Whitetail Deer Hunting on the Wisconsin Islands

Today, on Larysa Unleashed, we’re headed to
Wisconsin. In the right spot at the right
time. And along the river banks of the mighty
Mississippi. This is so cool. Not quite sure what to expect
but I know it’s going to be an adventure.
Where things get a little extreme. And my shot
is put to the ultimate test. That was awesome. You’re
watching Larysa Unleashed, passionately
pursuing adventures. in the outdoors. Go ahead, unleash it. Meet Larysa Switlyk. Certified
public accountant turned hunter. Discovered her
passion when shooting her first
rifle on a guided hunt in New
Zealand. Now it’s time to share that passion. [theme song] Go ahead and unleash it. It’s all about timing, being in
the right spot at the right
time. Ready to go hunting. Hey guys, welcome back to
Larysa Unleashed. Where this week I head to the
Midwest where the boys along the river know how to
hunt extreme. We are walking over to the boat ramp, as you can see he’s going, he’s pulling a
boat. We’re not going duck hunting,
we’re actually going deer hunting. This week’s
game profile: whitetail deer. Type: mammal. Diet: herbivore. Weight 110 to 300 pounds. Male deer called buck, female deer called doe. According to the US department
of transportation, deer is North
America’s most dangerous mammal due to
car crashes. Nonresidents hunting in
Wisconsin get 2 doe tags with a purchase of their buck
tag. Going to jump on a boat, ride
around, and get dropped off on an
island. Yeah, that’s new. Bet you haven’t done that
before. What exactly did I get myself
into? Well, we’re going to go out on
the islands of the Mississippi
and drive for deer. Me and Tom are going to see if
we can push a couple deer past and see what
happens. [Larysa] So you’re
gonna drop us off on islands? Yeah. We won’t leave you too
many hours. [Larysa] Ok. It’s not too cold today so it
won’t be too bad. So they stay on the islands?
Yeah, and they’re pretty small, so we try to find an area where
we can cut them off. That’s cool. Awesome. Excited.
Just have to shoot straight. Alright, that’s up to me then. And hopefully we’ll have some
good scenery on the way. Perfect. This is so cool. Not your typical way to get to
your deer stand, I’ll say that. Going to go around the back
side, put you over in the stand
there, and we’re gonna make a loop around there. Okay
cool. Kinda a big pond right in the
middle so it’s a fun little
spot. From what Dave told me, wind doesn’t really play too
much of a factor cuz the deer will be running
towards us, there’s a pond over there and
this is pretty much a funnel, so I’m going to hide behind
the tree and just wait till the deer get pushed
towards me. And hopefully we can get one to stop long
enough for me to take a shot. This suspense for just waiting
for the unknown is just killing me right now. This should be interesting ’cause you don’t know when
it’s going to happen, I feel like I have to be on
guard. [Grunting] [Grunting continuing] I’m shaking, that’s pretty
crazy. It’s all about timing, being in the right spot at the
right time. So what exactly did I get
myself into? We’re going to go out on the
islands of the Mississippi and
drive for deer. The suspense for just waiting for the unknown is just
killing me right now. [Grunting] After being on edge and not
knowing what to expect, when that spike came
flying at me, I couldn’t get a clean shot. Looks like I’m
going to have to hit these deer
on the run. A buck. Yeah. That’s crazy. I just like – we’re sitting
there talking about – like we don’t know what to expect.
And then he came running through and I was in full draw but then he
stopped there, he kinda started going that way
but then he turned back around
and went that way, and I went and fired my bow
back and I hit the tree. I was kinda like wait! And then
he just took off that way. That’s pretty crazy though. After that first encounter, I was hooked. What an intense
way to hunt. So we headed to a different
island to see if I could get
set up on another deer. While I was
there, I decided to make use of some natural
camouflage. Why not make a fashion
statement while I was waiting? How’s that? You think they won’t be able to
tell? Got to blend in with the
surroundings, right? Do I look completely ridiculous? Or do I look good? Yeah, I look good. Even with my
stylish natural camo look, we didn’t
see any deer. So decided to try another spot
before the sun goes down. Deer coming, deer coming. [grunting] That’s crazy though, like I saw it coming from back
there, and once I had my bow drawn, I just watched him come
straight to me, I didn’t think he was coming that close. That’s
insane how close they come. This is definitely a different
type of hunting. It’s fun. If you ever get a
chance to try it, do it. I mean, having those deer just charge at you like that,
it’s a rush. The adrenaline just doesn’t
stop. Hard part though is trying to
get them to stop to get a shot
off. So let’s see if we can do it this time. Unfortunately the
day ended with me getting back on the
boat empty handed. However Dave told me that he
could take me back out in a couple of days. Luckily
my time won’t be wasted because I’ve been
invited to go hunt with someone who not only knows
his way around Wisconsin whitetail country, but also
knows his way around Capitol Hill. I’m fortunate today to hunt
with the honorable congressman
Ron Kind, third district of Wisconsin.
And he’s taken the day off of congress to be my hunting
guide so, I really appreciate you having
me out hunting. It’s a treat. It’s really a
thrill to have you here on the Kind Farm and king
whitetail country. As you can tell from the
terrain, this is perfect
habitat for big deer. The hills, the coolies, the
valleys, it also makes it tough to sneak
up on them and that’s why they grow so big
around here. We got the first snow of the
year here in western Wisconsin. Yeah, it’s a little cold for
this Florida girl, but uh – I’m excited, and I hear you got
a good spot for me. We do. We’re going to put you
right in the middle of deer
valley, seen some big bucks there
earlier in the season. And rutting the last couple of
weeks, this is almost peak rut time so
hopefully we’ll get them
chasing some doe and doing some
stupid things so you can get on top of
one. Alright, let’s do this. Thank
you so much. Let’s get this set
up. Coming up next on Larysa
Unleashed :I’m in a tree on the honorable congressman
Ron Kind’s farm. I really appreciate you having me out, hunting. As you
can tell from the terrain, it’s just perfect habitat for
big deer. What an amazing opportunity to be able to hunt
with Representative Ron Kind. And on his land as well. I also
got a chance to sit down and speak
with him about the importance of hunting to him and to us,
his fellow Americans. Well I was born and raised here
in western Wisconsin, the district that I now
represent. Uh, this is what you
did, as a kid growing up. You got outdoors and eventually
into hunting and fishing and – you know, one
of my great joys in life is
trying to pass this on to my two
little boys, Johnny and Matt,
who are taking to it real quickly and
being able to share that. I think that’s probably one of
the great joys that most hunters and fishermen
do is an excuse to get together with
your friends, with your family, with your
neighbors and have that bonding experience. About 5 days ago, I was coming down from the
other field, down this trail. 3 buck right in front of me, – they didn’t even care I was
there – they were looking in
the woods, each of them went into the
woods. About 5 minutes later, 2 doe come running out –
Running out. So they’re chasing. They’re chasing doe. That’s
awesome. It’s a way to go out and enjoy
nature first of all. I mean its therapeutic, it’s
almost like a religion. You go out there and there’s a
lot of soul searching, a lot of
thinking, just going out and enjoying God’s great
creation. We’re blessed as a nation to
have the type of resources that we do, that we
can go out and do these types of things. Okay. About 57,000 people employed
directly or indirectly through outdoor
recreation. So it’s a large part of our economy. And it’s
also a large part of being able to
attract people to the state,
including businesses. And that’s why I
feel kind of a special responsibility to
represent this way of life in the United States Congress,
when you have so many different
viewpoints, and different issues that are
confronting you. I’m in a tree in the honorable congressman
Ron Kind’s farm. And I think the coolest
thing is having the congressman as
my hunting guide for the day and helping me get set up.
We’re in Wisconsin, he’s got some amazing land
here, that hold some outstanding
bucks. He’s got me set up over this
valley called buck valley and they’re supposed to be coming
through here, hopefully this evening, so I’ve got my
fingers crossed and I’m hoping to get a big
buck down. [Grunting] There’s a doe right there, to your right 30 yards. We just had a nice buck chase 3 does right in front of us. Unfortunately they went down
that valley and up the other ridge. However, we still
got some time. Unfortunately the wind was not
in my favor. I hunted that same stand the
next morning but I just wasn’t having any
luck over buck valley. So decided to move to a ground
blind that evening where deer had been known to
come in. 2 does right there. Get ready. Oh my gosh. Are you serious? You seriously need to pinch me
right now. She just dropped. Oh my…yes! I don’t know if you could tell
but it might have been a little overly excited about
getting that doe down. But I
mean, after those 2 intense close
calls on the island, it was nice to be able to say I
got one. Let’s go check her out. The sweet thing about dropping
a deer, is you don’t have to go far
looking for her. Oh. There she is. Now that was awesome. This time was a little bit easier, she wasn’t charging at
me so, and didn’t have to go too far
to look for her. The shot was a little higher
than I would’ve liked, but honestly I didn’t realize
how close she was. It’s amazing how close she was. It’s nice to finally get some
dinner on the table. Hunting is
good. After dropping that doe from
the blind yesterday, I could not wait to
get back on the river and try my luck on the
islands. Dave and Tom were sure they could put me on
the right spot and flush any deer that were on those
islands right into an ambush. Now that’s Larysa Unleashed. That Is so gross. That stuff is nasty. We’re on the same island as the
first day, where we saw those other two
deer. Tom said he saw about 8 deer, we only got 1 to come to us so
hopefully – we’re in the narrow spot –
we’ll get some more deer coming this time around. Sometimes they come. Sometimes there’s deer running
straight at you, in the middle of it all. The waiting was so difficult for me. Trying to be on full alert for that long
was definitely a challenge. But my patience did not go
unrewarded. After about an hour, I heard some movement
in the distance, so I drew back and waited to
see what was coming at me. That was awesome. That is extreme whitetail
hunting right there. You want a rush? That doe was fiercely running
right to me – at 5 yards I just
nailed her. She turned perfectly too. Oh. Good job. I unleashed my arrow perfectly
and the only thing left to do now is to track her down. Unleash Larysa. Oh yeah, look at that. Now that’s a blood trail right
there. Yeah, that is a good sign. Oh yeah, there’s a lot of it.
Bad to the bone baby. Bad to the bone. Here we go. Dead deer! Made it around the tree.
[Larysa] She did make it around
the tree. What an incredible hunt. I had so much fun in Wisconsin. A special thanks to
Representative Ron Kind for
allowing me to enjoy his land. And to Tom and Dave for
bringing whitetail hunting to the next adrenaline level
for me. Awesome, great hunt. Thank you
so much. Um, explain what we kinda did.
I mean, that was extreme whitetail hunting at its best.
I’ve never done anything like
that. Sunday you had a couple
opportunities. [Larysa] I [Ron] They came a
little too quick for you?
[Larysa] They came really quick and I was trying to get it to
stop, and it just didn’t happen, but now this time, I
was prepared, round 2 and I wasn’t going to
let one go by me again. We did tell you it would be
close quarter shooting. They’d be running right on top
of you. [Larysa] Oh yeah, it just
happens in the blink of an eye. I could feel my heart out of my
chest already and then when
they come, the adrenaline, the rush, I
mean there is nothing like it. Yep, nexton the list is a nice
big Wisconsin buck. We’re on – he’s got some great sorry,
let me start over. I’m in a tree on the honorable
congressman Ron Kind’s farm. I’m having the congressman be
my hunting guide for the day. And helping me get set up. We
are – he’s on….. I mean he has some nice land
here that holds some good size bucks. So I’m
excited. What? I just like hate always saying like oooh it’s
monster bucks, big bucks, you
know? But ok, that’s fine.

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