One of the U.S. Navy’s largest surface warships,
the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Wasp, arrived at the naval port of Sasebo,
Japan on January 14, replacing its sister ship USS Bonhomme Richard as the biggest forward-deployed
amphibious assault ship in the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet. The 40,000-ton vessel will replace the USS
Bonhomme Richard as the flagship of Task Force 76, which includes all of the 7th Fleet amphibious
forces. The USS Wasp, following modifications of its
flight deck, is capable of operating the U.S. Marine Corps’ variant of the supersonic
fifth-generation F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. F-35B fighters are expected to embark on the
USS Wasp when it begins it scheduled regional patrols in the coming weeks. In this video, Defense Updates analyses WHY
DEPLOYMENT OF USS WASP WITH F 35s IS A MESSAGE TO CHINA & NORTH KOREA ? “The arrival of USS Wasp represents an increase
in military capability and a commitment to our partners and allies for security and stability
in the region,” said Captain Colby Howard, the commander officer of the USS Wasp. According to a press statement, “Paired
with the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, we remain ready to execute the full range of military
operations from crisis response to disaster relief.” The U.S. Marine Corps is operating a squadron
of 16 F-35Bs at Iwakuni airbase in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Furthermore, the U.S. Air Force has stationed
13 F-35As — the F-35’s conventional takeoff and landing variant —at Kadena Air Base,
Okinawa for a six-month rotation, which began in November 2016. The United State’s regional allies, Japan
and South Korea are currently in the process of inducting their own F-35s into their respective
air forces. China’s sweeping claims of sovereignty over
the sea have infuriated competing claimants Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines
as well as Vietnam. United States, Japan, Australia and India
favor freedom of navigation as it is a very important sea route with 5 trillion $ in trade,
half of global merchant shipping and 1/2 of world’s oil shipment pass through it. The sea also has alleged 11 billion barrels
of untapped oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. China embarked on its massive land-reclamation
program in early 2014. South China Sea Arbitration, was an arbitration
case brought by t Philippines against China The landmark decision rejected China’s assertion
that it enjoys historical rights over a huge area of the South China Sea encompassed by
a “nine-dash line.” China had argued that the tribunal had no
jurisdiction in the matter and rejected the decision. The increased Chinese assertiveness has been
source of major concern for its neighbors. In 1994, South Koreans stocked up on essentials
in panic after a threat by a North Korean negotiator to turn Seoul into “a sea of
fire” – one which has been repeated several times since and is more real than ever with
North Korea now possessing nukes. North Korea has also threatened to sink Japan
and said the US should be “beaten to death like a rabid dog” after the two countries
spearheaded fresh UN security council sanctions in response to the regime’s recent nuclear
test. The Korea Asia-Pacific peace committee, which
oversees North Korea’s relations with the outside world initiated the threat. “The four islands of the [Japanese] archipelago
should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche,” the committee said in a
statement carried by the official KCNA news agency. “Japan is no longer needed to exist near
us,” the committee added. US has time again reiterate its resolve to
defend its allies Japan and South Korea, and the deployment of USS Wasp is to be looked
from that angle. The Wasp has a displacement of 40,532 long
tons & has a length of 844 ft (257 m). Wasp’s two steam propulsion plants generate
a total of 400 tons of steam per hour. The propulsion system develops 70,000 shaft
horsepower (52 MW), powering the ship to speeds in excess of 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph). The amphibious assault ship, commissioned
in 1989, has a crew of over 1,000 officers and sailors and can embark around 2,200 Marines,
smaller amphibious assault crafts, and around 31 aircraft, including F-35Bs, AV-8B Harrier
IIs, MH-60S Knighthawk helicopters, AH-1Z Viper helicopters, and MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor
aircraft. Apart from flight deck upgrade for F 35 deployment,
the USS Wasp also features an upgraded combat system including upgrades to the MK 2 Ship
Self Defense System, SPQ-9B horizon search radar, and MK 57 NATO Sea Sparrow Missile
System, among other things. The F 35 Lightning ii is a single-seat, single-engine,
all-weather stealth multirole fighters developed by Lockheed Martin of United States. The Pentagon began the F 35 program in 2001
with an aim to develop a cost effective replacement for the U.S. military’s F 15, F 16, F 18
Fighters, reconnaissance aircrafts as well as A10 close air support warplanes. The two important feature F 35 brings to the
table is stealth and sensor fusion. Stealth feature will enable it to penetrate
inside enemy territory and its integration capabilities make it a force multiplier. For example, it is compatible with the Naval
Integrated Fire Control Counterair network, or NIFC-CA. NIFC-CA is, in essence, a network architecture
that combines several different sensors, datelines and munitions. NIFC-CA allows, F 35 to pass targeting data
to a warship armed with SM-6 missiles. SM 6 has a range of around 500 km and can
be used for precision strikes. The deployment of USS Wasp is not only strategically
significant but also has an impact in term of messaging. The deployment comes at a time when situation
in the region has become volatile due to the steps taken by North Korea and China. USS Wasp will provide a reassuring presence
to Japan and South Korea.


  • Stop with the why north Korea and China should fear the US weapons its tedious its irritating and its not even creative you have been doing for a couple months you know and the start you say we don't dilute our videos that's exactly what you are doing hypercrite

  • I went on The Wasp back two years ago, bloody good ship. It has a large hospital deck as well as a large well deck.

  • Defense Update is stealing other people's material without crediting them. The original article: https://thediplomat.com/2018/01/us-warship-capable-of-operating-f-35b-arrives-in-japan/

  • I have been subscriber fan of this channel. It seems the topics gets boring and just getting repetitive. Please improve.

  • Getting bored with these channel why North Korea must fear B1b bomber,why North Korea must fear B2,why North Korea must fear F22,why North Korea must fear f35.why America is spending 598.5 billion a year and challenging a country that can barely feed their own people??

  • the previous ship was running of fuel because the crew wasted it roaming around doing nothing so they brought another ship

  • Era of the Aircraft Carrier is Over,with life span in a possible wars of 20 to 45 minutes.The continuing development of accurate long range anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs), anti-ship cruise missiles, and advanced surface-to-air missile systems is increasingly allowing major military powers to create A2AD ‘bubbles’ or ‘bastions’ that place surface ships and aircraft at significant risk should they enter the area. China’s two ‘carrier killer’ ASBMs, the DF-21D and DF-26, are good examples of this. The DF-21D has an estimated range of 900 nautical miles (1,700km) while the DF-26’s range is estimated to be between 1,800-2,500 nautical miles (3,000-4,000km).

  • Hello. I enjoy your channel very much, but PLEASE do away with the BONG BONG BONG every 5 seconds in your video soundtracks. I'm sure I am not the only person to find it very distracting

  • Great vid with new info..i got scared when i saw f35 in the title as i expected nothing but the same re-used 5 facts about the f35. You guys obviously tried on this.

  • Japan shd quickly upgrade defence to face its unique neighbors china & nk who are historically trouble making,unpredictable, autocratic rouge nations. China has lot of power with no responsibility.

  • Who else thinks the USA should focus on smaller, more flexible aircraft carriers to complement the big ones already in play? Quality rather than quantity, since not every threat requires the same measure of force, it keeps the big ships ready for when SHTF.

  • All US allies are using some type of variant of this type of multi-role ship with the addition of the F-35 to the allies fleets plus when adding the "super" carriers this puts the US and allies in command of the oceans with and sizable aircraft wing……

  • One more amphibious assault ship even with F35s is not going to make the US allies there feel any better because it is the prospect of a thermo nuclear war that worries them.

  • Let's say NOKO has S400. All USA has to do is defeat 1 process in the kill chain then NOKO air defense will be useless. Once USA controls Airspace success rate goes up by a huge margin.

  • Oh please… North Korea and South Korea are joining teams in the Olympics right now, it is the first step to a peace treaty. Mentality like this is what's causing North Korea to build rockets and nukes.

  • Don't fuck around China Russia the USA has been at war for 20years the USA is battle tested and trained and fully equips and funded with 700 billion dollar budget …..China 180 Russia 80 not even close

  • the only message l see is that the US puts too many eggs in one basket and relies too much on electronics which means less targets for china/NK to have to deal with. seems to be a bad move to me

  • It doesn't matter what America sends to war … They will screw up and the wasp will be sunk either by North Korea or when it crashes into another ship as American ships usually do.

  • yes and it only it takes is a single anti ship missile. Your notion as amercans that none will oppose you and kick your ass is what will eventually will be your undoing. So keep this holywood scenarios of yours and believe them. The wake up will be very terrifying for you.

  • ….none of this will matter much if even a handful of ICBM's Missiles on ANY side are launched. As for Chinese Island building, one or two really good 200 mph Typhoons will see to them…

  • LOL, I can see Kim laughing from here. This will be so ineffective. The US was not able to invade DPRK when it had a HUGE HUGE technological advantage. And now after 50 years of fortifications, preparation and Nuclear ICBM, the US thinks the Wasp will make a dent. LFMAO. That's one.

    Two: Did you forget that China and Russia are not agreeing with that? Dude, China just said no, what's so hard to understand? China? or No?

    Three: You could not do a thing in Afganistan, a nation that only 5% have electricity and only 20% have shoes. And now you think that the country that was preparing for an invasion for 50 years will be easy

    Four: Please get a clue a get the [email protected]# out of here.


  • The North Korean people will run top speed to anyone other than a North Korean government official because nobody wants to live under oppression. Just as the Iraqi front line units surrendered immediately after the war kicked off. Not even the Republican Guard put up much of a difference fight. People want stability and to be able to give there children a good life. What do kids have to look forward to in a repression government?

  • The first thing in any military is to take the ability to make war from another. That's been done since WW2 until now. The British and the United States bombed the factories, oil refineries, power electric dams to take away the enemy's ability to wage war. The USA can do this to NK, the NK can't stop a nose bleed.

  • I would like to make a small correction in the title. It should say "Why deployment of USS Wasp with F 35s is not a message to China and North Korea"? This is because the real objective is Iran and hezbollah in Lebanon. North Korea is a smokescreen in order to accumulate forces and next send them to a Middle East operational theater.

  • If its a message then i'd suggest they paint that in text on the side of the vessel,….because the North-Korean's and definitely the Chinese aren't impressed m8.

  • Very slow and very big target for anti ship missile like the DF 21 and Zircon missiles. Aircraft carriers are good only to bully weaker nations without nuclear warheads.

  • The real message is that the US will keep sending ship loads of money and keep increasing the US national debt. All that China needs to do is stand aside and the GOP will destroy the US from within for them!

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  • Too many years have passed since the first stealth fighter, now China has high precision anti-stealth ground radar. Therefore F-35B no longer has its biggest advantage over other jet fighters. In the end the message might turn out to be "It's time to retire the F35".

  • Fuck that rice ball Kim Jung Un; he's full Shit & Kim Chee!!!!! He needs to stepped on like a cockroach!!! Let me go get my Tony Lama boots on, I'll kick that bastard so hard he's going to wear his ass for a hat!!!!!!!!

  • Who are these idiots on these idiot sight's?
    (Message) to them this….
    Why these guys should ( fear) us that…..
    Obviously, non mil network that should shut there mouths and let the Armed forces do there work.
    This isn't a country rock video!
    This is the actual planet amoung the actual opponents who live amoung us.
    It's not a game.


  • Underwater defence required to safeguard from posedion like underwater drones. …no safety from laser warfare and rail guns. …use shield and reflectors for both offensive and defence. ..same applicable to all flying equipment in war ship. ..use defence system with laser to attack hostile air borne target. ..as the missile used in ship are meant for precision strike it must be using radar and satellite, for that avoid radar jamming and satellite jamming through electronic and space warfare. ..

  • Wasp was my home from 2000-03. Made my final deployment in 2002 on her. Earned my EAWS and CIC Watch Officer qualifications.

  • You know why you have so many more subscribers than other military channels? Because you don't use that stupid robot voice.

  • There is one way negate any future advantage Russia or China may get from the new hyper sonic missiles. Why don’t we sell the Nimitz Class to our allies? Fill the world with super carriers. Think of a world where the West has 30-40 super carriers. Sell one to Israel. Sell Israel 2 of them! Sell one to Kuwait. Sell one or two of them to Japan, South Korea. Sell one to Taiwan. They would turn around and pay us big bucks to upgrade them. And, they would spend billions more for almost 100 planes, helicopters, tanker planes, drones, etc…
    I dare to say one would be able to tangibly demonstrate the positive affect to our economy if we sell those 10 Nimitz super carriers instead of “retire” them. There are huge costs in retiring those huge ships.
    Aside from the huge dividend from selling the carriers, we make money exponentially by swapping for Ford class carriers. They use 700 fewer sailors. That’s hard to get your head around. 700. That’s such a huge amount of money in our pockets, bu,t the best part is that 700 fewer lives are at risk. Every day we use the new class carriers we are extending the life of all our planes, and at the same time the new carriers are so much more of a threat because of the new technology.

  • A proud successor to its WWII namesake whose wreck was just discovered at the bottom of the Coral Sea a few months ago.

  • These Chinese are out of control building islands everywhere. And what a great universal ship

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