Why Attend the Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Conference

I'm Samantha Bernsen past president of the Winnipeg section my name is Darren varus Sammy and I'm the emerging professionals chair for the is Toronto section and we are here interviewing attendees at the 2018 IES annual conference here in Boston Massachusetts it's the networking it's at events like this where you catch up with all the friends that you've known for years and meeting new people that have come in the industry there's just so much energy and excitement it's a great opportunity to reconnect it's great to connect with people you don't see as regularly also I just have a more appreciation of what I'm learning and taking away from it overall I've found the opening cleaner session amazing and I'm just enjoying a lot of the different events it's networking with other peers I think the best way to learn is to surround yourself with other individuals that are working to have the same goals and aspirations I joined the IES as a student and then when I was just starting my career there were IES members who helped me along in fact one of the IES presidents helped me find my first job and then he encouraged me that you know I should get involved with the is just the opportunity to come to this conference and meet incredible people like Howard Princeton the way you actually could connect with the industry leaders that you probably wouldn't meet otherwise is is to me enjoying a Renaissance and a rebirth in many ways after having struggled with all this stuff we went through between LEDs and better codes and standards and better initiatives I think we're getting to be really good ideas now today presentation this morning by the program last night and it should show the other thing as the awards program the awards program is beginning increasingly better every year every year every year last night was the best words program the IES has had that I've ever been to it makes it worthwhile to come to conferences because you not only can do networking with people but it allows us to you know really really learn things and interact with a lot more these younger folks the paper sessions lots of interesting paper sessions it's so hard to choose between the two papers or three papers that are like presenting at the same time so it's always like quality research work and their in depth so that's the best thing that I really like about our IES conference everyone's friendliness to be honest there's no like competitiveness or anything everyone comes in with open arms willing to give advice and help out with you know future recommendations and anything else yesterday I had I attended gala and the speech was so fantastic and energized for me now this is the first time for me to penetrate into American market so this is wonderful time thank you the technical skills that I need for my career I'm a lighting designer so coming to these conferences that's been huge and I can take those things that I learned at the conference and bring them back to my co-workers and and share that information with them so that's been really helpful for me I do a lot with customer education and with customer information and supporting our our folks in the field and their customers and the need for information and education has never been more acute than it is in the world of solid-state lighting and IES has a more important role to play in that regard as well so really just the information that you can glean from functions like this it's critical to what I do almost on a daily basis I think it's very valuable and the fact that we have I think a hundred emerging professionals here this year is really amazing they're the future of our industry so we have to get the younger people involved because they have a whole different view on this lighting world than I do so far the networking has been amazing it's allowing me to grow and expand in ways that I've never thought were achievable in my lifetime both the manufacturers and the design community where they come together and with all the committee's that you see going on and all the various topics it's a place that's just unlimited for learning about lighting unlimited I first joined IES when I was just freshly graduated from University of Colorado and then every time I go to IES I'm I was totally excited because I I was very fortunate to be able to mentored by a lot of the very that the greatest luminaries in the lighting industry I I talked to David Elora I I talked to Richard black world and Dominus Spencer you know people that that I that I've read about when I was I when I was in school it's an active Association that people in the lighting and industry stay involved in they put on a better conference than the other the other conferences that happen in the lighting industry I've enjoyed the networking piece of it I mean what really surprises me is the the international aspect of everyone I've met here I mean individuals from Canada I've even met someone trying to start a an IAS chapter in Africa in Sudan which is amazing to think of so these individuals who were in the same position I am and trying to build up their own career the lighting industry is just seeing how expansive you know the opportunities are here but that's the thing that that's my favorite part about the meeting honestly just to so many opportunities to connect with so many different people the opportunity for exposure being able to learn new things see new people learn from areas of the business outside the silo that you work in it's just a fantastic opportunity don't miss it it's not worth missing it what else are you doing if you're not come on

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