42 thoughts on “Which European Capital Has the Best Tram System?

  • Impossible to say which capital has the best network, but the most characterful has to be Lisbon. Those single trams (or streetcars) are amazing.

    Most of Europe's capitals kept their extensive tram networks (after WW2) unlike London which ripped it's up in the 1950s (when it was replaced by the old Routemaster bus).

    Now only a small network exists outside of the centre (in the Croydon area) – and this dates from around 2000. The reason why trams haven't been brought back to central London is because they'd have too much competition from buses, the Underground, the Overground, and the DLR (Docklands Light Railway).

    Incidentally it's in East London where much connectivity has taken place to link districts together, as can be seen with the DLR….which is still expanding. Sadly, it's unlikely that trams will ever return to central London. But it's great to see the tram still doing so well in many European capitals. Nice video too!

    Btw, you forgot to show Edinburgh (it's still a capital!) ……of Scotland.

  • Definitely not in post communistic countries…. I think Vienna is taking yearly leadership as a best city for living n its transportation system!

  • Who cares which is the best and why? How about a more useful video about the 10 most stupid cities that ought to have a tram system – but haven't!

  • Prvi tramvaj na konjsku zapregu povezao je Kalemegdan i Slaviju , a Beograd je 1892. godine bio jedan od prvih gradova sveta koji je uveo tramvaje. Pre Beograda „konjski tramvaj“ su imali samo Njujork, Pariz, London i Berlin….Električni tramvaj pojavio se na beogradskim ulicama već 1894. godine, a prva linija električnog tramvaja bila je za Topčider.

  • Tranvía de Santa Cruz de TENERIFE España Donde está. Tenerife es también capital de Europea. Digo así que no me gusta este vídeo. .les dejo el enlace https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YPbCf4XLa-U.

  • Prague and Warsaw. But at the moment Polish capitol has better rolling stock (large modernization in the last few years).
    Tender for Warsaw trams was the largest in Europe – and was named "contract of the century". The first part of contract was won by trams Pesa Swing and Pesa Jazz (about 300 units).

  • Because you don't answer my previous comment I hereby declare you a moron Тимоша, for intentionally not including in the video a proper presentation of the Warsaw tram system. Some people might think that Warsaw has the best tram system in Europe because it uses almost exclusively separate tracks, independent from normal traffic. So this is a very fast and modern tram system, unlike it was shown in your video, you idiot.

  • There is just one repetitive detail….The Skoda and Tatra Trams made in my country have the monopole over europe (I know…mostly "eastern" europe) 😉

  • Oh, you haven't even tried to show Warsaw trams better, is this your laziness or what, a joke? Check out this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DoHWRJCGac
    What's a point asking viewers to vote if one of the largest tram systems in Europe is intentionally shown as piece of shit? You can't be serious.

  • The European capital with the best tram system is Bern
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  • You have never been to Leipzig, Germany…that must be the reason why this one isn't in your list 😉 The Tram-System over here is, imho, the best in Germany 😉

  • I guess this is a significant question if the capital city is governed directly by the feds, like DC is in the US, and so every citizen in the nation has a stake in the capital's transit system

  • These tram tracks were in mahalaxmi and JJ hospital colaba in bombay 1666 a.d., and in modern day there is no tram here…?

  • @14:50 "More of a Light Rail than a Tram" Not sure what this is saying.Tram is short for trammel or beam,it is another word for rail.

  • You forgot about the Porto tram. It is one of the largest in Europe (almost 80 km long) and very modern.
    Nowadays, Lisbon's Trams are not like that (12:50). Only touristic lines have those XIX century carriages (like the lines 28 or 12), the other lines have other new carriages.

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