Who’s Smarter Challenge w/ our Dad!

hey guys we hey guys we hey guys we didn’t never tell hey guys we didn’t never tell And today we’re doing a who’s smarter challenge we’re gonna be asking each other riddles and we’re gonna see who is gonna get the most riddles right mm-hmm okay we just want to make you guys all four thank you guys so much for subscribing we much for subscribing we love you guys so much and let’s just right onto that beauty uh-oh whoever gets the answer gets the answer first gets the point point mm-hmm got five it on each we’re gonna ask each other and what to see who’s gonna be asking riddles first okay let’s gol [Applause] start with and and end with and end with X l.have never ending amount of letters what am i a fifth grader Media TV what are you doing TV would you like to answer that I think she knows the answer Okay what’s the question again l start with M and end with X l have a never ending amount letters What am i? if u have never ending amount of letters how do you end with X ? How about the the big giant haul of letters Okay do you give up ? Yea A Mailbox -chuckles Okay so You are second Okay Because you were Mailbox.Alright all right i am gonna ask this one A box without hinges or without hinges key or lid yet golden treasures inside is hid what am l just no wait say again a box about hinges keys or key or lid yes gold treasures inside is hid what am i a box and box without hinges you said a box is an HS deposit box hinges you want me to tell you a riddle again yeah sure a box about hinges key or lid yeah golden treasure inside head what am l what’s a hinge like handles hmm no no give up you giv up you give up yeah yeah an egg yolk is yellow yellow box isn’t Maggie a lotta mix quite everyone my turn oh yes your honor l’mŕ just excited for my riddles what two things can you never eat for breakfast you me cuz l’m too precious close breakfast you me cuz l’m too precious close but not close enough chocolate candy there’s so many things that you can never eat burger candy there’s so many things that you can never eat burger you could eat some [Music] that’s so easy what two things you could never eat for breakast your Plate l suppose it could you’re really hungry guys that sounds easy yeah lunch and dinner we see it once a year twice in a week but l got a point yeah we has two E’s they already know oh my god what can point in every direction but can’t reach this the nation by itself the compass compass it l neither can you can only point north GPS an arrow why not because the answer arrow can point any know the beach l need your brights my finger that’s an arrow no good one my turn l don’t have many points are you.guys ready yes okay if one man can dig a hole in two days how many days will take for two men to dig another hole one day holiday NO six hours 12.000 three orders of a day 12 hours no say it again one former they say it again saving one-third of the day if one man can dig it all in two days how many days will it take yes how many days will take for two men to dig half at home there’s no such thing as half a hole yes you got a point oh yeah meet Bob look at me okay my rose red okay don’t appoint dojin a corner [Music] let me think about this travel around the world your finger and a globe in a corner with a globe spinning it and you traveling okay l’ll give up yeah think it’s something else l said what not who a finger is it what that’s not of what that’s a who mr. finger hey you give up no internet what stays in the corner in the phone l don’t know a stem stem corner of a letter what if it’s a middle Trina is you are but just turn if you have two clients with a total of 30 guvs cents cents and one coin is not a dime what are the two thirty-five cents to coin don’t there metal coins yeah obviously so l got it right righto let’s see one could be a quarter and the other could be ten cents that’s a dime well you go dragons you got ready one is it diet but the other one is it would then what is it-that one is what a quarter that one of them isn’t but the other one okay guys are you ready for you maybe we’ll see Jos father had three sons snap crackle and yeah okay if you have me you want to share me but if you share me you haven’t got me what am i a secret yes do you know that that was so easy yeah that means l have three points bigger surprisingly alright my god okay in a white coat and a red nose the longer stands the shorter she grows what am i whit coat and red nose long stands the shorter she grows what am i a clown [Music] ooh snowmen Karina the longer she makes videos dirty drop it’s a snowman it melts red nose white coat no but that’s not it okay so something that disapppears over diamond in a white coat and a red nose the longer she stands the shorter she grows shrinking Karina no that’s not it give me a hand yep nice if it made of snow no ther’s something about winter snow no meter l knew it give up no fine l do all right l can’t go everybody knows flame oh okay what color is the pole thingy that’s a nose pointing up which word is spelled arund in a dictionary dictionary wrong wrong yes [Music] [Music] feed me and l live yet give me drink and l die cats they don’t like what feed me and l live yet give me a drink and l die interesting we feed it data okay thank you good let me scratch my head give me a drink and l die probably has nothing to do with folding doesn’t feed me one that’s the rule you have the riddlle that is the riddle so Kari knows right feet data and pour water it’s cool that’s not the a correct answer okay what am i a computer yeah person a human l swear you’re both gonna rage so hard after l say the answer okay answer time [Music] [Applause] You feed a flre what you could feed it anything else LLL live okay let’s go all right so this is my last question flat-leaf round us a ring has two eyes can’t say anything what is it black leap round of the Ring has two eyes can’t see his name round it doesn’t mean like there’s something in the middle it has two eyes and it’s flat a mask completely in that mask a costume nothing okay what is it a button how does it affect what oh wow l didn’t expect that hmm l have two points Korea has two points but dad has three points we gotta catch up and win the game we gotta be no wait a winner to take me to dinner are you gonna be the second piece of digital dinner no guys somebody has to get this one it is how many months in a year have 28 days 1 10012 yes [Applause] [Music] twenty-eight so l had more but they still have 28 so that means you have a tie so guys it’s the last little Ronald’s gonna read it and l who’s gonna win and let’s open sesame’got comment down below who do you think is gonna be a winner right now is it gonna be me or dad or mate obviously let’s go what is always coming but never arrives panic mode age your letter no panic mode Oh what could it be clue pressures on your farts what is always coming coming or cunning the future so the answer l have is tomorrow thank yes yes we are losers so yes yes we are losers is the winner yeah yeah crazy face so so guys we hope you like this video [Music]

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