like a nude color tint to it. And then, I’m wearing this over. It’s so pretty. It’s like a really,
really pretty fall color. It’s like fall and orangey. So, I’m like, I’m loving
all these colors from NARS. And, it’s not like too matte. I can’t stand matte lipstick ’cause they’re just really,
really dry on my lips. And then, I’m going to try this on. I went to the gym today. I didn’t wash my hair, but
my hair still feels good. It’s like a little bit dry. I’m gonna go pick up my boyfriend. I haven’t talked to you
guys about my boyfriend. But, we met this year,
and we’ve been together for over half a year now. And so, that’s why I feel a
little bit more comfortable, easing my was into this. But, it’s been pretty good, so far. And, maybe you guys will meet him. Yes, I’m gonna to see him pretty soon. I’m gonna try this out right now. So, I’m gonna try underneath. It has like a nice cooling effect to it. Try a little bit over here. Feel like I really don’t need that much. Mm-hmmm. It’s usually around
here that it goes flat. So, dry shampoo. And, I’ll let you guys
now how I like this. I want to show you my
outfit, too, for today. It’s just a tank dress. It’s really comfortable. I really don’t know
what to wear underneath this because, it’s very thin. Like, I tried wearing this without a bra. It’s very thin and even
if I wear nipple covers, like, you could see the nipple covers, and, I don’t like that look. So, I’m just gonna wear a bra. I don’t care like, if
my strap really shows. It’s more of a casual look,
the slit’s underneath here. And, I’ll show you my shoes. So, I could wear this with
like, sandals, sneakers, pretty much like, whatever. It’s really comfortable. It’s like a nice casual fall dress or, I could wear in the summer. Feels like summer right now, but. Yep, this is my dress. – Out at the farmers market, and just picking up some mint and some berries. And then, we’re gonna go back and probably make some spring
rolls tonight, for dinner. (soothing music) (upbeat music) – All right guys, so I’m
at my boyfriend’s place. And, making some dinner tonight. So, we are going to make
a Vietnamese spring roll with some white fish. And, this is what I’m doing here. I just kind of soaking
some fresh mint, and we got this at the farmers market today. And then, I’m just gonna
wash some of this lettuce. This is some fresh organic
lettuce that we also got from the farmers market. So, I’m gonna wash this, rinse this out, boil this. (soothing music) – We have everything ready to go. And then, these are all the fillings. I made the sauce. This is hoisin sauce with peanut
butter and a little chili. And then, we just need the fish and then, we’ll be all set and ready to eat. – It’s stuck to the…thing. So, what… Okay? There. – I made a chubby roll. – Chipotle burrito. (laughs) – A burrito. – We gotta Chipotle. Like that. – You fold in the side that you… You fold it down and
then you fold the sides, and, then you finish the roll. (crunch) Mmmm. – And, we just left the
Medterra CBC office. And, now we’re heading to pick up Vincent, to go out for lunch. And, they just gave us
some stuff to try out. Which is pretty exciting
because I ran out of CBD oil that I’ve been using before. I’ve never used their brand before so, it should be interesting. I’m excited to try it out. So far, this is what they gave me. This is for women on their menstrual cycle. And then, this is for sleep. And then, inside, we have this. I used to use the 500 milligram
and it helped me a lot with workouts, so I’m
excited to use this one from this brand, from their brand. Heard it’s really good. Troy’s been using it and
he really likes it, so. This should be exciting. – So, so far, every time I vlog, it’s usually when I’m eating. Promise you guys, I do more than just eat. But, we are at this restaurant
called Boiling Point. And, I go this veggie dish. I’m gonna add some corn with
that, and some quail eggs. And then, some rice. It’s really good. Just waiting for this to
boil so that way I can put in the vegetable and the eggs. Everything is mostly there, it’s nice to have it nice and hot. – Hey loves, it’s Ann. So, I wanted to just go back and brushed up on this situation that had happened to me. Now, that I’m more in a calm state of mind
versus just getting out of that accident. And, just being and feeling overwhelmed. I want to just brush up on
this kind of conversation. ‘Cause a lot of us, we
all come across situations that we really do not wish we have to experience. But, it’s going to happen. And, it all happens so that
way we can just develop a more, I guess like a more
awareness of what we can do to make these kind of
situations better, grow from it, and, just strengthen our mental state of mind and our meant to beliefs, thoughts… I am in my rental. And, you guys probably see
this rental in my last vlog. But, I didn’t want to
post, I didn’t want to post the accident right away because I know that I have a lot to talk about. And, there are things that I want to share with you
regarding this situations, regarding what I’ve learned as a person. And, this year alone has
been very challenging and, I can’t compare it to
any other year as far as if it’s challenging more
than any other year. It’s really not because
it’s unique in it’s own way. I mean, there are just
so many challenges in the past few years, or throughout life. And, they’re all just
so different and unique in their own way because
they’re all teaching you how to evolve in different situations. So, this year is quite challenging. But, the past couple months
my emotions kind of like, went all over the place, and, I really didn’t know
how to make sense of it, how to take control of if. I just felt like it was taking over me. One thing happened after another. I didn’t want to be in
that victim mindset but, I was in that victim mindset. I was aware of it and I was really trying to get myself out of that, as well. So, I was in a little funk. I had a friend that kind
of like walked on me. In a business relationship,
this friend influenced me, got me into the process of this business. But, all together they just
neglected the whole project. And, I spent a lot of money on the project and, this person just
kind of like, flaked out. You know, one thing after
another really brings you down. Like that whole situation with the friend, this person that kind of
like, always encouraged me to start this business and,
say that they’re gonna be there for me and, that they’re going to take the big load off off my shoulder. And then, all the sudden, walk off on me, in the midst, in the middle of everything without giving me any sort of resolution, closure. I was just left to figure things out. And then, on top of that, a bunch of small situations
happened where it was just like, I felt like, everybody, everything wants something from me and, I was just kind of
giving, giving, giving whatever I have. I felt like I wanted to break apart. There were many situations,
many nights where I’d wake up and, I just get like, really
bad anxiety and stress. Because my emotions came
up like anger, resentment, sadness, fear, not knowing what to do. All that were submerging and
I really didn’t know what to do with all that energy
that was coming out and just… And, I didn’t want to ignore it. At the same time it was
very, very overwhelming. And then, so, with this
accident happening, I just felt like I wanted to surrender and just give up. And, give up in o sense of not… When you hear give up, you
think it’s such a bad thing. And, I feel like we’re so conditioned to that idea of like, giving
up is…nobody should give up, you should never give up. Give up means that you allowed defeat. That means you allow
yourself to be a loser. But, it’s okay to give up. Giving up can also mean surrendering. And, if you’re always
holding on to something, that’s almost like holding onto your ego. If you’re not giving up, is
it because you’re holding onto your ego of always
having to be right, of always having to be in
control of the situation of your life. And, I feel like when you
always feel like you need to have control of your
life, or have control of the situation, or have some sort of
control over your thoughts and what goes on. That’s what’s going to
create a lot of resistant in your life and just make
life so much more difficult. I feel like when I am
holding onto something, or holding onto always being right, or either just holding on
to trying to take control of my life. That is when I create so
much resistant to change. And, that’s what makes
things more difficult. And so, after this accident happened, I was just like, “Wow.” Like, what worse things,
what more can happen? Because, the same week
that the accident happened, I found out something
regarding my bank account that a thousand dollars was taken out. So, these are like little
examples of what happened. Like, a thousand dollar, I was charged a thousand dollar something within my bank account. And, I was just like, “What the heck?” Why are these little things happening? And, that’s kind of stressful. You know, like, when a thousand
dollars being taken out of your bank account. If I get mad, what good
is gonna come out of the situation? And, right after the car accident, when I got out of the car,
the man immediately came out. And, he already had
this mentality of like, an accident’s a bad thing
and, you need to go out there, you need to yell, you need to scream, you need to act stressed. Like, in his mind, he
already conditioned to think that he needs to be stressed. He needs to feel stressed and, he needs to act
stressed in the situation. So, when he came out he
was like, yelling like, “Oh, my God, what is going on?” “I did not see your car!” He was just trying to intiminate me so, that way I could feel
like I was in the wrong, stressing himself out. And so, at that moment I didn’t even want to bother with that. And, the first thing I said
to him was that, you know, let’s pull the car to the
side, let’s get off the street, and, let’s talk about this. And, he was quite surprised
because I was very, very calm when he was like screaming and yelling. I was like, well, let’s
find a place to pull over. And so, we found a place to pull over. And, he continued going
off and saying a bunch of random things. And, I just immediately
told him, I was like, “You know what?” “This happened already,
nothing good is going to come out of it if you’re just going to escalate the situation, complaining.” “So, why don’t we just
find a solution to this and make it, deal with it from here.” “Because it already happened,
there’s nothing we can do about it.” “And, if we complain, nothing good is gonna come out of this. ” “Let’s try to work things out.” So, he was surprised and he calmed down. And, we were able to just take care of the paperwork and just, after that, he apologized to me and, he felt really bad, but. I don’t think I was right,
or I don’t think I was wrong. I just know that I didn’t want to make things more stressful. I didn’t want to escalate the situation by creating so much
stress for the both of us. And, I’m pretty sure that he’s
going through a whole bunch of things, himself. And, there’s no good in
that, in making him feel bad that he hit my car, or making myself feel
better by yelling at him. I just wanted to share this
with you guys because I was really, really just overwhelmed. And, there were so many
nights where I would wake up and, I was just, I can’t sleep. It just took over me that
my emotions were too much. And, I came to the point
when I was able to surrender. And, I’m not saying that
I’m like, enlightened, I’m at this yogi stage now, in my life. But, I’m able to surrender a lot of stuff and, allow what is supposed
to happen, happen in my life. Surrendering really helped
me out with just being able to stop resisting and
allowing things to happen as the way they should be, and, just learning from each situation. At the same time, I’m not
allowing these situations, these environments, other
people to take over who I am and, what is going on in my emotions. I’m able to be, come more aware of what’s going on, and
shift that awareness into what I want to or allow into my life. So, it’s not necessarily
controlling what I want in my life. Because, when you think
of it as controlling, you let the ego come into your life, and, you feel like you
need to have a sense of knowing where things are going to be. When you let go of that
ego, let go of that sense of control of like, how
things should be based on the past and based on what you know, based on conditioned thoughts. That’s when you resist a lot. But, when you allow, and
you become more aware and, when you let things
come into your life and, not allow other
things to be in your life, that is when you can flow with how things happen, and, how you can surrender
in a more beautiful and natural way. So, I hope I made sense and
I didn’t confuse you too much with like, the control thoughts
between controlling you life and also the ego kind of thing. I’m in this situation of
like, when I rains, it pours. You know when like all
bad things happen to you, one after another, to take my mindset out
of that and be like, “No, I’m out of this victim
mindset and I’m going to be more conscious and aware of what I’m allowing into my life, an what I’m not.” So, that example of
negativity after the accident. I’m not allowing this negative thought and the behavior of somebody
else, or the situation to take over what is happening in my life. To take over me and putting
me in that victim mindset. I am allowing myself,
giving myself permission to surrender and just let
things happen as it is, and, see what comes of it and
what I can learn from this. People in my life are okay, I’m okay. And, that’s what matters most. Because, money can be replaced. But, altogether, I wanted to
share that with you because it’s just really hard when your emotions are so overwhelming. And, when you’re going through
that phase of just like, one thing happening after
another, we all go through that. So, just know that you’re not alone, and, that I highly encourage
you to be more aware of where your mind is going,
how you can take over it. And, allow certain things to come in, and, also don’t allow other
things to come into your life. So, that is all for today. Thank you so much for
spending time with me. I don’t know where things are going to go. And, I’m just so happy that
I can share this with you, and, if I can help anybody out there who’s just going through
so much emotion where it’s so heavy, you know. This is all worth it. So, I love you. Thank you for spending today with me. And, I’ll talk to ya sooner or later. (Mwah!) Ciao! ♪ She’s a Mona Lisa ♪ ♪ Everyone’s lining up to see her ♪ ♪ She’s a Mona Lisa ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ Everyone’s lining up to see her ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ There must be something
’bout her features ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ You’ll find her beauty goes much ♪

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