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She’s a little shy, but that’s okay. Cause she is really,
really talented—Hope… Say a couple of words. [Applause] Hi… Merry Christmas, everyone… And thank you Donald Trump! That’s Hope Hicks. The administration’s fourth
Communications Director in less than a year. At 29, she’s the youngest in history to ever take the position. She’s a complete enigma— there’s hardly a
shred of evidence supporting her existence. She’s in the highest salary bracket of the aides, and she’s been by Trump's side since the very idea
of running for president was conceived. Hicks was born in 1988 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her father was a legislative assistant
to a Republican from Connecticut and then became executive vice
president of communications for the NFL. Her mother was a legislative aide for
a Democrat from Tennessee. As a teenager, Hicks was navigating
her way through the world of modeling and doing so pretty successfully. She was in a Ralph Lauren campaign,
and the face of the “Hourglass Adventures,” a novel series about a time traveling 10 year-old, and then she appeared on the cover of “The It Girl,” a spin-off book series from the
creator of Gossip Girl when she was just 17. She graduated from SMU in 2010, where she mistakenly attributed her senior quote, “The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams” not to Eleanor Roosevelt, who said it, but to “Cheeseburger In Paradise” mastermind Jimmy Buffett. After college, Hicks moved to New York
to work in public relations. Where she met the person who would
take her all the way to the White House: Ivanka Trump. The PR firm, “Hiltzik Strategies,” represented
Hollywood clients and corporate executives. Hicks worked on behalf of her fellow Gossip
Girl cameo star and even modeled her line. Oh, thank you both for coming. Pleasure to be here. Hicks worked on Ivanka’s fashion line
and an array of other Trump ventures— including real estate. Ivanka’s father was impressed, so he poached her, bringing her in-house as the
Director of Communications in 2014. She started working at Trump Tower full-time in New York City— a position she never thought would
lead all the way to the White House. A year after working for the family, Mr. Trump
himself told Hicks to join his budding campaign, Trump told Hicks. En route to the White House, she
broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years due to the demands of her new schedule, and she moved into a Trump hotel, for free. She’s been with him from the start, and was
by his side during every huge policy bomb the newly minted President tossed. Hicks is the perfect candidate for “Communications Director” as she hardly ever speaks and doesn’t have a twitter. In other words, she’s safe and won’t expose the president. Her job requirements stretch from fielding calls from reporters to steaming the President’s suits… while he’s wearing them. This wear-while-you-iron strategy apparently isn’t the first time the duo has attempted to reduce the creases. But the biggest wrinkle came
when Hicks left the steamer behind. Trump reportedly yelled for Hope to And Hicks responded, saying it was a
mistake she would never make again. This isn’t the first time a Republican has used this strategy. It’s working. Ouch. According to Corey Lewandowski’s book, Trump called Lewandowski to reminisce after winning the Presidency. The conversation reportedly went something like this: Trump said, Lewandowski added. Trump responded. Lewandowski replied. Trump said. She’s so beautiful, and my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. Trump,” she has no experience.’ So I interviewed her anyway because she’s so beautiful. So I said, let me ask you this, “Do you have any experience?” She goes, “No sir.” I said, “When can you start?” After Trump’s victory, Russian operatives have tried to contact
Hicks on a number of occasions— she’s been pulled into the middle of the Russia
probe, interviewed by Mueller’s team. She has denied any contact between
Russian officials and herself. And she’s also helped her newest alleged beau and now-resigned White House Staff Secretary, Rob Porter deny all allegations of domestic
abuse by helping him craft his response: These are the photos Hicks and Porter are referring to: When Hicks was 13 she told a local magazine, "If the acting thing doesn't work out, I could
really see myself in politics. Who knows?" But really, what’s the difference?

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