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Oh how many of you whores in Jesus you know we have different definitions of what that means that it means of that you're a musician if you're musician you can be a worshipper if you're not musician you can't be a worshipper that's like saying you got to be the worshipper I was calling how about this definition do you love Jesus would you like to love on Jesus today which believe that he wants to love on you today well there's two ways you can do it and here's another bad analogy if you go to the airport and watch airplanes take off and land or you can get all the blame and take off there are two different experiences they're both I think fun experiences plot to go watch planes take off the land but it's at all the other to the experience to get on the plane and go somewhere so I want to invite you to get on the plane today a plane of course you can know that the way that you can talk about it you can analyze and look at it take off and watch it go up into the air that's fun but it's something totally different to get on it so let's look on Jesus today [Applause] it was Brittany in the drawer every [Applause] I'll shoot Oh peaceful I truly watch ah holy spirit' uhh this sits on the ground you are you me you are you Paul Oh we will this is old you Paul we Oh all seasons ooh at all oh geez – besides for enzyme it's not it's not Jesus Jesus you see they Jesus sooo and Oh I Oh Oh Oh Oh and that's what they said zero boys right more characters right No if we don't allow this time we will so I gotta jump last annuity so that balls and already holy Oh little our lives refresh that was funny here spiritual dude and I was wanting your eyes is clear though this morning you come into a personal environment and everything just gets set straight we have a real the universe's more some of you are sitting in some of your certainly return to your seats and I say don't do that quite yet but let's do this viewer in this session you have to go to somebody in that section and greet them this morning and here in the section that section nobody should walk around on this you know without at least I we go straight through that door all up in his life when traders are restored they say that over the next year I'm not done yet this conversation is I'm gonna start do what you wanted to pretend my well this one we love they did this is your first soccer this legacy welcome to you there today is received on my heart bounces off of her most original points and so we can all take that heart and fill it out the curricula students Opelousas there's ways that you could do that like to mention district normal things we are into our summer schedule or not going to be hot girl would say that encounters to the summer we do have life school is going on many other events we have a Monday night when it's prayer Monday night is our men speaking we have Friday night prayer we have a lot going on still so we just decided like states where we take a breather work cycle actually started it's a good couple things coming up did you know that July 7th is a Houston but you know that did you know that July 7th this is something coming up it is a huge day and it's not because tomorrow's Arabic speaking of a tree on July 7th to listen to this Sunday morning so that's pretty great for victory that was a slow you know now I remember us right sickly way to do that also coming up in July we might apply higher Glee because you go outside feels like it's July goodness the we have some great news for the youth is coming up July 24 the children relax for a second some people anybody in elementary school in ages and you like to have them get out of their house for a week they can come over here / – it would just refer that Vacation Bible School is completely free so please spread the word about that and if you need more information about their kids ministry yes also July 15th noticeable high school students that is going to be week for our youth that they are 50 here during this month and we're excited overnight Friday to the kids and so a lot of this stuff coming up and also like I mentioned we now have more subscribers on YouTube that we have people that Sydney Church production team John up there and everybody out there so that's another excited so if you want to be involved in that at all in any part of routine please come and talk with me or Josh or members of the team that we can we can definitely there's a lot of good cool technology and it's kind of fun to see nothing to work behind the seats and so these are some another an interesting sound reduction of words rain events let me know and well welcome to place as well as with Jordanian Marco and with our Thursday night services just all sorts of opportunities we have to see to those who are always more volunteers more than you can know we're going on earth as a remotely the preparing your tithes and offerings that we liked if you'd like to give that this morning that we'd like to have that opportunity for you to get and so you were preparing those gifts and what we want to do there at this time to pray a blessing over you in your home is that ok with you yes let's do this are you ready oh my god were you thank you we thank you for your presence of thinking for the goodness of the Assad and so far this morning to begin besides offering severe time knowing that is an infancy you've gotta give it to the establishment I want to give to a person who is a guess and it's are honoring so we dip on the gun to this human and we pray blessings god I pray for everyone it's giving this morning everyone who it's needed a greater opportunity to be able to give mother God great blessings on each other with new customers new jobs new agents new bonuses unspun unforeseen circumstances of blessing coming early and bouncing much more than we can handle are they got pleasure is you all I see hola nothing comes close to you like you you the depths of my soul hola consoles No the deaths of my soon nothing compares nothing comes close Oh Oh Oh I in my No because you it's impossible [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well thank you did you know that every Monday night there's prayer in the sanctuary and every Friday night we were not using the sanctuary for production of your other conferences or whatever every Friday night also I invite you to join us and you may not know this with every seventh morning at 9:15 we needed my office and we pray and you're invited to be a part of that is it going to be some kind of a hot iron intercessor we do argue briefly you are we do it – god be praised it today but because we believe in prayer we also believe in the Providence of God what does that mean what does the word what is the root word of Providence mistral I see we're not deist to be hundred years ago when our nation was founded many of those people that really offered God they were deists though and they did not believe that God was intimately involved in the lives of his people but women even the Providence of God and believing that means we believe God was intimately involved in our eyes and the Jesus believe that God is up there and he taking us if he's around this up really tight so that we will run for a long time and he doesn't have to be concerned about this anymore or he does not exhibit as you concern for us anymore but we don't believe that we believe God seemed when they involve their lives of the breathing problems of God tell me that was really good so that you understand that we are anchored in Jude mania the scriptures and into the faith of our fathers they go maybe to use Jonathan Edwards to one back in the seventeen hundreds came over from England he can go and administer to the England or to begin him in New England and something happened to them and Holy Spirit took over his life the Providence of God cockpit and he became a leader in the Great Awakening the first wave Lincoln here there were others Charles and John Wesley came over to the United States and they were going to create new orphanages especially to in Georgia because they they were into it even they were against child labor and child slavery and they came over here and they were going to start orphanages in Georgia and holy use mindfully as a revivalist and songwriters that we still see their softer still be impacting us even today God in his confidence has sick people to us to lay the foundations for us that today we can be in this place with high expectations and high anticipation of what God is doing and he's doing it today one way Jude and I have made great strides to be debt-free by next year 2020 I'll tell you more about that as we go we encourage you to member back you know you don't remember though some of you or he reminded in July of 2013 our elders met and your elders meetings that no offense to elders in this place but elders media's can be quite laborious and boring and I leave them so whereas I say about and that July we were inhibiting the voice of God one of the things we heard was in the next seven years on which you become debt-free now you sit same reason talking about that and many of you are already in debt for a voyage no car payments no dad that is the freedom of God offering them because when you do not have financial pressures you can be far more creative and you can move much more easily the Holy Spirit says you deserve that there is a new freedom that comes with being debt-free that we go on to them we are a congregation that by the Holy Spirit what he says we never different staff must use the morning the question was asked why does God block as well I asked you that question today he and my congregation the spread by the Holy Spirit what does the Holy Spirit wants no not what he wants for you or what you want him to do what does he one look I father was alive I had the freedom to go to him to say what do you want it wasn't about me it was all about him remember we've been talking the last several months this especially God to touch so much let's touch him did you know he went with my dad a month later died in 2008 it was June or July 6th anniversary and I could still if I were willing to he was 92 years old so I would be pushing I could still sit in his lap he would let me do them do you know that even in this round in office or whatever I needed to chew our congregation experiencing Holy Spirit we are in power and because of our empowered by the Holy Spirit we are meeting the multitudes do greater things in Jesus and our mission is quite simple yeah we love God we love our show the person next to you and we about God is much easier to really love the people right thank you mister I don't like you I've heard that I don't have to like but our mission is simple we love God that's where we want to touch you we love people that's where we're contestants if did you know that during a worship service like this way you come together that you can be delivered and ever you prayed for and not just because you know people can just during the preaching of the word without others and they encourage people to grow up in the faith just don't stay out of entering all the days of your life you are not just little higher in your faith and your spiritual maturity and your personal development of maturity and then of course the fourth thing that was to whatever personal relationship with Jesus Christ now I'd like to say to you our relationship with Jesus Christ is very personal but it never should be we weren't saved to not share we were saying okay we could receive another offering what has God not be thinking about that today let me review what we've been to and don't forget this is Charles Caron or the mightiest men of God ever see I'm excited about that but let me say we have been studying about Jo does need money remember when I spent a couple of weeks on Joely to something nobody likes to talk about suffering and we all do and then I talked about with the hawkish data about dealing with the demons of discouragement let me say to you my friends we have got more spiritual legislative authority that when we exercise Jesus said we need establish the church Matthew 16 and 18 he said whatsoever you bind on earth we need the church when he was talking about the accuracy he says his belt in heaven what in the church father loses on earth is loosed in heaven so today I find sickness and darkness and discouragement and say no more remember our worship delivered us as pastor Robert loved singing delivered us from that government because darkness treatment when life is shown one by darkness can no longer survive when light is shone upon it so I say today not only that but we have we have deliverance and it's been brought to us and we have that authority on this earth our jury we're not finding things that have no higher authorities combining America and what we do on earth is bound to happen on loosening them remember that's that you 16 to 18 so they should say today today I'm going to talk about the paralytic I'm so excited about these boys in the Bible we're going to talk about a paralytic in mark chapter 1 I never going to take the second story in Matthew or mark chapter 2 and we're going to talk about know the first part is the leper who was cleanse the second part is the paralytic and the mess that his friends may need to get to Jesus so here we go are you okay today Jesus and the whole series final days man keep some trouble like Joel he was in a heap of trouble like we are sometimes when the heap of trouble did you know that trouble never overcome Jesus this is the lesson to get today Jaclyn one of bark would you turn that wheel verse number 40 I've got a friend read from my notes but it's like chapter one going to limit your your device or if you if you have a real I'm not only got eight Michaels with me today you're only looking at one of a dealership and I read from those devices mark check the one out love it mark is a busy is the gospel mark was a disciple of Peter is you know them and few to his voice and pulsing the brash and busy work reflects a lot of things writing because mark probably repeated above the stories that you've heard Peter say first and about what Jesus did as the now mark which is a gospel of action is now saying in verse number 40 of chapter one it says now a leper came to you in for India meaning to you and stating may be clean he would probably say why was all that's needed we have got to remember we've got 2000 years to reflect upon and progestin an Old Testament and we didn't digest it and seeing how God operated and especially how he operated through Jesus Jesus as man and Jesus as God in the New Testament and so now the fame of Jesus have been made come and this beggar would earn the Jewish Jesus in this disband those great parables they heard about is that great evening he distinguished people the message had got a problem we'll talk about that a little more in this lesson now the leper broken all he was a leper he was supposed to be in the presence of people because he was unclean but the letter Allah gave in Jesus another talk to them he knelt in front of him in front of all the other multitudes of people that go because it was a para do you know sometimes we miss out because being that be unheard of rules you can't do that only that you get to that rules he had no right to have spoken to Jesus is all that Jesus met the desperation of human need with an understanding compassion love that you usually do they are filled with me today some of us are more needy than others but did you know compassion and cheese for you because he's always posed by your suffering – Thank You succubus then we learn this to joke that God middle the indeed in the beginning for Jo and he knew that job is going to be less you may be so deep in the middle of what you want or you can select all right without telling you God knows the end indeed in the beginning I can recall that this too shall pass guys hope you read a bit Jesus verse number 41 booth with compassionate specialist and Industrial Safety have Isaac willing be clean and as soon as he is focused poverty I really depends did you know this is kind of like a reverse operation if they complement the touch electron he was at Queen but Jesus was not a common man he was a dark man and so we he touched the leper all of that reverse Jesus was not excommunicated because he would be deducted unclean when he touched the leper but what happened the reverse happened and the leper became clean and Jesus was not desired would you take we encourage you to share your face to understand no matter how old make be around you they do you think assembly may not be simply Asians but if you touch them you won't become desire they become clean touch the person next to you just say it between so sometimes I am very very cautious about who I that touch me but I also remember if they trust me they'll become clean also [Applause] this would not be a normal day but it would feel normal day there's a new free that was being movies you're not the one going to be defiled you're going to be the one who releases Cleveland with passion in his love because Jesus met the desperation a human being with an understanding and compassion and then jesus said verse 22 as soon as he had spoken immediately the leprosy left him and he was cleansed and Jesus strictly warned him instead of the way of what Jesus in this passage it is interpreted that these strongly told them do you know what he did he went and rotated so much like his faith group and Jesus could not enter a city because a result in installing them around the hill with the God nor the Lord Jesus then we would have such a touch with Jesus that we could put people in touch with the Greek word here go can also mean in John chapter 11 you know what John chapter that the possess the passage of where the bachelors dog and the classes saw the grief of Mary and Martha some people say that's what cost in two week I don't believe that the reading was much deeper that he broke and I want to say to you is if they will be interpreted with this passage that the Jesus solvent needed them but that's when he saw he saw he was sick and up on the city to you now is something very unorthodox and in those races we were saying keep it out of the church for she was so deeply moved by the need of her daughter of the greatness of the power that she was poured on her face before God burn down she just got this and she was interceding for her God and immediately the church was over she went to Orlando and now his doctors and the doctors feel she almost died did you know that Jesus doesn't get worried about things like that he doesn't get anxious but Jesus is always moved with compassion by the need of desperate people like me in this room so I told you that he met John 11 passage instead of strictly warning Jesus was deeply moved with the gush he did you know that not only does he grow in the spirit if you were here we would call Russell as your backup man and some of these preachers that we have come here and they're appreciate they talk about the growth even this petitioner before Jesus deeply grown we saw the need of death but he also for that deep groaning he was committed I believe that was at the point that his mansion was we all have that's that's good revelation that's great privilege Jesus always as I said she's always Facebook priority never maybe human need beautiful and he's asked and jesus said together see that you say nothing to anyone but go your way show yourself to the priest and offer your community those things which Moses commanded as a testimony divinity to know that in reality the degree so that they did not know what to do if somebody came up with themselves as the wall said Moses said go show yourself to reach in the bucket no that part was going to the priestess a hyper plane but we Jesus are priests our high priest touches us my friends I pray today no mass every day that you sits and Vincent a new freshman freshman normally touchable and Jesus was not fired however he was not playing he went out the beginning of complain McDreamy or depreciate he spread the batter so that Jesus could no longer openly into the city but was outside the deserted places as they came to him in every direction the New International Version città that people spell they were coming to Jesus does that excite you we need to think about that Jesus is need to be so attractive that resides in you and you really see that you're just not become a personal desire you are you are so you ever say I am beside himself because when I get the side areas Shepard to Omar and they can he entered Eternia after some days and it was her one of her she says it was no answer wrong I like them a little bit was no it was Norway's Allah which means some money had to be doing this and I kind of think it's a publicity harness that Jesus went to this is my to give a slight infusion mother wants the house because his initiative for that when Jesus came out of the synagogue which just around what happened and I've been to the synagogue and they're just a short walk away and I can see his Jesus probably provide the synagogue and then he came over the cycle period but my mom's house and all of a sudden you know what I I would be happy just for today is one time everybody in this house could get here on time saying that's good there was a report Jesus manifests manifest business that's how it is there are evidences that Jesus and the people knew that in northern Israel that down on the area they knew that when Jesus showed up these things happen that's why they were properly because they bother him because of those miracles but you know what happened some of the religious people correct that Jesus was doing all these great things in Jesus was in trouble did you know he pitches people will be out of the scenario to remove of God and tradition will be adversarial – when I got to preserve my tradition more than on what happened come together so this is where leaders of Jerusalem heard that Jesus was messin up their traditions at me also say to my friends when Jesus comes here it's funny what kind of you know a nice neat package when Jesus comes up because you see I can see things ICQ and I think I've got answers for everybody there's rumors you want to be truthful but they might not be God's answer so I have to be very careful because I want isn't it and so the religious leaders came up to see what kind of things Jesus did you know what they did that in that house they took all the different see there are so many of those religious leaders but Jesus watch out right there and they came in and people with desperate needs who came for the manifest presence of God could not give him now you don't understand that in those days most of the doors opened directly out to the streets and it meant that everyone anyone was welcoming today now in the larger part maybe there's no hard way that they needed to the rest of the home but it was on purpose that you were open to the world I remember you know most of us we keep our doors shut most of us keep our doors not I never say not to take that but in your heart keep your heart doors open to God and people now I'm not saying people because I've said it what does god and so we are led by the spirit but letting anyone open oh here's my city began that I watch their religion and tradition can from Jesus they began then they come your adversaries because it says here and Jesus preached the word to them it was making your hearts to private make your own belief system owner of munitions that there's no room Jesus in your heart that was already there maybe you know things better than Jesus know maybe here disciple make you believe your own beliefs are dr.i or they all have noticed me you're my friend then I thought Jesus moving in your life if you speak your own absolutely if you think what you believe is it is the highest part I would say to you there's a higher power left wall that's another sponsor why here's what happened if they keep and bringing a paralytic who was carried about for him and when they could not go near him because of the crowd so worst in that day the reflectance that probably soil traction a mixture there was always a matter to get up on the roof and so the four flavors took the parody and they lit him up on that battle voicing came up to the roof and when we got up there they in unimaginative that and when they could not come here in because of the crowd man different roof where he was see just not nearly as exciting as willing to sit even though were gone I got this little out of that so when they had broken food that's the new king james version I believe where they have broken through some of you want to bring through this is a harder to say don't be so I don't be so reticent to Jesus this compact disturbed so deep it basically comes immediately like again with the leather even when it's too messy even when it's too impossible or this preacher of quality Jesus is not concerned with how many gifts [Applause] so this is verse number four so when they have broken through they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying but Jesus saw this faith of the four that laughed at barriers did you laugh at you barriers probably say this is a cure huh yeah did you know my god they say cancer incur oh my god then we say financial freedom the impossible do they know that at the barriers that the evil one of the demons were sulci with and Jesus looked at the man who is now a lower down into his presence can you see what invest that much grass dirt stuff everywhere not me that in that bathroom at all I thought how he did that without know Jesus had to step back and he grew say stop it now I'm teaching would you see that I'm teaching by teaching more important than human need or the proclamation of the word at that point was not deeper than the need of that man who was paralyzed and the faith of those friends who brought him to the of Jesus and Jesus stepped back to say let it be that Jesus knew what he was going to do it he did something different the leaders were looking so you know what he said to me John man I know you're coming but Jesus said son your sins are forgiven Jesus only God can forgive sins that's what the religious leaders were thinking you're breaking the tradition you're breaking the law and Jesus said first of all son which means you when your son is being going through it's not messaging Vista like did you know we're not doing we already has multi-generational generational to our new home dr. Robey deputy religious leaders in her house in the morning and Jesus said in the midst of all this opposition son sins be forgiven and Jesus perceived that they were thinking you can't do that would you get that out of your mind Jesus can do whatever he desires to that's why we say hey snacks don't fill the afraid coming to the hole that's messy is it maybe you're right well maybe that messy but you're helpful son that your sins are forgiven and then Jesus perceived in my heart for sellers in you can't forgive and as Jesus receive it what would you see easier to say your sins are forgiven or myself at home because your sins are forgiven have helped out in manifestation particularly but to say receive I will rise up the walk and he doesn't then Jesus would be a fraud jesus said come in you're welcome what is this industry that that passage where was verse number five but Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic son your sins are forgiven I say to you personally don't be afraid and some of the sprayer sitting there reasoning in our hearts I talked about all that go to verse number 10 but then you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins he said to the paralytic I say to you arise take up your bed and go to your house is almost immediately the members of the Senate took up his bed we're not in the presence of the law so that amazing never say I don't present in our spirits I learned to be a reality for us and this is what we do also you say I've never done that before know that that he has a circular do you practicing my practice all the time with the grandkids I kiss did you know your son together we are don't recommend that you have you kissed everybody in this room but you know when Jesus comes in he kind of softer to almost harsh barriers and all that rigidity in your spirit and all that that that fear does a movie now and what he wants when Jesus comes in today free to death in people not only capture them trade for we have that these three are people that I know one has died in this congregation that have Parkinson's and they need different the death sentence lesson but Jesus is life he is way the truth of the life how can we test it this is over right over the dock I'm just not much not today [Applause] I secretly said oh people were shocked into wonderment is what that means or they were said to be out of their minds with amazement when they saw Jesus did to the paralytic this local church needs for wine or white skin with christening I mean you say if I don't know what you're talking about well I've already chosen your teaching next week or do I come across them I have one person it's the thirty I might teach me about these I encourage to always be under the anointing as much as possible so that you want move beyond that all right see to you but this local church needs for ways of doing Church might not producing that Jesus result the scripture cannot have a given of the leper and a paramedic and others or Church Paradise must be refreshed and distinguished that I want to say to you the Holy Spirit is not only shipping our mindsets and understanding to increase in Revelation that provision but also included time and all things God works for the hopeful for the Jesus people fail nothing is impossible with God Jesus is 42 igniting kissed you do you matter to God Fraser forgive me addresses those sins that I didn't reveal them to be today I'm Indian who wants to be in life thank you Jesus be empowered today God moves in mysterious ways I'd like to say to you you are a detective uncovers I knew something about witness video in a scam that you just come to the worship with it if you want prayer you have prayer to be a pretty great come on me yet Breanna's [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so pretty like you are good that you are kind you you

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