China has established numerous military installations
in the South China Sea, primarily in the Spratly and Paracel Islands. In the Spratlys, China has built airfields
at Subi, Mischief and Fiery Cross, along with potential missile, radar and helicopter infrastructure
at several smaller formations. In the Paracels, China has established a significant
military installation at Woody Island, as well as radar and helicopter facilities in
several other areas. China continues construction across the region,
meaning that it may expand its military presence in the future. The larger bases — Subi, Mischief, Fiery
Cross and Woody Island — have infrastructure necessary for the management of military aircraft,
including fighters and large patrol craft. The installations have been objected by it
neighbors such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. Though the US takes no position on the territorial
dispute in the South China Sea, its warships have conducted routine “freedom of navigation”
operations near the reclaimed islands. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes WHY
Surface to Air Missile systems — including the HQ-9, with a range of 125 miles. Different types of ground-launched cruise
missiles are also present. These missiles serve to make the South China
Sea lethal for U.S. ships and aircraft that do not have stealth capabilities, or that
do not enjoy a layered air-defense system. But the range of these missile are much less
than the standoff weapons US can deploy against them. Also, US has several stealth jets F22 Raptor
, F 35 Lightning II and B2 Bomber that can penetrate the airspace defended by the relatively
less advanced Chinese systems. It must be noted that China is just starting
to receive Russian made S 400 Air Defense that can made the job complicated for US Air
force, but there seems to be no plan to deploy it to these islands. Land-based missiles survive air attack because
they can hide among hills, forests and other natural cover. There is no effective natural cover on the
islands that China has created, and even man-made defensive installations will not survive concerted
attack. The four largest military installations in
the SCS have extensive facilities for the operation of military aircraft. This includes advanced fighters, but more
importantly patrol, electronic-warfare and advanced early-warning aircraft. The ability to use these airfields effectively
extends the reach of China’s A2/AD bubble, enabling the transmission of targeting data
to missile launchers at sea and in mainland China. The fighter aircraft themselves serve to make
the skies over the SCS even more lethal than they otherwise would be, as well as threaten
U.S. ships at a distance with cruise missiles. But in conflict, the airfield will be susceptible
to wide range of american weapons including long range Tomahawk cruise missile and several
types of anti-runway penetration bomb which are specifically designed to be used against
air fields. Surface to Air Missiles , Ground-Launched
Cruise Missiles and combat aircraft depend on accurate targeting data for effectiveness. The most important contribution that the SCS
islands may offer to the Chinese military is through the radar installations that China
has established on many of the islands. These installations help to provide a much
fuller picture of the battle space than China would otherwise enjoy. Together, they significantly enhance the lethality
of China’s defensive networks. That said, the radars themselves are vulnerable
to a wide array of U.S. attacks. These include kinetic methods such as missiles
(launched from submarines, stealth aircraft or other platforms), electronic warfare, cyberattacks
and even special-forces raids. In a conflict, China could quickly lose access
to the radar network that it has established. China’s islands in the SCS are not mobile,
and are not large enough to hide much in the way of military equipment and material. The United States will be able to meticulously
map the military installations on each of the islands in the SCS, and will probably
be able to track shipments of military equipment to the islands. US has large array of satellites which can
take high resolution images of Chinese military assets present in the islands. U.S military intelligence also has highly
trained technical staffs who can identify these assets and this data can eventually
be used to decide on the best tactics and weapons that can be employed to neutralize
these. This will make the islands extremely vulnerable
to attack from ships, subs and aircraft, as missiles will not require real-time targeting
data. Bombing raids will also be much easier and
in this scenario will be highly effective. All the military capabilities of China’s
SCS islands depend upon secure communications with mainland China. Most of the islands constructed by China cannot
support extensive logistics stockpiles, or keep those stockpiles safe from attack. In a shooting war, the need to keep the islands
supplied with fuel, equipment and munitions would quickly become a liability for presumably
hard-stretched Chinese transport assets. PLAN and PLAAF would have little interest
in pursuing risky, expensive efforts at resupplying islands under fire, the military value of
the islands of the SCS would reduce more and more as the conflict rages on and island’s
resources dwindle . During World War II Japan found that control
of islands offered some strategic advantages, but not enough to force the United States
to engage each island individually. Moreover, over time the islands became a strategic
liability, as Japan struggled to keep them supplied with food, fuel and equipment. Unfortunately for China like Japan, the very
nature of island warfare, make it difficult to keep installations in service for long
term. This will get exposed even more , when encountering
the most technological advanced military force in the world.


  • in a conventional war America would kick chinas ass up and down the pacific those marines are some of the worlds toughest warriors the states have and once the American economy turns to a war footing then it would be over in less then a year.

  • Why do the Chinese desire to control the South China Sea, shared by many nations? Neo-imperialism of the Chinese government, plus their system of "social points" has made it all too clear that China continues with a totalitarian approach to RULE their Empire. I like Chinese people, but they do not question their terrible government, until several shooters… and a safe environment to speak.

  • Surround the islands and starve the China pigs to death. Very soon they will kill each other. USA just sit and watch

  • nothing that doesn't move can last long in the modern war enviornment. The island serves the function of tripwire, just like the US troops based in South Korea, etc.

  • As General Patton said and I am paraphrasing "What ever barriers that man put up. Can be over come."🦅🇺🇸

  • For THOUSANDS OF YEARS PAST the south china is peaceful and asian countries fishing that area together in harmony UNTIL CHINA BUILD ARTIFICIAL islands . We dont care If China will build the the whole south china full of artificial islands but the problem is they (China) are build this island so CLOSE to the asean countries that their rights and their territory was deprive ,grab ,steal by the way china building closer. SOUHT CHINA sea is not all for china. It does not mean they own this all seas BECAUSE ? as I said THE LAW OF THE SEAS IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS SAYS 100 NAUTICAL MILES FROM THE LAND TO THE SEA IS YOUR TERRITORY AND CHINA IS BUILDING INSIDE THIS COUNTRIES ZONE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID? What would you feel if this countries build artificial islands closer to mainland china? We comments here for a reasons we want to know America that China now is starting bullying small south asian countries… We are not afraid of China the problem is that China is too many population..

  • Hey, china is a deadly nuclear state. It can totally destroy USA if it likes or it has no choice. Dont forget china has got more troops, ICBM, and submarines than USA. It wont be hard for china to attack any who choose to be china enemy. Yes, USA has got good military, and weapons but it seems good only in paper as it cant control Iraq, Afganistan, and syria even after 18 years of war. If you think or believe US military is the strongest force on earth is totally wrong. Many US troops got killed daily in many war zones. You should ask them (US military) how good US military is in the actual war zones. Just making fake statment in youtube is called cheating. Dont forget only US who pays a big price for its arrogant act in war in many countries, not china. China can build many islands as it likes. US can only watch, and be jealous, and crying as it is spending huge money for others to fight endless muslim fighters. The fact is US wont get any thing much from a prolong war. This is what china wants. China would be really sad if USA stops fighting as china does not need to fight USA directly. China just supports and supplies those US enemies with weapons, and money. US would be ruined soon or later. Dont forget in US military itself has countless corrupted officers who suck million dollars. If this game moves on longer, only USA who will pay for all.

  • I am Chinese and those are just fake plants. No real stuff on the island. China is really good at putting toys on those islands. J-20 is just a model as well.

  • This is a war for dwindling protein resources, i.e. fish. China's coastal waters are fished out. STUPIDLY! They have to feed their people. Think Japan before ww2. Uh huh!

  • The "chess" game being played 24/7 by Russia and China independent of each other thank God, with various bit players (never trust a saudi or a persian) against the us and Israel primarily, and our allies secondarily, is the reason we cannot relax and focus on world peace and world wide improvement, like God wants us to. Basically, these f*ers want to end us! It is only by constant technical innovation and national will that we stay ahead of these pukes. Problem: Gay ass putin is achieving military objectives through psyops on social networks because Americans and westerners are stupid and do things like Brexit and electing trump (putin's little bitch) in part because of gayboy putin's attacks. The point is ALL our military tech now relies on networks. That's what 5th generation is all about. If you kill the network the planes become lousy 4th gen. We are BEHIND in this cyber stuff. We need to get ahead. We need to massively improve our cyber defense and ATTACK capabilities and trump aint doing it. Get on your reps to FIX THIS BULLS***! Vote the disgrace out of office and end putin and xi. While at it throw in an aytollah and mbs. End em all because they want to end us! It's time to stand up, F* them and get to the peace we should have had after WW2. We will never have it until the leaders off all the countries that are ATTACKING US EVERY DAY no longer exist. Truth Justice and the American Way baby! The American way occurs when all the tyrants and dictators are dead. S*** They aint dead now, are f***ing President is f***ing chummy with them. This is a PROBLEM. In the words of Malcolm Merylan — FIX IT! Remember Pearl Harbor and 911 Americans — look at history, look at periods with the kind of activity we're seeing now, see what has ALWAYS happened in the past. If war is coming WE MUST WIN! Out with trump and DEATH to our enemies. People are people pretty much, our enemies are the leaders who are directing these attacks against us. putin's Russia, xi's China, kim's Korea, Iran and the saudies. Stand em up. Shoot em dead! Amen!

  • In a real war they probably wouldn't be worth the time or effort to even attack them unless they became a problem. They would be more of a liability for the Chinese navy to try to resupply them with the ocean full of US warships and the sky full of US jets..

  • Dalawang Dilawang Presidente ang nagbenta saatin sa China wag napo nating iboto at iupo mga Dilawan n LPs CPP NPA NDF candidates sa darating na eleksiyon sa May 2019 para naring kumuha tayo ng batong ipupukpok natin sa ating ulo! Atin pong bantayan ang counting ng ating sagradong boto dahil dati parin Smartmagic at mga corrupt na Comelec magpapatakbo ng ating eleksiyon siguro naman nakonsensiya na mga ito at itong darating na eleksiyon ay aayusin na nila kundi may paglalagyan mga hinayupaks banta ni President Du30!!k umayos kayo Comelec at Smartmagic wag nyo ng I hokus pokus ang resulta May naghihintay sa inyong malaking karmatus! K

  • The best solution is to put thousands of floating bombs in South China Sea and use Mindanao straight as alternative route instead.Let China use south china sea alone and fill it with booby trap and watch their ship blow up everyday

  • These islands are too small to hide something like radars or even just SAMs, although they pose threat to airplanes flying by and ships sailing by. They can be easily destroyed by US military. The PLA is headed by a fat pig, that is why.

  • They play Go. Once the territory is surrounded, it is yours. As for the US position, His O'liness made is impossible to do anything without starting a war with another nuclear power.

  • This is the fact America and Europe are weakened because of many invasions. Go to United Nation report this. Always.

  • China military outpost in SCS is meant to defend China shipping assets plying along this route but American propagandas are making it seems like an aggressive war making base which isn't. So US propagandas are influencing many people to think wrongly.

  • It's act of aggressive greedy. The island shold belong to Philipines or country nearby, not China. I think the outpost can be wiped out easily by the US if want.

  • Why china will not last against AMERICA?
    The answer is in revelation chapter 12 and 13
    It says the great red dragon will make war with the Philippines but God will sent the wings of a great eagle represented by USA to save the Philippines. And the great red dragon was defeated God is sending AMERICA on a holy war thats why china will suffer a great destruction because God is with them God bless America. ….

  • Those islands or just early warning and there to make the job expense, I bet any amount of money that is and what America Will attack first ,,they will make a cost the Chinese Government

  • What a stupid propaganda rubish. Those islands may not last, but how many US ships will sink? Cost next to zero to China, cost billions to US. And that will be the end of any US invasion. Those islands are a trip-wire, not the main defence. It doesn't take days to sink the US ships, it takes push of a button. Once US launches a single missile against any of those islands, China will know what is happening and the strike back will hurt US much more than US wiping out few fake islands. So yea, bulshit propaganda. If all this was true, why is US moaning so loudly about them insignificant islands, huh?

  • question because im not sure of our militarys full weapons potential…..
    .and correct me if im wrong but what about the whole wise man built his house upon the rock and foolish man built his house upon the sand………wouldnt these man made island be susceptible to having their foundations destroyed knowing Chinas build it fast and Cheap with zero quality inspections long established record of building projects…..id be willing to bet one moab could take out each island and id bet that our government has some better high tech methods to take them out.

  • ignorant fools. well, propaganda are tools for idiot and stupid people. no wonder they gathered here (im just here passing by)

  • "China has established numerous military installations in the South China Sea, primarily in the Spratly and Paracel Islands." – US dont have the right to talk when they have military bases all over the world. China just built bases on places they do believe their own territory. if you are a logical/rational person, then this is not hard to understand

  • The China scare is just to gain more support to pour more billions into the military industrial complex. 2019 spending has increased to 700 billion and 2020 718 billion. 19 air craft carriers with the only 5th generation fighters in the world. No one stands a chance against the US battle groups and its allies. 70 attack subs and the same same in destroyers. The air/land/sea surveillance systems are second to none. The defensive capabilities of the battle groups won’t allow any serious impact to the battle group.

  • Position the Russia S400 2 or 3 units for each island will seve china on low maintenance highly advanced defence and attack Capability.

  • No kidding …duh you think. China loud mouth little useful armorments
    All fluff no real threat. Fearless leader thinks the military blind to the real facts. So …yawn a minor irritant.


  • I’m betting that those islands most likely serve as early warning outposts to alert the main force of hostile invasions.

  • China is repeating the Japanese mistakes during the World War 2 when Japan occupied a lot of islands but lacked of naval power to keep the umbilical cords intact. These umbilical cords are sea lanes to bring fresh troops, supplies to the islands and they were kept out of actions by subs and surface combatants of the US fleet. Without supplies, these islands were died out like fruits on branches…and subjected to destruction by the US amphibious invasions.

  • Why don't correctly pronounce determining articles? (The & a/an) I've seen so many of your videos and it really puzzles me. You sound American so it shouldn't be a problem. For example; "Chinese outposts in South China Sea". Why don't you say "the South China Sea"? Am I missing something?

    PS: I'm not trying to mock you or hate. I genuinely wonder, as it is something you do consistently, making me think it is done on purpose.

  • TYPICAL U.S propaganda/patriotic BULLSHIT ! Always the almighty Muricans right? … Pathetic !

  • China's way of doing things is the problem. No one trusts China, specially since they act under the whim of the corrupt, powermad CCP oligarch. If China was genuine in building friendships, they could have worked with an "Ally" in the region and establish a base on that Allie's landspace. Instead China chose to sneakily build a base on a reef, destroying the natural ecosystem, and then later start building it into a military facility while lieing to the world and saying it wasn't military in any way. In the process, they killed 74 Vietnamese soldiers in cold blood. This is no way to be a good and trusted neighbor. So it is obvious to anyone with a brain who the bully is in this situation. Accusing the US, Great Britain, Australia, etc with invading their space is more proof of how bad a neighbor China is. China spent billions of dollars on the construction of these artificial islands when they could have used that money to clean up the polluted farmlands or something else to improve the situation for the Chinese people. Now they are threatening to put the world on the brink of a 3rd World War.

  • BACK OFF FROM THE PHILIPPINES' SEA & TERRITORY inchik!! Imagine it's a thousand miles from ur country but U have an ongoing reclamations, building fake(like em) islets and destroying the marine life, more harsh of all preventing our poor fishermen to sail on the close proximities. Chinese are like hogs and crocs- as greedy and bullshit as they are. Disrepectful of one's right and abusive. Why? Because we once allowed them to be part of our nation, for example the the 'china town' but now they also wanted to have the free waters surrounding our beloved land. Let me reiterate that it is our territory so go back to the wall guarded mountains and not dare to step on our coast line.

  • Bomb those fucking fake islands at the south sea! USA has no balls? No Asia country will accept that!

  • hahahhahha and how the hell do you know the chinese dont have the russian s400 already on these islands
    cause russia and china tell you every transaction they make between each other
    dam are americans really this stupid or are they pretending to be this stupid

  • The purpose of those fortified islands were never to defend against a us military attack. Deploying weapon there is to claim our sovereignty and protect the infrastructure from neighboring countries sudden attack before our navy arrives. If China and US go to war, most of human race will be wiped out, who has those islands will be the least thing anyone will care about

  • Your assessments are based on assumption, theories and outdated information. You have not one shred of proof of the validity of what you say. True, Japan used islands as forward airfields. These were take with severe loss of life of US servicemen, China will fight no less fiercely. Russia will back China up as well. This Laser weaponry has yet to be demonstrated except under ideal conditions. Midway was successfully defended against 4 carriers and a fleet of inferior aircraft. a50 US planes were shot out of the sky by superior Japanese planes and pilots. yet a very few planes in the final assaults did get through and a FEW well placed bombs and bad judgement cost the Japanese navy 4 carriers. – Not to mention the loss of the YORKTOWN.

  • That artificial island cant last 5 hrs. In a super typhoon coming from the philippines je je😆

  • so these islands are outpost, garrisons in the forefront of the strategic shipping lanes. These will be initial defense and early warning, but like much of the light mechanized infantry divisions employed in the 1950 to 1990 in eastern West Germany, they serve as token resistance to slow the advance of a naval assault while more effective mainland based surface to ship missiles are launched. Think of it, in a limited engagement, where both sides are testing strengths, China would give up these positions to superior forces at some cost to the aggressor. But the subsequent retaliation would be more proportional and effective. China's history is shaped by invasions from the East and southeast, from England, US, Japan, and now again the US. So front line defense is pushed out into the open waters. Unlike Obama, China has drawn a Red Line, that they will defend.

  • China would not dare to fight a war because the main purpose of its military is to assure the dominance of chinese communist party. Their growing military might is use to intimidate only not to fight a war.

  • If someone berates US for their military presence around word, tell them when us tried to take a step back by removing 40k troops from Germany, Russia invaded the ukraine

  • I don't think they want fighter jets on the islands I think they gonna be advancing ed radar post . Another option would be awacs planes

  • Excellent assessment…true chinese military naval capability may be effective but not in a real battle scenario. These islands are vulnerable and easy targets…runways once destroyed aircfrafts could easily be crippled…and u.s. is an expert on that, one example was the falkland war between england or u.k. and argentina…although u.s. did not participate on the said conflict, u.s. military capability is more advanced than england or u.k…and in a real sense u.s. is more experienced in war than china, it(china) has to gain more experience to test its effectiveness…

  • Something that is always drummed into future Commanders is, "never underestimate your enemy." Is it possible that your estimate of China's ability to detect stealth aircraft and interdict is low? Multi-wave length/frequency hopping variable power radar systems are coming into service faster than stealth designers can currently respond. This may change in the future but as history has taught is that the armorer is in constant competition with the weapon developer. This back and forth will continue until one side or the other pulls the trigger. Whom ever is on top will likely win the engagement. If the engagement is strategic, then the back and forth stops with the victor. Just food for thought.

  • China made Island for target practice spots. This is the opportunity of u.s army to try their weapons and also of other countries related on this issue.
    from philippines here 😃

  • Defense updates pretends to be a genious war analyst very similar to French strategists who claimed Dien Bien Phu was invincible and formidable. When the war started, the airfield was immediately neutralized by Vietminh forces. French analyst underestimated the Vietminh capabilities, determination, endurance, and weaponry.

  • Too much propaganda… it's useless just remove them as all chinese are not going out of south china sea by words or law. Only war could remove this bullied nation of shit. Bring them back to stone age soon without a propaganda period!.

  • Can US use its HAARP weapon system to inflict damage to the military installations on the islands? That would seem be easier and more effective. ✌

  • I know its old, but 7 min is too short, specially playing the pokemon song in the intro cuts down on cool info.

  • During the war even Guam cannot last a few day. But the thing is, no one DARE to commit a war against China, even US. And during the normal days it's very supportive base for Chinese Coast Guard Ships, who're performing and showing the ADMINISTARTION there!

  • The U.S. has already taken the measure of covertly placing.. state of the art…" E-comm" equipment…( Electronic Communication Detectors)…Which locate and identify where both transmtters…as well as reciever components are. And possibly… already bombarding them with high frequency tones..rendering them useless…. before either side gets a shot off.

  • China was supposed to be one of the best nations, but due to power and greed, they changed to becoming a bully. Aggressively stealing territories that aren't theirs. Won't participate at the international arbitrary hearing and accept their defeat. Harassing poor fishermen and stealing their catch, destroying the ecosystem and the waters riches and polluting that region in the SCS. When China was weak decades ago, they were just this one of the most admired asian countries, but after becoming a superpower, now they claim everything they thought would benefit their nation whilst stepping down on other smaller neighboring countries. They called you the sleeping giant, but remember the story of David and Goliath and of course the popular saying, the bigger you are, the harder you fall. So respect is very essential and set aside greed.

  • The number one reason those islands won't last a few days is the U.S. Marine Corps. They are good at taking islands, ask the Japanese.

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