Where Do You Get Your DD-214? | Quicken Loans and the Department of VA

♪ [music] ♪ – [Clayton] Next question is about the all powerful DD 214, and we all know that as veterans you cannot get a loan without this piece of paper. So, you lost it. It’s happened to me. What do you do? This person says that I can’t find my DD 214, where do I get a copy? – [John] …I’m gonna jump in always and say e-benefits first um ya know that’s where what you’re gonna hear from me the whole hour and I promised you that and I promised you I’m gonna deliver. So, uh ya know ebenefits.va.gov I would try there um and then I’m sure there are other suggestions that the panelists may have. – [Terry] Right. Including according to the VA website there’s a process on e-benefits
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this golden ticket, so if you kind of harken back to Will Wonka without that DD-214…a lot of benefits that you can’t open doors without it, ahm so the National Archives…is another avenue to go to actuallygo online and fill up the form and go through the process, they need your records including your discharge paper. – [Clayton] You know will a day come when your DD-214 won’t be required
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and it will just be some database that a lender or whoever just types in a… social security number or some number and it’s right there and you’re not required to have this piece of paper, is that anything in the near future like that planned? – [John] What you are explaining is kind of process that we’re going through now. So yah, I think the answer to that, the quick answer is yes, of course, and we’re moving into that on that type of aid. ♪[music]♪

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