Why do people laugh at creationists (part 44)

so I think this might actually be worthy of a wider people laugh at creationists cuz it's just so lulz worthy I mean never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups and honestly this makes my premiered busted videos seem like small potatoes you know solar roadways a paltry two million dollars self filling water bottles 300,000 hoverboards another 300,000 the Ark Encounter a 100 million dollars and now his 100 million dollar project takes advantage of millions of dollars in tax breaks to work on the Ark Encounter job applicants have to sign a strict statement of faith agreeing for instance that the great flood of Genesis was an actual historic event worldwide in its extent and effect and remember they were getting compete with Disneyland this was going to be the Christian version of Disneyland imagine if we were to rebuild Noah's Ark the size of the Ark out of wood to look like a real boat it's really time for Christians to do something of this size of this quality that competes with the Disney's and the universes to give a message to the world it's dimensions straight from the pages of Genesis it's meant to make a statement that Christians can build a major attraction like this but Hamm knows this ship can sail he predicts the Ark Encounter will attract 1 to 2 million visitors in the first year alone I think we're going to see more people here than we ever dreamed possible Pam expects 2 million people to visit the attraction every year so as I upload this video the hundred million dollar Ark has been open for almost a year and of course there's no possible chance that God would let his most devoted creationists fail now he's there it does kind of have a Field of Dreams quality if you build it they will come yes we really do believe that if we build it they will come spoiler alert they don't but before we get to that let's take a look at what you can learn at the Ark Encounter yes apparent one 600 year old man seventeenth day and the second month of Noah's 600 year to actually build it in a biblical way is faster paced one of these ships about four thousand years ago and just to show it was possible they use the labor force have not one man but a thousand and took two years so that's give or take 2,000 man use of labor or for another back-of-the-envelope calculation you know the ark cost one hundred million dollars to build so if you make the first degree approximation though you're essentially mostly paying for labor in one way shape reform you know even when you're buying materials you're mostly paying for the labor of the person who made it so for a typical u.s. salary of $40,000 per year you'd still be looking at over two thousand man years of labor going into this thing and that's two thousand man use of modern labor where they have first world infrastructure you know trucks to bringing the materials a world where you essentially have to spend no time worrying about where your foods cannot come from and using power tools of almost every sort whereas of course in a biblical world you were to spend most of your time trying to get enough food to not starve in winter mm man use of labor he using giant monster trucks and big-ass cranes so they could have an exhibit or an animatronic Noah told you that who took him several decades to build the Ark took us several decades but that was after years inside so let's be generous and say 50 and let's give Noah the Liebherr of all of his kids you know workforce of about 10 or something so he's getting about 10 years of man labor per year so in 50 years you would have had about 500 man use of labour and somehow they managed to build the ark with one quarter of the manpower using nothing but their hands four times quicker than Ken Ham using a thousand modern day laborers with massive hydraulic cranes and so forth Oh Bravo Ken daddy definitely a joke worth a hundred million creationist dollars and of course as they leave the Ark it's time to sell the rube something because in the Bible of course you'll remember that Jesus threw out the moneylenders from the temple saying make not my father's house a house of merchandise as people exit the arc on the lower deck they'll then go down a ramp into a very large gift shop of merchandise where you can buy all of ken ham's latest apologetics a very unique collection of gifts in here including a large range of the basic creation apologetics books that Answers in Genesis produces well here I am on the roof deck of the biggest timber frame structure in the world the ark itself is basically standing on top of piece of concrete pillars this massive boat is being held up now the religious folk had predicted presumably after consulting with gold that the Ark Encounter was going to be fantastic for local businesses it's been seven months since the 510 footlong Old Testament boat was launched on a Grant County Prairie downtown Williamstown which was expecting increased car and foot traffic has almost as many empty storefronts as occupied storefronts what's it meant for downtown Williamstown nothing indeed the local town provided some 60 million dollars in bond for this I was one of these believers that when they all came it was just everything's going to come in been it's not done it Joe it's not done it but for some strange reason possibly cannot praying hard enough it doesn't seem to have happened the Ark's success has not had the ripple effect many hoped it would Grant County is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy now the main reason for this of course is that nobody's turning up for the Ark Encounter early on they were predicting they would get about two million visitors a year that's about 5,000 people per day Hamm hopes for two million visitors in the first year which they reckon they got on the opening week but even at that you can tell just from the car lot size in the cars this wasn't exactly a raging success hell even the pictures taken by Answers in Genesis were taken to conceal the fact but there's an entire empty car lot you know the one that the drones hovering over and that was opening weekend hell even by their own numbers they're three-quarters the way through their first year their big year and they've only had about 600,000 visitors a staffer said they have had about 600 45,000 to date that puts them on target bigger than less than a million visitors in the first year if they're lucky and assuming they're being honest about their numbers looking at the bookings for the future and looking at the group bookings I would say we're well on target to hit our minimum of 1.4 million up to 2.2 million as the research has suggested just honestly if that's opening weekend it's not quite drawing the crowds now sure part of this might be that creationists cannot live on faith alone and so entry for an adult into the park is about $40 and 30 for a kid of the ark cost 42 dollars forty two dollars to get in which means for a family of four you'll be looking at about a hundred and fifty dollars just to go see the Ark Encounter and they spared no expense on incredible restaurants then of course there are folks who have actually turned up and videoed the queuing area which seems a little over designed for the actual number of people who in turning up nobody here so they got all sorts of video screens down here in the queue area I guess they expect quite a few people because this is a pretty large queue but they got a nice sound system so below the Ark is this very large queue which really is not it's not a lot of people in the queue line and we also have a 1,500 seat restaurant so here we are at the art park dining room it's just after noon nobody's here no quite the big four that been praying for now before all of this came seemed rather opened the idea of inviting atheists to come ham hopes for two million visitors in the first year and scoffers and critics be damned well night I can sculpt all they want they can be critical all I want you know what I invite them all to come here however later on this seems to be the change of heart about this is gonna go backstage yeah that's not going to happen it's a telephone yes sir I understand and there's a lot of people taking video and you're pulling me out okay I am back in my truck they escorted me off the property he put me in a police car and drove me about one mile back to my truck yes this was that first year which should have been their big year you know opening weekend stuff so why would Ken kick an atheist out of the park I he was well apparently he thinks that God's plan for the Ark Encounter has been derailed by unfavorable coverage by atheists recently a number of articles in the mainstream media on blogs and well-known secularist group websites have attempted to spread the propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking the Ark Encounter is a dismal failure incident weekend I had layoff words like propaganda and brainwashing if I were you this time somebody says millions of years ago what do you say to them we're dinosaurs on the ark that creation would notice it was my thanks day hey can you happen to use it in the Bible if there really was a global flood what would you expect to find billions of dead things buried Rock life laid out by water but what happens when somebody's dead millions of years I think we've thoroughly sadly there are influencing business investors and others in such a negative way that they are preventing Grant County Kentucky from achieving the economic recovery that its officials and residents have been seeking yes apparently atheists laughing is all the dinosaurs on the ark encounter put your hand up if you agree dinosaurs went on Noah's Ark that's great here's the thing 46% of Americans believe the story of Genesis is true the why the Bible is true exhibited the Ark encounters newest exhibit a graphic novel version of the Christian message called why the Bible is true so taking God at His Word in Genesis dinosaurs lived beside people about 6,000 years ago and the Bible tells us that there was a global flood and two of every kind of land dwelling air-breathing animal went on board the boat that Noah built you believe that Noah took one of these on through the ark well the Bible says now it took two of each behind this seems like if you took one of those on board everything else might as well stay home yes apparently the unfavorable coverage over the secularist was enough to completely scupper God's plans discover the plans are the most powerful being in the universe well I guess that is actually kind of biblical seeing is the God the Bible couldn't even overcome people lion chariots so amazed too at the way in which God has brought together hundreds of talented people in a miraculous way to make this happen [Applause]

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  • …. poor old Ken Ham….. build a model of the ark for 100 MILLION dollars they said…. the crowds will come they said!
    I can imagine god talking to ken now….. 'is it too late to have an 'accidental fire' and claim on the insurance?' 😉

  • Because they're superstitious, uneducated in science, and want to make everyone think they're smart, but via bullsh*t. That's why I laugh, anyway.

  • Search YT for "Mudfossil Giants/Titans". You can see for yourselves the "giants" spoken of in Genesis 6 bc they were petrified due to unique conditions of the Flood – being buried in the mud.so long…turned to stone. Mudfossil University has proofs from DNA/scans on samples to show they're "human". Detailed info re fallen angels/humans/giants w/commentary:
    The Book of Enoch Messianic Prophecy Edition: Time-Capsule to the Last Generation

    by R. I. Burns
    As for the Flood, proofs of a worldwide flood are everywhere; not hard to find for those that want truth.

    Problem is the truth is most don't really want the truth. That's why they laugh at these things, willfully suppressing truth & not doing honest research..

    Why would anyone want to believe the Bible – then you'd have to live your life being accountable to the "supreme judge" after you die, etc. So…just live the way you want and think is "good". That's so wise, no?

    What I find amazing is how many don't seem to even consider asking themselves the obvious question –

    what if I'm wrong?

  • If you can't bring yourself to believe in these Biblical accounts, how about Jesus?

    There are several secular historians that He indeed existed, crucified with strange darkness/earthquake and the stories about Him being the Messiah, His resurrection/miracles done:

    Tacitus and Josephus ".. No pagans and Jews who opposed Christianity denied Jesus’ historicity or even questioned it.”

    Thallus (52AD) Earliest secular writer to mention Jesus…

    Jesus lived, crucified, and there was an earthquake and darkness at the point of His crucifixion. Tacitus … confirms several historical elements of the Biblical narrative: Jesus lived in Judea, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and had followers who were persecuted for their faith in Christ.

    Mara Bar-Serapion (70AD) He was a wise and influential man who died for His beliefs..

    Jewish leadership was somehow responsible for Jesus’ death. Jesus’ followers adopted His beliefs and lived their lives accordingly.

    Phlegon (80-140AD) Jesus had the ability to accurately predict the future, was crucified under the reign of Tiberius Caesar and demonstrated His wounds after he was (allegedly) resurrected.

    Pliny the Younger (61-113AD) The first Christians believed Jesus was GOD, upheld a high moral code, and ..met regularly to worship Jesus.

    Suetonius (69-140AD) Jesus had a curious and immediate impact on His followers, empowering them to die courageously for what they knew to be true.

    Lucian of Samosata: (115-200 A.D.) He taught about repentance and about the family of God.

    Celsus (175AD) Jesus had an earthly father who was a carpenter, possessed unusual magical powers and claimed to be God.

    Bible wasn't changed for oppressive control


    There are also many scriptures many hundreds of years before in the Old Testament that have detailed prophecies about Jesus that He fulfilled.

    Also in the Book of Enoch 1, it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt to be written by the Biblical Enoch, found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, was "7th from Adam", Noah's grandfather, canon in the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Likely oldest records we have. Prophesied about the Flood hundreds of years before, as well as Jesus, etc.

  • there are six seed arcs in locations all around the world. all the trees in the world in one building? that's absurd? if you use simple texts.

  • the bible says the vaults of the deep were broken up and waters rose from beneath and then rain fell from above. This means very little to us.. But recent research has shown that there is huge underwater reserves, locked up in rocks. They estimate 3 or 4 times the water on the surface, including the oceans. Then at the end of the narrative, God sets a rainbow in the sky to show his covenant with Noah. This implies that the earth did not have any rainbows pre flood. a simple search in Google for the earliest representation of a rainbow in existence in the history of art reveals a total deficit of rainbows in the record.
    Cave paintings are the oldest record of art on the planet. Paintings of animals that were hunted. hand prints, suns, moons, all sorts of quite complicated other objects. where o where is the rainbows. I believe rainbows are very striking. colour in art is important. is there anything more colourful than a rainbow? a double rainbow? Even if you have one colour, you can do an arc, then one below it and so on. It's simple. Any Kindergarten class will generate paintings of cats, dogs, rainbows, houses with picket fences, parents painted too. So where are all the cave paintings of rainbows? the earliest representation I can find on google is a stone tablet from Iraq, dated to 1500 BC. Can you do better? I need research assistants.

  • God made it fail for good reason. What are they trying to do? make money? they don't live in God's world if that's the case.

  • Yeah but why do you care what people believe in, how does that affect your life? Why do you try to shut down any debate on the genesis of Life in the Universe by labeling anyone who questions "evolution" as a religious zealot? Doesn't make them all theists who believe a Personified Deity created life and to be honest, although I'm a fan of your posts, not a fan of your condescending attitude towards people who are interested in what caused life on Earth and in the Universe. I think you have to have a rather simple mind to imagine that all the components of a single cell organism existed independently and just one day decided to 'live together in the Primordial Ooze'. Where did the first RNA and DNA come from, what genetic coding was implanted in them prior to the first single cell organism and what implanted it? There are real questions and you seem to be more than willing to dismiss them and claim anyone asking them is a 'religious fanatic' and that's disappointing.

  • First of all this story is like waaaaay out there..
    The story has been rehashed a few times.. but this is what gets me.. why would God cause of flood to kill innocent people just to get to the bad ones.. why couldn't just kill them all their sleep.. another thing.
    Why couldn't God just save all the animals instead of having them on the boat and the rest dying to.. this story is so absurd I can't believe grown adults believe in it..

  • The bigotry is strong on this page. If you enjoy God given freedom of speech thank a Christian for inventing a country that protects human rights not matter how bigoted and intolerant you may be. Atheists killed more people in the 20th century than all religions combined in any other century. Christians tolerate atheists because they know you're just stupid; on the other hand, atheist countries murder and imprison religious people. If you're an atheist, thank God for for human rights protected by Christians.

  • I kind of wonder why their ark has a cutwater bow and a rudder. A ship or boat has to be going faster than the water before a rudder is of any use. Since Noah's ark didn't have an engine or sails why would it have a rudder? But in Kentucky arks have rudders I guess. Personally I think this is just another example of the way Christians can't seem to think. I'd like for one of them to explain to me right here what the use of that rudder is. And don't try to tell me it isn't a rudder but only kinda looks like one because I'm not buying it.

  • 46% of the americans believe in that bullshit? 😂 „greatest country in the world“!! Oh my, you no better then the muslims on the other side of the planet. And yes, it‘s a sphere if you didn‘t know!

  • Can you imagine how many people could have been helped from the money it costs to build that?! What a damn shame and waste! Ugh!!!! Ridiculous!

  • It cost approx 50 million to build a oil tanker it stands to reason 50 mil to fill with entertainment the ark is the same size. if they didnt build it you would have this video . people,business and government waste way more money.your a biggot

  • I don't care if people believe in the Noah's Ark found in Turkey but it's strange how atheists deny a flood ever happened. It gets to a point where atheists deny history, archeology, science and every other country who documented a flood during the same time.

  • Of course, the maker of this video hasn't taken into account the fact that nobody ever installed HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, or queues and ticketbooths in biblical times… That might shave a few man years off.

  • 0:08 It's not necessarily true.
    the average of 10, 18 and 20 is 16. Two of the three values are greater than the average.

  • This is great for your chuckles and all, but take the pyramids and Sphinx… man made those right? They’re there, someone made them, against all odds that we can comprehend… if those are there why not a giant ark?
    You’re mind is closed bc you don’t want to look at other things which show it could’ve happened.

    You’re not cheeky for making fun of Christians, even though you think it makes you cool. It really just makes you an ass for shitting on others beliefs and efforts. Go try doing the same with Judaism and Islam… bet you won’t dare.

    How proud you must be.

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