Where to go in Canterbury with your uni bestie – Molly and Aimee’s Student VLOG

Hello! Hi guys I’m Molly, this is Aimee
we’re both third year history students at Canterbury Christ Church and today we
are going to be exploring Canterbury City with you and showing you what we
believe are Canterbury’s best bits. So as well as H&M, topshops, Zara… we do have fabulous charity shops – our favorite is ‘Frocks and Stocks’. And at the moment
we are in here (being idiots!). Don’t know about you Moll but think it’s
time to eat?! Where we off to for lunch Molls? ‘Kitch’! Can you explain to our viewers what ‘Kitch’ is please? It’s like a really nice healthy kind of option for… like you can go for breakfast, healthy lunches and it’s quite cheap which is always a plus! Behind us is ‘The Pound’. You can go for really really cute cocktails in there and it’s an old prison so you can sit in the old
prison cells or food, drinks, cocktails. Just there in the little glass bit is Escape Rooms! That one there, The Lady Luck, is a sick pub. Plays good rock music if that’s what you’re into! Tacos Locos, good Mexican Amy loves
the burger in the pita bread (not really Mexican) but they go! And you get Mexican hats! We hope we gave you a little bit of an insight into things that Canterbury has to offer. You’ve seen loads of clips of all the cute streets, the parks the shops, places to eat. Think you can see that it is a very lovely city. I know personally for me I struggled with how small and quaint it was at first but actually after three
years it’s something I’m gonna really struggle to say goodbye to! Yeah and
where I’m from obviously Canterbury is a big step up
because I’m a country bumpkin so I really liked that it was big enough to
go out and constantly have something to do but not as big as places like
Newcastle leads that kind of thing so I didn’t feel like I was completely
swallowed by the whole thing. Thanks for joining us! Bear in mind that these things we like to do and on top of all of these things…. there are other things to do! Laughter! Please subscribe to my channel… (laughter!) PLEASE! More laughter… 😀 And. CUT!

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