Why do Communists build states?

hi I'm a Florence they do is on communists and why did he build stick it communism is about making and creating a hypothetical situation in the future where states don't exist then why do they build states suggest the Soviet Union Cuba China North Korea and Vietnam in others let's go when the Bolsheviks had their Revolution in 1917 Russia it was followed by a civil war and immediately after an armada of foreign capitalist states invaded in order to try to crush them and these countries included the United States Britain France Italy and Japan they were invaded to try to crush the Communists however they failed because the Soviets had tried to build a very early foundation of the Soviet Union and therefore they couldn't crush the Communists because they were too well-organized some of the most in famous recent cases include the Korean War and the Vietnam War there was a communist revolution in Vietnam the Communists were immensely popular with the vast majority of Vietnamese people the Americans couldn't accept this because communism goes against their views of kath ISM they couldn't allow it to exist and they could allow the Communists set a good example so they attempted to crush it by laying waste with napalm which is a if you don't know what napalm is is like a liquid fire chemical weapon it burns alive everything underneath it by using bombing and strafing a cat attacks and even resorting to mass killings of civilians and even trying to kill every single villager in some of the places they came across in try to try to squash and crush the spirits of Vietnam many people and therefore prove communism as a failure but this state the Americans dumped chemical weapons known as Agent Orange on the Vietnamese communists to try to crush their spirit this caused cancer it also caused mass birth defects in Vietnamese civilians you just have to look at some of these videos you can click the link at the description below Agent Orange chemical weapon caused a generation of birth defects in Vietnamese people these are horrific acts that the International catalysts will go to try to crush the Communists and it's quite ironic because the capitalists will say communism never work but if it never works then why are the Americans and other catalyst states so afraid of it why do they have to commit mass murder in order to stamp out communism if bombings and chemical weapons and slaughter of civilians the only way to fight communism it looks like it is it communism is such a failure then why do the most powerful catalyst states on earth fear it so much today by young hundreds we will discuss another matter not talk about our glorious communist state but instead we will talk about your Jesus Christ this is a miracle from our glorious detail all of the candy that we can eat here as all as you want this is a miracle not from your Jesus Christ but from our glorious Fidel Castro but back to the question why do communists build sticks now there's two reasons the first one is protect from invasion from foreign catalysts States because the capitalists are hell-bent on destroying the Communists who threatened their profits and threatened their system of exploitation especially if even if it doesn't threaten them themselves if you're an American capitalist and you are making Bank you're making big bucks on third world slave wage labor and sweatshops in say Thailand or the Philippines if communists start to rebell in those countries it could threaten your profits and therefore you have to squash those communists and that could mean using chemical weapons murdering civilians and villagers as you go to try to destroy the country and just destroying everything you can incite when the Americans bombs Korea they try to destroy the Korean people by blowing up as many buildings as they could see just complete slaughter of everybody on the North in fact the main complaint of American pilots during the Korean War was that there was nothing left to bomb and the second reason is the transition from feudalism which is the old system that we had before capitalism fuel ISM to capitalism this transition was long it took hundreds of years and the transition from slavery to feudalism 203 in some cases thousands of years history is a slow process you can't expect people living in the modern age now to pluck them and place them into a futuristic theoretical system and expect it to work out just how you want it the socialist revolutions aim to build socialist states which is an intermediary between capitalism and a future communist system it's also worth mentioning that although the Communists talk about a future segment safe although the Communists talk about destroying the state and building a stateless site in the future when they say stateless they do not mean a future without government administration the things like water and transport and policing and Sara the Marxist view the state as an instrument of violence to be wielded by one social class against another if you are living under slavery the job of the state is to enforce the will of the slave masters against the things if you live under feudalism then the job of the feudal state is to protect the feudal aristocracy the nobles and use knights to suppress the serfs and the peasants if you live under modern capitalism the job of the state is to use the police mercenaries and military to suppress the working-class whenever they try to rebel in forward of their interests a famous recent example of this was the shutting down of the Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States there were these anti-capitalist protesters to occupy many public places and the state the police and militarized police you could call the military if you wanted to I mean they have rifles and armored cars and tanks the job of the military and the police was to squash this this foundation of a working-class uprising against Catholics and they do that by using violence whether it be rubber bullets battens or just beating people senseless police in the US have been filmed beating back protesters at an ongoing mass demonstration in New York in the biggest event yet in the three week long rally called Occupy Wall Street it's also reports of pepper spray being used on the crowds and numerous arrests at the rally thousands have been taking part in the sustained protest to demand social and economic change activists say they're fed up with breaking their backs at work while wall street bankers bonuses keep flowing if that fails they send in the military with their guns to squash any working class uprising just as they have in the past now what the Communists want to build is a state called socialism which is a state in which the crew Harriet is running state power to be used to suppress the bourgeoisie and use the police military and other administration to do so you may have heard the Marxist for further socialism as the dictatorship of the proletariat proletariat meaning working-class and also the calling the catalyst states the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie authorized the main catalyst or aka 1% and this is because the Marxists when they say dictatorship they don't mean dictatorship is in one person with dictatorship of one social class that is one of the very founding parents of Marxism is that all states are built into twelve by one social class to oppress others feudalism ruled by the feudal aristocracy in the nobility catherine ruled by the catalyst the bourgeoisie the one-percent and socialism rules by the working class so there we have it why did communists build States even though they say they want to build a stateless system in the future so when the Marxist talk about a stateless future future without a government or a state they don't mean administration as in no running water suppliers health and safety community policing etc they mean a state that isn't controlled by one social class to oppress another because social class would be abandoned by this point in a hypothetical future hundreds or thousands of years in the future therefore there wouldn't be any of these armed bodies such as the military to try to suppress uprisings of other social classes because social classes wouldn't exist and therefore the main function of the state doesn't exist that doesn't mean that we still wouldn't have a government such as to run water treatment or community policing etc and other administrating bodies thank you Matt for it and I hope you've enjoyed this very easy demonstration of what the Communists believe when they say they want a stateless future subscribe and subscribe to my channel for more videos in the future thank you I hope you enjoyed this one goodbye not again maybe mom's Aquatica McQueen on there was independent

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  • Protecting the revolution at all cost. The capitalist encirclement is unending. Why the secret police is needed.

  • In 100,000 years if we manage to establish true socialism, and there is no police force or military. What if I decide to start my new neo-capitalist government and try to take power. They would still need police to stop me soooo

  • Excellent video, Matt. Here in Britain, our schooling leaves us with the most narrow view regarding the questions of democracy and dictatorship. We are taught that democracy and dictatorship are mutually exclusive and that there is a straight line from 'most democratic' to 'most dictatorial'. This education purposely dodges the fact that British democracy is, in reality, democracy for the Capitalist class alone. Yes, there are multiple political parties, but these all represent the Capitalist class, the policies of the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Green Party, UKIP, Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Liberal Democrats are the policies of business, of private property, of exploitation, and of imperialism. The working class does not have the slightest say in how the country is run, in fact, the entire British state is geared towards the armed suppression of the working class. Granted, this is very difficult to appreciate in times of relative social peace, but it is all too clear during ties of unrest, such as the role played by the police and the army during the General Strike of 1926, or the Miners' Strike of 1984. Therefore, British democracy can be considered as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, it is democratic to the extent that there is democracy for the Capitalist class, via parliament and various extra parliamentary bodies, and it therefore differs from the total bourgeois dictatorship of Nazi Germany. However, it is dictatorial in the sense that the Capitalist class maintains its exploitative relationship with the working class through means of repression.

  • You talk about capitalist nations trying to destroy Communists? You completely neglect the atrocities of the communist regimes. Do you know that during the revolution all over russia, Ukraine and Belarussia soviet cheka units commited large scale of mass murders against anyone who was not a communist. The bolsheviks forcefully subjugated the regions of the former russian empire, they even tried to invade countries westwards like Poland. The vietnamese communists also commited a large ammout of atrocities and war crimes in the vietnam war.

  • Good question. Why do capitalists fear communists? Now here is another….
    Why do communists fear capitalism so much that they will slaughter or imprison by the millions those who oppose them? Capitalists fear communism(or, more accurately marxism) because it is a militantly socialist ideology that will murder its own people in order to take power. It will then oppress its own people, and keep them in poverty. This is why people will risk their lives to flea marxist countries(DPRK), and do the same to break into capitalist countries(USA). When people cant vote at the ballot box, they will vote with their feet.

    There is also the fact that Marxism has been the avowed enemy of capitalism for 150 years….and capitalists generally know how to read. You dont have to read very far into the Communist Manifesto to understand the goal of communism. It aint about getting along.

    This common sense moment was brought to you by the Radical Right Wing(RRW). The views expressed by the RRW do not in any way reflect the views and opinions of this Marxist channel, or its Marxist host(even though they should). We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming of socialist indoctrination.

    Thank you.

  • It's not about Capitalism vs Communism. It is about power. War is war, whatever flag you stand for. With that said commie, your like all the other guys. You say 60% of the facts correctly, you think you're view is absolutelly correct and right, and you never doubt yourself.

  • Communist use violent to achieve their objective and governments use violent to suppress them. An action trigger an reaction, you make it sound like it is immoral for governments to use violent while communists using violent is just and righteous. Communist killed more people in hard labour camp than Hitler's concentration camp.

  • If you're taking requests, may you please do a video on why the Soviet Union dissolved?

    (in other words, why the Soviet Union 'collapsed')

  • Communists don't build states, they invade and destroy states, care to ask the citizens of the former Soviet republics and Eastern Bloc members including East Germans?

  • i really love watching your videos, you present them really well, keep up the good work! Social Sciences are interesting.

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